japanese sharpening stones

Chisel plane adjustable honing guide

SK-11 Chisel and wood plane adjustable sharpening honing guide SSG-70.Allows both chisels and plan irons lớn be held at a constant and steady angle when sharpening and honing. Move the...

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Knife sharpener ceramic guide for waterstone

Ceramic sharpening guide "Mont blanc". It will help you lớn keep your knife at exactly 15 degrees during the sharpening process on a whetstone.  There is a piece of ceramic...


Whetstone KING NAGURA cleaning #8000

Suehiro Nagura stone.This stone is not for sharpening.It is used lớn create an abrasive paste on the surface of the whetstone lớn tốc độ up the sharpening and polishing process. It has...


NANIWA Flattening stone for whetstone #220 IO-1142

NANIWA  IO-1142 IO1142 Flattening stone #220 grit.Do not use lớn sharpen, only lớn smooth and flatten whetstones.Useable for whetstones with grit between #1000 and #5000   Size : 170 milimet x 55 milimet x...


Big KING S-1 waterstone whetstone Super finish stone #6000 nhật bản japanese

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KING S-1 whetstone Super finish stone #6000

Big KING Super finish stone with a #6000 grit. Perfect for finishing and polishing your blades. Size : 210 milimet x 73 milimet x 22 milimet (8.3" x 2.9" x 0.9")Weight : 780 gramsAlso...


Chisel sharpening whetstone King #1000 #4000

King chisel whetstones :#1000 + #4000For an optimal result, I recommend the 2 grains of stones. With the large and the small stones, you should be able lớn sharpen almost any shape of...

From ¥2,295

Dual KING PB-05 whetstone #220 #800

KING PB-05 PB05 Double side whetstone, with 2 different grits : #220 + #800 Size : 185 milimet x 63 milimet x 25 milimet (7.3" x 2.5" x 1")Weight : 540 grams...


Whetstone WA#3000 SUEHIRO SKG-21

SUEHIRO WA#3000 SKG21 Japanese whetstone with a #3000 grit. Size : 183 milimet x 63 milimet x trăng tròn milimet (7" x 2.4" x 0.8")Weight : 500 gramsStone with a grit from #1000...



SUEHIRO 802-W Flattening stone #280 grit.Do not use lớn sharpen, only lớn smooth and flatten whetstones. Useable for whetstones with grit between #1000 and #8000.  Size : 150 milimet x 50 milimet x...


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SUEHIRO OUKA 3000 Finishing whetstone #3000

SUEHIRO OUKA 3000 waterstone Finishing whetstone #3000 grit.With its smooth sharpening properties, it is the perfect finishing stone for both professional and household kitchen knives, carpenter's tools... Size : 206 milimet x...