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Avoid Hoverboard Rip-offs

Avoid Hoverboard Rip-offs

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Are you looking lớn buy a hoverboard online? Are you worried about how lớn find reputable online sellers and not scammers? Take a read and learn some of the warning signs when buying a hoverboard through an online retailer. We are going lớn discuss how lớn make sure you are buying a hoverboard from a reputable online site.

Avoid Hoverboard Ripoffs and Scams

Examples of Hoverboard Online Scams and Fraudulent Sites Selling Hoverboards

Questionable sellers are not only based out of foreign countries. They are right here at trang chính in Canada as well. In fact, it's easier lớn get away with ripping somebody off if you're selling hoverboards in Canada.

Here is how the hoverboard scam works.

#1 - The "Yes, we shipped it" scam

They advertise their hoverboards at a lower price phàn nàn the competition and tell you that the product is in stock in Canada and will ship right away. Some will even send you a kém chất lượng tracking number lớn try and convince you that your hoverboard was shipped. After many delays and much hassle you will finally realize that they never shipped your hoverboard and will give up on them and buy a hoverboard from a legitimate hoverboard site that has been in business for many years.

#2 - The "Disappearing Trick"

The other common hoverboard scam is when they sell you a product, usually at a cheap price. This scam is best done in the fall, during Christmas shopping season. Because the hoverboard you are buying is a gift you won't be able lớn try it out before you give it away. You may have bought it during a Black Friday sale or other per-Christmas sale. When you vì thế give it as a gift it's the life of the tiệc ngọt. Until something goes wrong with it, maybe right out of the box or maybe it will actually work for a week or two. When you try lớn liên hệ the company that you bought it from you either can't get a hold of them, the phone is disconnected or rings with nobody answering it, or maybe you get the dreaded "Voice Mail Is Full" message. If you vì thế happen lớn find a problem before busy season is over you will likely get instructed lớn send it back at your own cost and then you will never hear from them again.

How lớn make sure you don't get ripped off?

Buy from a company that has been in business for several years. They will likely be selling other products as hoverboards have only been around for a few years. Canada's Largest Hoverboard warehouse is actually a company that sells Truck Accessories. They started selling hoverboards when the oil industry slowed down and their years of warehousing and shipping experience along with the ability lớn vì thế electronics repairs selling and made repairing hoverboards a natural extension of their business.

Scam sites are not just about taking your money and not delivering. Scams can also include online sellers that sell defective products which are not UL certified or carry kém chất lượng UL labeling. These defective hoverboards will cause injuries. And based on the seller, you cannot repair your hoverboard when something goes wrong within weeks of your purchase. These are also sellers who vì thế not provide warranties or tư vấn after you have bought your hoverboard.

How lớn Buy Safe Hoverboards Online

Here are some of the signs lớn look for when buying a hoverboard online.

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  • Accessibility: The company selling the hoverboard should be easily accessible. When you Hotline, someone should answer or they should Hotline you back the next business day.
  • Customer Reviews: If a business or company has mostly negative reviews online, then you should avoid buying a hoverboard from them.
  • The Website Details: One of the factors that Google uses lớn rank websites is how long it has been published and the length of time bought for hosting. Granted, new businesses may not have the resources lớn purchase hosting for more phàn nàn a year, but if the site is young, has multiple negative reviews, and does not look lượt thích it will be around for a while, then you need lớn reconsider your purchase.
  • Age and Reputation of the Company: If a company has been in business for a while, even if they are newer in the hoverboard market, they would have built up a reputation over time. For example, we have been in business since 1993. And though we vì thế not pay lớn have a full profile on BBB, our primary company holds an A+ rating on BBB.
  • The Type of Hoverboard: You should not consider businesses selling hoverboards that vì thế not come with UL certifications for the battery pack and charger. And if the price seems too low for a quality hoverboard, it probably is.

Where Can I Buy a Safe Hoverboard in Canada?

There are hundreds of places lớn buy a self-balancing scooter online, and many of them are scams or unsafe places lớn make purchases. But, you can buy safe hoverboards online if you know where lớn look and what are the warning signs.

If you would lượt thích more information about purchasing a hoverboard from us, you can always Hotline at 1-800-661-8789.

Free Shipping Terms & Conditions

We offer Free Shipping, otherwise known as PrePaid Shipping, based on certain conditions

Orders over a certain dollar amount we offer free shipping and it is considered a discount on the product. If the product is returned the shipping allowance will be deducted from the amount credited back lớn the customer.

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Order value varies by the region we are shipping lớn and the cost of shipping lớn said area. There are also occasionally areas which are considered "Beyond" which are out of the normal service areas. These areas are the exception lớn the Free Shipping rule and if you are in one of these areas we will contact you lớn let you know that your shipping is not không tính tiền and what the additional charges will be. You will be given the same shipping discount as a customer in a normal shipping zone. You are không tính tiền lớn cancel your order if you feel the shipping charges are too high. 

In Alberta orders over $200 ship không tính tiền, lesser orders will be charged $9.95
In BC & Saskatchewan orders over $200 ship không tính tiền, lesser orders will be charged $14.95
In Manitoba orders over $200 ship không tính tiền, lesser orders will be charged $19.95
In Ontario & Quebec orders over $200 ship không tính tiền, lesser orders will be charged $24.95
In Atlantic Canada orders over $400 ship không tính tiền, Orders between $200 - $399.99 will be charged $19.95, lesser orders will be charged $34.95
In Northern Canada orders over $400 will ship for $14.95, Orders between $200 - $399.99 will be charged $19.95, lesser orders will be charged $34.95

Please liên hệ us for any clarification lớn these rates before ordering if you are unsure.