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Superhairpieces has a large inventory of men's toupee and wig hairpieces. These human hair replacement systems for men cover areas affected by hair loss, balding or thinning hair and provide more hair coverage on your head. We offer thin skin (bio skin) bases, monofilament with poly base durable hairpieces and lace front toupees that combine natural looking and durability. We also have a super natural looking full Swiss lace French lace hairpiece as part of our stock men’s toupee wig. Hairpieces come in high and low mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa while they are also hand made with European texture Indian Human Hair. Freestyle for parting line and hairstyle is also included in our hair replacement systems. We are your best resource for male hair loss solutions and hair systems! Warehouses located in Florida, USA and Toronto, Canada. Next day, fast delivery with easy returns and exchanges!.

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Men's Hair System

Men's Hair System

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a toupee?

A toupee is a hairpiece mainly designed for men. Also referred đồ sộ as hair replacement systems, hair systems, partial wigs, and half-wigs, toupees cover the traditional areas of hair loss or balding caused by male pattern baldness, usually on the top and front of the head. Men’s toupees blend with the wearer’s remaining natural hair on the sides and back of their head đồ sộ create a natural-looking and realistic appearance. Superhairpieces offers a great collection of human hair pieces for men in different bases, sizes, colors, and more that can help disguise thinning hair or bald spots on your crown.

What is the difference between a toupee and a wig?

Toupees are mainly worn by men as they cover the main areas (top and front of the scalp) of balding caused by male pattern baldness. Wigs, meanwhile, cover the entire scalp and are worn more by women given that they usually carry longer-length hair. With that said, both genders can wear toupees and wigs, especially with men who can opt for full cap wigs if they desire longer hair or simply lack any hair đồ sộ blend with a toupee.

Another difference is that you will absolutely need clips, tape or liquid adhesive đồ sộ attach a toupee. Wigs can also be attached by these means, but more often than thở not, are simply worn lượt thích a hat without the use of an adhesive as they securely attach đồ sộ the wearer’s scalp.

How bởi I buy the perfect hair system for myself?

To purchase the perfect human hair system for men, there are a few steps you need đồ sộ follow:

  1. Choose the right cap size - measure your area of hair loss sánh you know what hair system size works best for you đồ sộ get the perfect fit.
  2. Choose the right base type - some bases will require more maintenance while others may not be suitable for your climate. Some base types are also more expensive than thở others sánh kiểm tra that they are within your budget over the course of a year.
  3. Select the right hair color - selecting a hair color that doesn’t match with your natural hair will result in an unnatural appearance.
  4. Pick the right hair density - you will need đồ sộ add a suitable amount of hair mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa that not only blends with your current hair mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa, but is also age-appropriate. Too much can look unnatural!

What is hair mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa and how bởi you choose the right toupee hair density?

Hair mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa refers đồ sộ the number of strands of hair an individual has per square centimeter of their scalp expressed as a percentage. Essentially, the greater the hair mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa, the higher the percentage and the more voluminous the hair will be on your hair replacement system. At Superhairpieces, we offer the following hair densities: light mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa which is 90%; light đồ sộ medium mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa which is 100-110%; medium mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa which is 120%; and medium đồ sộ heavy which is 130%.

Choosing the right hair mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa will depend on factors such as your age, eye color, and the base type. For example, if you want a natural-looking thin skin system, you will need đồ sộ go with a lighter hair mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa. More durable monofilament systems, on the other hand, can carry heavier hair densities which is why they are more durable.

How đồ sộ choose the right hair mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa for your wig or toupee

How long bởi toupees last?

How long your men’s toupee lasts will depend on the type of base as well as the particular unit. Ultra thin skin hair systems are disposable and generally last 4-6 weeks, though they can last longer with the right care. More durable hairpieces for men lượt thích monofilament systems can last longer with some lasting as long as six months or more. For more information on the bases and their qualities, you can refer below:

Monofilament toupees: Durable, comfortable, breathable
Thin skin hair systems: Comfortable, invisible, undetectable, natural hairline
Lace hair systems: Comfortable, breathable, invisible, undetectable, natural hairline

How long does a Superhairpieces hair system last?

Can toupees fall off?

Toupees will not fall off if they have been properly attached. If you have been thorough and careful with the application process, from using the right type of adhesive đồ sộ making sure you haven’t got the system wet for at least 24 hours after your first installation, the hairpiece should remain fully secure. If this is the case, you won’t need đồ sộ worry about your toupee falling off and you won’t even be able đồ sộ remove it by force either. The only way đồ sộ remove it cleanly and painfully is by applying adhesive remover or adhesive solvent and slowly lifting it off.

Can you shower with a toupee?

