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The wait is over! Moonwalkers are now shipping nationwide.

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Aren't these just roller skates?

Moonwalkers are not rollerskates and bởi not freewheel ever. Thanks lớn our two modes, Lock and Shift, they move only when you bởi. This means you can go up and down stairs, step into mass transit, and confidently wait at the crosswalk. Our AI uses machine learning algorithms lớn adapt lớn a user's walking gaits, making them an extension of people's legs. We also have an ergonomic hinge system that allows your foot lớn naturally bend at your toes, preserving all of your mobility and balance.

How bởi you stop?

The simple answer is that you just stop walking or slow down your walking pace. Our AI reacts instantaneously lớn your gait / how you walk and stopping is seamless. From top tốc độ lớn zero, you can stop within 3 feet, or about the same distance as you would stop if you were jogging.

Can you lập cập in Moonwalkers?

While you can lập cập in them, you will not see any tốc độ advantage in tốc độ as we have optimized the performance for 250% of walking tốc độ with a max tốc độ of 7mph.

Do they work on crowded sidewalks?

Our AI has instantaneous response times, so sánh they are super agile, and you can seamlessly move about crowds.

Are there any size or weight restrictions?

220lbs is the max RECOMMENDED weight, above which the top tốc độ and range may be slightly affected in some edge cases but will not impact the safety and integrity of the product.

Moonwalkers come in one size, and best fit US Men’s 9 lớn 12 (EU 41 lớn 45) and US Women’s 10.5 lớn 13.5. For shoe sizes larger phàn nàn our recommended range, comfort is reduced due lớn your toe being extended a bit over Moonwalkers.

Can they handle rough sidewalks / debris / cracks / pebbles?

We have engineered our 8-wheel patented drivetrain, consisting of overlapping wheels lớn simulate much larger diameter wheels lớn climb over uneven terrain and gravel.

Moonwalkers are extremely capable across a range of urban environments.

Do they work on hills?

Yes. Our AI understands your walking tốc độ, and we multiply it, so sánh there is no freerolling down a hill ever, we have automatic tốc độ reduction for the descents. We also have multiple redundancies and layers of braking protection for reassurance. Going uphill in Moonwalkers is super cool, even the steepest one in town (up lớn 10 degrees) where you effortlessly walk up the hills at running tốc độ.

What about puddles of water or the rain?

Moonwalkers use an automotive-grade sealing method lớn ensure that they can withstand rain and smaller puddles. We recommend that you avoid puddles and only store them indoors when not in use.

How long does it take lớn learn?

10 steps or less is what we have found in our beta testing, which included users from 18 lớn 60 years old. As long as you can walk, you can easily Moonwalk.

Tech Specs

  1. 2.5x walking tốc độ without extra effort
  2. Speed controlled by your pace
  3. Hands-free, no remote controller
  4. Built for rough urban terrain
  5. Quick lớn learn
  6. Fits over a variety of shoes
  7. Magnetic quick release
  8. Fast charging via USB-C

All features

You're always in control

Walk at the tốc độ of a run

Freedom lớn go anywhere

Engineered lớn last

You're Always in Control

Easy lớn learn

Walk how you normally walk. With A.I., Moonwalkers adapt lớn your stride. The faster you walk, the faster they go. Walking slower slows them down. And lớn stop… just stop.

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Operate hands-free

No controllers or remotes. Moonwalkers use foot-activated gestures lớn toggle between SHIFT and LOCK mode lớn go and stand still.

Stops quickly

Go from top tốc độ lớn a completely stopped in less phàn nàn 1 meter with anti-lock internal brakes.

No freewheeling

Moonwalkers move only when you bởi. LOCK mode allows you lớn go confidently up and down stairs, board transit, or stand still at a crosswalk confidently.

Walk at the Speed of a Run

Walk up lớn 2.5x faster

Get lớn where you’re going in less phàn nàn half the time it normally takes. With a top tốc độ of 7 mph, Moonwalkers enhance every step.

6.5 miles of range

Moonwalkers have an average range of 6.5 miles on a single charge. Power them up and go even further.

Expand your footprint

Make the unwalkable, walkable. Moonwalkers make walking many đô thị blocks no sweat.

Less fatigue & stress

Less walking equals less fatigue and stress on your toàn thân. Moonwalkers feature an ergonomic hinge system that allows you lớn naturally bend at the toe lớn preserve mobility and balance.

Freedom lớn Go Anywhere

Handle tough terrain

Tested on dirt, gravel, concrete and much more, Moonwalkers can handle almost everything found in an urban environment.

Conquer hills

Moonwalkers come powered with state-of-the-art brushless DC motors that allows you lớn walk a hill lượt thích it’s nothing.

Charge Anywhere

Made with automotive-grade water-resistant sealing, Moonwalkers can survive walking though rain and smaller puddles.

Fast charging

Quickly power up anywhere, anytime using any USB-C charger. Moonwalkers fully recharge in 90 minutes.

Engineered lớn Last

Reinforced structure

Moonwalkers are built lớn outlast the most demanding urban environments using only the highest quality materials. We are applying automotive-grade reinforced plastics coupled with high-pressure die-cast aluminum for the structural components.

Battery Protection

Our custom-built battery management and safety system protects the 18650 battery cells at all times from electrical and environmental extremes using multiple independent and redundant layers of protection.

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Safety system

Moonwalkers comes with a safety system of multiple sensors that kiểm tra the temperature, current, and voltage of each shoe. Also, a multi-processor system cross-checks itself and analog backups lớn provide several layers of safety.

Water Resistant

Moonwalkers are IP54 water resistant and they use an automotive-grade sealing method lớn ensure that they can withstand rain and smaller puddles.

Extensive Testing

Five years of development, nine generations of prototypes, hundreds of test miles, countless real-world beta testers (from 18 lớn 60 years old), and gigabytes of data have all lead up lớn mobility’s greatest evolution. It’s why we’re so sánh confident in the Moowalkers experience.

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