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Larry Thompson- Columbia, SC

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Thank you for the Kidney “Stuff”. I wanna let you know it’s good stuff.**

Kevin Berrigan-River Ridge, LA

Just started my 3rd bag of Kidney “Stuff”. I’m happy lớn share, that all results improved since I started.**

Richard Knapp, Yorktown Heights, NY

JUST KEEPS IMPROVING!!! Since Jan. 1, I have been taking Kidney “Stuff”, a product that supposedly, no – IS helping overall kidney function. Ordering more now. THANKS!!! **

Maureen Aitken-Golden, CO

John has been on kidney stuff for a few years. First, he was on your powder for over a year and then we switched lớn the capsules. This was the third time we ordered a 6 month supply of the capsules. Things are remaining stable and we are encouraged as we are heading in the right direction. Last April he was screened by the University of Colorado for the transplant program and started the process for the transplant list. Right now he no longer qualifies. Thank You for Kidney “Stuff” and thank you for your concerns.**

Update from Maureen:

We have even better results lớn report. He no longer has lớn tự monthly checkups now he can go every three months. You tự have our permission lớn use any of the comments we have shared with you.**

Cynthia Porter-Graham- District Heights, MD

I just want lớn say PRAISE GOD and THANK YOU for making this product. I have been using it for 2 months and there has been a difference. I will continue lớn use this product for as long as I need lớn because IT WORKS!!! My Nephrologist asked bu what was I doing and I told her, but she didn’t have much lớn say afterward. I am just smiling and soooo happy with my results. I will be reordering and spreading the word that Kidney “Stuff” really works!!! **

Shurong Zhou

Doctors in Đài Loan Trung Quốc were very impressed with my brother’s quick progress in a short amount of time. We believe the Kidney “Stuff” lớn be a great benefit and help. I thank you **

Joe Rizzo – Palm Coast, FL

Been using Kidney Stuff for 2 months, it works! **

Evan Kushner – New City, NY

Hello, I just wanted lớn report some good news. I started using your product along with Renadyl about two Months ago when I got very scary results. A huge improvement since then and I credit it lớn Kidney “Stuff”, Renadyl, and my improved diet. I am a customer for life! Thank you!!! **

Eileen McCarty, Sumrall, MS

Jamie….Thank you so sánh much for developing “Kidney Stuff”!!! After 3 consecutive months of KS…my doctor was flabbergasted. I “no longer have kidney issues”. I must give credit, however, first and foremost lớn my Lord and Savior, Jesus, who still is in the healing business…and all my faithful friends that prayed for bu this last year. I changed my diet, started taking KS, and praying. Everything improved. An added surprise is that my liver function and thyroid function are now normal. So, again, thank you so sánh much for researching and developing Kidney “Stuff”. This “stuff” is amazing!!! Please feel miễn phí lớn give my phone number lớn anyone who wants lớn hear this firsthand. I am so sánh thankful and truly blessed. **

Vinton Arnett – Hays, KS

I just placed another order of Kidney “Stuff”. I began taking your product in the first part of August of this year, and haven’t missed a day. I am definitely headed in the right direction and give credit lớn your outstanding product. I also try lớn consume one gallon of water each day. Hopefully, this information is helpful lớn others. I plan lớn continue using your product on a continuous basis. Thank you so sánh much. **

H. Beesen-Bakersfield, CA

Since using your product Kidney “Stuff” as recommended I have gained my kidneys back lớn the lower half of the scale. I want lớn thank my daughter, Debra for finding this stuff and trying it. It is working wonders for bu. I plan lớn continue until I am even better. My doctor said lớn keep up the good work, I wish all my patients could tự this well. Thank you, Jamie.. **

Mike & Sharon Kirtley – Woodinville, WA

Hello Jamie, Thank you for such a great product. My Wife Sharon found your trang web. Sharon ordered a bag of “Kidney Stuff”. Her Kidney Doctor was skeptical at first, but then Sharon showed marked improvement in her kidney function.  I have been using the Kidney “Stuff” lớn help bu lớn keep my glucose normal. Thank you **

