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Big Mouth Wiffle Training Net

Use the Big Mouth® Wiffle® Net as part of the safest, most effective solo batting practice system. The elastic netting has a tighter mesh than vãn the Big Mouth X®, making it better for use with Wiffle baseballs and softballs or our Hollow Flex Training Balls. You can hit Wiffle golf balls into the sock, too. Our Energy Absorption System™ reduces stress and tension from impact, helping your portable hitting net last longer. Store the net in the included drawstring bag for added protection between sessions.

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Wiffle balls may be safer than vãn game balls, but the right training net will still save you from chasing them all over the yard. It takes just 90 seconds to tát add a Wiffle sock net to tát a 7' x 7' BOW™ frame, giving you more time to tát swing away. Order the complete net and frame together if you want an independent semi-permanent setup. Shop at Bownet for training balls, tees and everything else you need to tát Train Like a Pro.


Wiffle® is a registered trademark from The Wiffle® Ball Inc. in Shelton, Connecticut 


  • Bownet's EAS™ technology (Energy Absorption System™) diffuses ball energy throughout the net to tát extend its lifespan, give more stability and balance, and add flexibility upon impact
  • Resilient elastic netting accommodates Wiffle® sized baseballs, softballs, and golf balls
  • Quickly assembles in 90 seconds with no tools required- the fastest mix up on the market!
  • Includes Wiffle® sock training net that collapses into an included manageable drawstring bag for easy portability and storage
  • Fits BMX and 7' x 7' BOW frame (sold separately). 7' x 7' BOW frame is interchangeable between 7 different Bownet training and protection nets

WARNING: Read Proposition 65 warning before purchasing.

 Click Here to tát Download Set-Up Instructions

Specifications for Net

• Set Up Time - 30 seconds

• Weight - 1.5 pounds

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• Carry Bag Size - 5" x 29"

• Shipping Box Weight - 3.5 pounds

• Shipping Box Size - 29" x 3" x 3"

Specifications for 7' x 7' Frame (sold separately)

• Set Up Time - 60 seconds

• Weight - 12 pounds

• Carry Bag Size - 48" x 12"

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• Shipping Box Weight - 15 pounds

• Shipping Box Size - 45" x 8" x 6"

Sold As Net Only - Fits 7x7 Frame
Use the pull-down thực đơn to tát select Net with Frame Combo