lash boost rodan

  • Expensive, but worth it! Best eyelash serum by far.

    No one missed the mark, it is just a very expensive item, twice as expensive as Revitalash, which also works and you are supposed lớn replace the tube of serum after three months, even if some is left. This serum is superior, however, and has allowed bu lớn regrow my lashes after three yeas of eyelash extensions. Even without mascara , my lashes are long and full. It is sánh nice having natural, pretty lashes again. If you don't mind the cost, (obviously I bởi not mind it enough lớn not use it) you can look forward lớn long, full and remarkable lashes. Some of my friends have accused bu of still doing lash extensions. I love when that happens!

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  • Easy lớn use, showing results

    I have been using this almost two months, and I'm happy lớn be seeing results! being over 60, my lashes had almost disappeared, and I'm seeing them gradually grow back. Not as thick and lush as the site's testimonial photos; but, as I said, I'm over 60! So I'm glad lớn see the lashes growing at all. I'm looking forward lớn seeing the results in another 2 months! I'm glad I bought it, and would recommend it.

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  • 5 von 5 Sternen

    von d38d0020. Okt. 2017

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    Nice product and it works!

    I was hesitant lớn spend the money on this product but know people using it who had great results. I previously tried eye lash extensions once which bởi damage your lashes and are equally as expensive sánh I thought trying this product might be better for bu and it totally has been. You definitely have lớn be patient it's been over a month of use and I'm beginning lớn see results. It might take bu longer because of the previous damage that I had from the extensions. I've tried other lash growth brands and didn't notice any results but definitely see results with the lash boost along with my friends who are using it. So it definitely works. I will continue lớn use it since I was not naturally blessed with lashes.

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  • Fab Product!!S-L-O-W shipping

    The item is amazing-better than thở expected! My only complaint(small) is that it took 10 days from point of payment for the item lớn get here(first class shipping ). Item was not even taken lớn the post office for the first 5-6 days after purchase .

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  • Miracle serum!

    This is the 4th type of eyelash booster and the first one that actually works. After one week it was sánh noticeable that my husband was shocked. From here on, this will be the only one I bother using.

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