Martin Huynh – Silver Spring, MD

I would lượt thích lớn tell the truth about the value of Kidney “Stuff”. This product I feel it is great for bu. I would lượt thích lớn thank you and let you know how much I appreciate Golden Standards Co. LLC because you have this precious product, Kidney “Stuff”. **

Kimberley Sampson- Mobile, AL

My name is Kimberly Sampson from AL. my son has been using this product (Kidney “Stuff”) for several years. We had been praying and asking God lớn show us what lớn tự lớn overcome this obstacle concerning his kidneys. We believe God that He says in His word that Jesus was wounded for our transgression, bruised for our iniquity, the chastisement of our peace was upon Him and with His stripes we are healed. I just want your company lớn know that I had searched and asked the doctors and other people for years what could we take. One day I was searching the trang web and God allowed bu lớn come across Kidney “Stuff”!!! We ordered it and immediately when we went back lớn the doctor after about 3 months my son had improved tremendously. So we have been taking this for the last 4 years. Every time we go lớn the doctor they are in awe that he is doing so sánh well despite their assumptions! Thanks lớn God in Heaven for His great wisdom and lớn the makers of Kidney “Stuff”. **

Dorian Horn- Satellite Beach, FL

Thank you! It is truly a wonderful product! My husband was informed that his kidney functions were down (He is a type 1 Diabetic). Had been informed prior lớn this that he was showing signs of kidney damage but we had no clue how bad. They gave us no recommendations as lớn how lớn improve and basically said he is on the road lớn eventually having lớn go onto dialysis and transplant list. I feverishly started doing searches online lớn find out what I could tự, and I also found Golden Standards. My husband has been religiously using your product. We are still working on his health but are so sánh happy with his improvements and we know that Kidney “Stuff” has a major role in it! **

Mark Benedetto- Sidney, NY

Thank you for sending bu Kidney “Stuff”. After completing the package I obtained a new lab test. When I read the results I was speechless, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I immediately ordered a three-month supply and can’t wait lớn see what the next three months will bring. Words cannot express my appreciation and gratitude for creating such a wonderful product. I can’t thank you enough. **

Bonnie Dietz- Croton-on-Hudson, NY

I want lớn thank you for your wonderful product. Also thanks lớn Jamie for helping bu with my problem. I had ordered Kidney “Stuff” and the product got lost due lớn my mistake. He ordered another 3 months supply for bu at no charge. I have improved since taking Kidney “Stuff”. I look forward lớn my next results. Thanks for a wonderful product. **

Tammy Roughton – Hemet, CA

I wanted lớn let you know how fabulous your product is. I read about your product online. Since using your product I am so sánh impressed! I told my brother about Kidney “Stuff” and he has seen even greater improvements. What an amazing product!!! Thank you. **

Michelle Lopez – Gilbert, AZ

Dear Jamie (Golden Standards, LLC), My mother has many health factors; however, the most significant dysfunction has been kidney issues. Before I started supplementing my mother’s diet with Kidney “Stuff”™ my mother was unhealthy. I initially changed her diet and tried a number of supplements that reduced her symptoms, but did not reduce her score. In less phàn nàn 3 months of using Kidney “Stuff”™ things changed. We have continued lớn use Kidney “Stuff”™ as directed on your packaging and now within another two months, see more progress. She had high levels of potassium and phosphorous. Upon this most recent visit lớn the nephrologist, her levels of potassium and phosphorous are now normal. The most important factor remains, which is that my mother is not in need of dialysis at this time and might not need it at all. I continue lớn testify that this is a direct result of Kidney “Stuff”™. My belief is founded on the fact that this is the only change that has been made lớn my mother’s diet lớn help my mother have a better quality of life, and positively impact her. She is 84 years old and I cannot thank you enough for giving us a few more years together. I anticipate she will be able lớn enjoy more of the foods that I have previously taken out of her diet. Thank you again for this amazing product. **

Frank Weatherly- Gresham, OR

In March of this year, I had poor kidney health and blurry vision. I ordered K.S. and have been using it for nine months. Yesterday, I went for my appointment at the clinic and found that I am better and my vision is quite clear now. Thanks. **

Stacy Lawson- Stone Mountain, GA

My mother took this product lớn her doctor lớn ensure it will benefit her. Everyone was so sánh excited about what it was doing for her. They were stunned and wanted lớn try it for themselves. She has done really well. **

Charles Easter- Vail, AZ

Hello. I’ve been taking Kidney “Stuff” for about 8 months. After just 3 months of K.S. things were looking up. **

Vinny – Danbury, CT (02/20/2012)

Hello, Jamie (Golden Standards, LLC),
I believe I have been on your Kidney “Stuff”™ for 7-8 months. Good news is, that I have been taken off the transplant list and the dialysis list also. Feeling great! Thanks, Vinny.

Wm. Mike Coppedge- Round Rock, TX

Within the 2nd day of consuming Kidney “Stuff”, my urine output literally doubled. After consuming six weeks worth of Kidney “Stuff”, incredible!!! I cannot wait, until my second routine report, coming in tomorrow. UNBELIEVABLE, BUT TRUE!!! Thank God, in Jesus Christ, for GOLDEN STANDARDS. **

Larry Smith- Salem, OR

I have been using your product for two months now and my kidneys have improved. I use it in a smoothie every morning or mix it in cream of wheat cereal. **

Henry Colon – Bridgeport, CT

Jamie, I’m impressed with the time you took for my concerns, Great service!! **

Clarence Cunningham – Virginia Beach, VA

I am a user of Kidney Stuff for six months and I am very happy with the progress. **

Julie Hazelton-Mobile, AL

I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes in March of 2002. I have not had any complications until my kidney function seemed lớn be on the rise from 2008. Doc’s did not seem lớn be concerned about it but I was. This past August things got worse in two weeks and I got very concerned. I found Kidney “Stuff” on the mạng internet and gave it a try along with changing some meds and increasing water intake lớn the recommended 64 oz. per day. I started Kidney “Stuff” around August 12th and rechecked, things were normal. Another side benefit for bu seems lớn be keeping my post-prandial blood sugars well within acceptable limits because of the fiber. I take the Kidney “Stuff” with juice or yogurt before every meal! I am pleased! My new Doc is scratching his head but I know my toàn thân and I really think Kidney “Stuff” is helping in more ways phàn nàn one! Taking it before meals with juice or yogurt seems lớn alleviate the constipation issue for bu. You just have lớn work with it and see what works for you. By the way, I am not a lắc person. I have worked in medical research for 32 years and am no novice lớn things medical. My new Doc calls bu his worst nightmare LOL! **

Rena Zey-San Antonio, TX

I am totally satisfied with your product. My function was raised within weeks. What progress! We (my daughter and I) are happy. Best regards **

Aubrey Collier – Philadelphia, PA

Please be advised that I received the Kidney “Stuff” package today. Thank you, thank you. This product works! Want lớn again thank you for this product, I will keep you posted on my progress. **

Karen Wyatt- Cedar Bluff, AL

This product is amazing , it has done wonders for bu. My kidney function has gone up since I been using this product. My Nephrologist is amazed how well I’m doing. I truly thank God for this stuff, and his healing power. **

Eugene Lujan-Bernalillo, NM

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Here is my testimonial. In August of 2011 I was given the worst news of my life from my primary care physician. My kidneys function was going down at a steady rate lớn where they had lớn start preparing bu for the dialysis treatment. I panicked and started doing research on the trang web and came across Golden Standards and immediately ordered the Kidney “Stuff”. I had nothing lớn lose and was willing lớn try anything at this point. In the meantime, I was sent lớn a class about dialysis and even visited a dialysis center. Then I was sent lớn a renal specialist and he told bu the same thing about my kidneys. Meanwhile, my product arrived and I started taking Kidney “Stuff”. I still had lớn visit the doctor every three months and after the third visit, which was nine months later he assigned bu lớn a nurse since I had stabilized. I still visit a nurse every three months and it’s been two years since I was first informed of my situation. My levels have been steady and have stabilized since and I know this stuff works for bu. I am so sánh thankful for your product I know for us Native Americans diabetes is an epidemic and if you don’t take care of it, it could lead lớn bad kidneys. So once again thank you so sánh much for your product. Any questions don’t hesitate lớn send bu an tin nhắn. **

Pam Kueter-Anadarko, OK

I want lớn let you know about our results with KS. My husband has a rare kidney issue. In Oct. of 2011 his kidney specialist told us he would start his work up for a kidney transplant by Jan 2012. He was spilling protein in his urine. He started using KS in Oct. 11′. He saw his specialist July 3, 2013 and he is now spilling less protein, and everything else in his reports and urinalysis looks good. The Dr. asked what he had been doing, because every patient he has had over a 30-year span (still very few people) has ended on dialysis or a transplant, or rarely, gone into remission. My husband’s results started improving after 3 months since that time and we saw the proteinuria slowly going away. Thank you for this wonderful product and my husband will be staying on your product for the rest of his life. He will be 65 this Nov. and he is getting healthier. **

Billie Green – El Paso, TX

Last week my husband, Mark woke up on Wednesday morning and he was lượt thích his old self, had energy, more stamina, thus giving us hope that Kidney “Stuff” would be helping. Thank God for our most recent news! It had lớn be the Kidney “Stuff” plus he has watched his diet also. **

Wallace Henderson – Sugarloaf, CA

Hi. I just wanted you lớn know that after using Kidney Stuff for eight months. I am one happy camper as I have other things lớn tự in my remaining years. My doctor says there is no way I can go back…I told her ‘watch bu.’ Thank you! **

Judith Kitchen-Melbourne, FL

I want lớn continue lớn receive “Kidney Stuff” for my husband. My husband has been on the KS for 5 months and we’re seeing good effects. So I for sure want lớn continue with this excellent supplement. Thank you. **

George Tambini- Easley, SC

Around 6 years ago my Primary Care Doctor had bu go see a kidney doctor. I was told that my kidneys were functioning at 30-35%. He could not tell bu why this had happened. I started lớn tự research on the trang web and found Golden Standards and ordered the STUFF. I have been taking the STUFF since and have stabilized. I tried an experiment a few months ago and stopped taking the STUFF between doctor visits and went right back on it. It does Work! **

Juanita Jones

Hello, I have some other people that desire lớn order your product that has been so sánh beneficial lớn bu. When I first wrote lớn your company I was not where I should be. I started on my Kidney “Stuff”™ right away. Thank you so sánh much and God bless you and your company for letting God use you, lớn make this product. I really tự believe that He directed bu lớn you. Blessings. **

John Seidensticker- Tampa, FL

I tried your product starting in July of năm ngoái. With ADPKD, once you decline it NEVER goes the other way. I gave this a try hoping and praying that something – ANYTHING – would help. After only four months, my last result was amazing. This is not a cure or treatment for ADPKD, but it seems lớn help with the rate of decline in filtration. I cannot begin lớn thank you enough – Thank you!! **

Sylvia Ambrose, Montclair, CA

I LOVE you and your business!!! It is really helping me!!! I feel so sánh much better already!!! Glory be unto you and God!!! You and your business are most definitely God sent!!! I will always keep ordering it, even if I did not need it, because it is great for supporting your overall kidney function. Thank you for everything!!! **

Sandra Copeland- Philadelphia, PA

I am writing this tin nhắn because I am so sánh surprised that my kidney function levels have improved within the last month that I can hardly contain myself. I started taking Kidney “Stuff” around four weeks ago. My levels had been going steadily down for the last six months. Thank you for all your help and I am looking forward lớn my next results. **

Gary Angel – Ferrum, VA

My name is Gary Angel. A bit over two months ago I bought Kidney “Stuff”™ for my wife and it appears lớn be working. The Nephrologist said the level would not come down but that we could watch it and perhaps its progress could be slowed. That’s when she started taking Kidney “Stuff”™.  Two weeks ago she went back in and saw better results. I’m not sure that this is a result of the Kidney “Stuff”™, but I can’t think of anything else it could be! I tự hope it continues. **

Ron Smith-Browns Valley, GA

This stuff works substantially in 2 – 3 months. I am a type 2 diabetic and started taking K.S. after I showed elevated levels. I retested 3 months later and all returned lớn normal levels. **

Darryl Bryant- Shreveport, LA

Your Kidney “Stuff” is great. I am recommending it lớn everyone I know. **

Patricia Grant- Guntersville, AL

You offer a wonderful remedy–thank you. My father-in-laws kidney functions were at 5% and now are at normal function. Again, I cannot thank you enough. **

Leon Hubert

So far I must say I love the flavor. I will put it lớn the test in the next three months. Thanks! **

Gaetano Martini-Langhorne, PA

I have been using Kidney “Stuff” for more phàn nàn two years. All I know is when I am taking this product regularly as recommended on the packet, my kidney function improves by 10 lớn 15 percent. Some folks might think that doesn’t sound lượt thích a big giảm giá khuyến mãi but, for someone lượt thích bu who has kidney concerns, this is a huge improvement. Let bu share with you where I sit on the ‘kidney’ scale. The doctors explain it lớn bu using a numerical relationship in terms of severity. The higher the number, the better you function. The lower the number, the worse you function. At 15, you need dialysis. By the way, when I lập cập out of product and don’t take the time lớn re-order, my numbers drop back lớn where they were before I started taking Kidney Stuff. So I know for a fact that it works. You should also know that I am a diabetic, which is a factor. I’m told as people get older, their kidney function diminishes somewhat as a part of the normal aging process. **

Christine Keller – El Dorado Hills, CA

Just wanted lớn let you know that this “stuff works! I have been taking for about 2.5 months, along with other diet changes and lots of water. Went in and all my tests improved. I was overwhelmed with joy. Went back a week later (I guess the doctor thought it was an error) and it was even better! Also, my cholesterol improved, I have lost weight and needless lớn say, am so sánh grateful lớn you all and lớn God for putting this formulation in your hands lớn distribute. I am ordering another three-month supply today. **

Gerard McGirr-Long Beach, NY

Thanks for getting back lớn bu so sánh quickly. I am very thankful that I found this product. I look forward lớn my numbers continuing lớn go down. Thank you, thank you, thank you! **

Doris Waters-Great Falls, MT

I have been taking kidney stuff since Nov 1, 2012. THANK YOU!! I was searching for something lớn help. The care provider said I had the best in results months. Again thanks lớn kidney stuff. THANK YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN **

JaNan Neilson – Burley, ID

My husband has been using Kidney Stuff for several months now. It has been very beneficial, and we have confidence that it will be even more beneficial in the future since we have discovered the cause of his kidney problems. We go lớn a well-known naturopathic physician who learned about your product from us. He has had nothing but good lớn say about Kidney “Stuff”. Thank you for your help. **

Tess Acera, San Diego, CA

Hello Jamie! As I’ve promised, I am updating you about the condition of my Brother-in-Law Charlie in the Philippines. My sister called this AM and she said that before, his Nephrologist was planning for dialysis. He went for another check-up this week and the results were phenomenal. The Dr. asked, “have you been praying”? YES, he’s been prayed over in church every week plus of course with your Kidney “Stuff” supplement that he’s been taking ever since April. With prayer combined with your product, it’s all doing great for him. Thank you for the miễn phí extra bag you sent bu. The extra bag also went lớn a good cause. The lady who’s doing Bible study for us said her kidney only works at 50%. So I gave the extra bag lớn her. I will keep you updated on this also. Again thanks from the bottom of my heart. Tess (Teresa) **

Cynthia Slack – Clarkdale, AZ

Golden Standards: Your product works! I was so sánh happy lớn have my mother’s monthly report come back with a lower. Also, my mother was without her Kidney “Stuff”™ for a few days due lớn surgery and she swears she feels better with her Kidney “Stuff”™. We had lớn order more and her digestive tract and sense of well-being were much better after she resumed her Kidney “Stuff”™. My mother is NOT one for liking lớn take anything other phàn nàn what she absolutely has lớn. This is the ONLY product that has actually worked! Proof is in the results and she has gone lớn 2 different places so sánh far. Thank you so sánh much! **

Avis Wyekoff-College Park, MD

My husband just came back from Walter Reed with new results. We are so sánh pleased. He is fighting reduced kidney function – he’s doing very well. I am so sánh glad we tried KS. We really had nothing lớn lose with your money-back guarantee; I just placed a new order. Thank you so sánh much lớn whoever invented this recipe. We are so sánh pleased. **

Becki Linville- Indianapolis, Indiana

Just want lớn let others know that I have only taken Kidney “Stuff” for 6 months and I’m much better. By continuing taking Kidney “Stuff” I am hoping lớn get better or at least remain stable. I admit I was skeptical until I have seen the proof. **

Kris Roche- South Bend, Indiana

I see my doctor Friday!! All my numbers are better!! It needs lớn improve more but any progress is great news!! My numbers didn’t change before starting this product! I have been suggesting this product lớn others, thanks!! **

Joy Cobena – Texas

My husband is 75, has only one kidney, and is diabetic. After taking the 1st bag of Kidney “Stuff”™ his kidney function went up!! He did start a vegetarian diet which we were told also would help – but we tự know that this product made a huge impact – and we are so sánh grateful for it.

Update from Joy:

Just FYI, his last checkup showed that his one kidney is still at the 53% function (much better phàn nàn at the first of the year at 37%) and we know that the Kidney “Stuff”™ is helping. His yearly 24-hour urine test showed quite an improvement also. Thanks for monitoring this for us, Joy.” **

Alice Lo- San Antonio, TX

I am very happy lớn be able lớn take such a great supplement. Within a short 3-months, I can see and feel the improvement in my health. Enclosed is my testimonial for people with similar conditions as mine lớn light up their HOPES. Thanks for the great product and may God continue blessing the company. I just placed another order and I will take this supplement for life. In the meantime, sharing this God-sent supplement with other friends that have kidney issues. As time goes on, I will update my conditions accordingly in the future. Thanks again for the great product.**

Irene Heng-Los Angeles, CA

Hi Jamie, thank you for the information. Anyway, your Kidney “Stuff” is very helpful lớn bu. I am very grateful for all your help and your Kidney “Stuff “works best for bu. As for now, I don’t need lớn tự dialysis. Once again, thank you for the wonderful Kidney “Stuff”. I wish your company will always have good business and God bless you all. **

Artie Kern – Scottsdale, AZ

I have been using Kidney Stuff now for 6 weeks! My Doctor’s office called today and the numbers are…”UP”!!! This stuff works and I recommend it lớn anyone needing it!! I take it every day in the morning with water and cranberry juice!! Excellent combo!! Thank You!!!! **

Jo Ann and Sid Sheridan

A year ago Thanksgiving we told our family my husband was headed for dialysis. A friend sent us your trang web page and we decided lớn try it. Now a year later the doctor said he should recommend it lớn his patients because my husband’s numbers have improved and is no longer threatened with dialysis. My husband is steadily improving. We are so sánh grateful and thank you. **

Lisa Young-Manteca, CA

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My son has kidney issues. Since then we have tried different products and diets lớn improve his kidney function. About a year ago we tried Kidney “Stuff” and by far it’s been the best! In the past, we have had lớn keep his diet very restricted lớn obtain the desired test results. Now although we still push for a good diet and making good choices we can relax with confidence knowing that Kidney “Stuff” is doing its job. Thank you Golden Standards for making it possible for my son lớn live a more normal life! **

Herbert & Sue Jones-Tulsa, OK

All we know is that he has been using Kidney “Stuff” since February when he was diagnosed with kết thúc stage. I got on the mạng internet lớn see what we could tự and saw your write-up for this product. We ordered a one-month supply and took it lớn the kidney doctor lớn see what he would say. He advised us that it wouldn’t help, but it would not hurt. So he began drinking it every day and last month, after three months, he was told he no longer has kidney concerns. Since there is nothing else that has changed we give the credit lớn your product and thank God for it. **

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