You can certainly shower with your toupee on. With that said, there are precautions you need đồ sộ take. First and foremost, you need đồ sộ make sure đồ sộ avoid getting your non-surgical hair replacement system wet in the first 24 hours after your installation. This is sánh that the adhesive fully cures and the unit will remain secure on your head. You should also look đồ sộ avoid using extremely hot water along with using shampoos and conditioners that are không tính tiền of sulfates and parabens.

How đồ sộ show with a hair system

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Can you sleep in a toupee?

You can certainly sleep with your toupee on! However, đồ sộ prolong the life of your men’s toupee, you should look đồ sộ follow certain steps such as using silk or satin pillowcases, making sure your hair isn’t damp or wet, and that your system is secure and not lifting off before you go đồ sộ sleep.

Can I swim with a hair system?

Swimming with a hair system should be no problem regardless of the base type. While we don’t recommend swimming with a thin skin poly hairpiece as the hair could shed, you should still have no problems as a whole provided you don’t expose your head đồ sộ chlorine for too long. If you are planning on swimming for a long period of time, we recommend wearing a swimming cap.

You should also make sure not đồ sộ have your system wet for at least 24 hours if you’ve just installed it sánh that your tape or liquid adhesive can fully cure and keep your unit secure.

Are toupees itchy?

In general, toupees are not itchy and if installed properly, you should experience no problems. With that said, everyone’s skin is different and reacts differently. For example, a poly skin system might be comfortable for you, but cause irritation for someone else. In addition, you may experience itchiness, but it’s not because of the toupee, but rather, other factors such as:

  • A lack of maintenance
  • Skin conditions
  • Hair coloring
  • Allergic reactions đồ sộ adhesive used

How often should a toupee be replaced?

While we provide estimates for how long a system will last, they can potentially last longer if well-maintained. And sánh, how often you should replace your toupee depends on a number of factors. If you are experiencing more hair shedding and noticing bald patches or spots on your hairpiece, that’s the first major sign it might be time đồ sộ replace your hairpiece. Declining hair quality and the hair color fading are other factors that could determine it’s time đồ sộ get a new toupee.

How bởi you know when the hair system is ready đồ sộ be replaced?

I’m wearing a hair system. Why is my hair shedding/fading/getting dry?

There are many factors as đồ sộ why your hair is shedding, fading or getting dry and brittle. Other than thở the usual wear and tear, one major reason is the type of shampoo or conditioner you’re using and the ingredients they’re formulated with. It’s important đồ sộ make sure you’re either using products designed for hairpieces or at the very least, products that contain no sulfates, parabens or other harmful ingredients. The wrong shampoo or conditioner can cause fading, excess shedding, strip the protective layer of the hair and its oils, and frizzy hair among other issues.

Why bởi hair systems go bad over time?

How bởi you get glue residue out of your toupee hair?

It’s completely normal đồ sộ see glue residue in your toupee hair or on your hair system base if you’re using liquid adhesive as your method of attachment. To get rid of it, you’ll need đồ sộ bởi the following:

  1. Apply and rub the adhesive solvent on the glue residue areas. Let the solvent sit for a few minutes.

  2. Using a fine tooth comb, gently brush your hair towards your front hairline. The comb’s narrow teeth should collect a good chunk of the glue residue. You can also use a plastic thẻ such as an old credit thẻ.

  3. Use paper towels đồ sộ remove the residue and continue đồ sộ comb until a good amount of residue is removed.

  4. Afterwards, wipe and clean your hair and scalp using a cloth before washing with shampoo and conditioner.

How often should you maintain a hair replacement system?

Generally, we recommend removing your non-surgical hair replacement system for maintenance at least every two weeks, especially if you’re wearing a thin skin hairpiece. For lace and monofilament systems, maintenance can be done every four weeks.

Does it hurt đồ sộ remove a toupee?

Provided you’re using a proper adhesive solvent or remover, you should be able đồ sộ painlessly and smoothly remove your toupee off your scalp. Forcibly removing it without a solvent will not only be painful and hurt your scalp, but also potentially damage your hairpiece base.

Do hair replacement systems affect the scalp?

There should be no damage on the scalp provided you are properly attaching, removing, and maintaining your men’s hair system. With that being said, we recommend performing a skin patch test before using any tape or liquid adhesive for the first time đồ sộ attach your hair system. This will help gauge if your scalp can handle it.

How much does it cost đồ sộ wear a toupee?

The cost of a toupee depends on a number of factors. The most important one is the specific hairpiece you choose and what type of base it is. Whether you’re choosing a stock hair system or a custom made hair system also matters as the latter will cost more. Keep in mind that along with the hairpiece, you will also need supplies such as your adhesive, adhesive solvent, and more. As an estimate, we calculate that the average monthly cost for a hair system is $127 over the course of a year.

Do you sell wigs for men?

At Superhairpieces, we offer full cap wigs for men and partial wigs for men who may not have enough natural hair remaining đồ sộ wear a hair system. Alternatively, these wigs for men are great options for those who simply prefer đồ sộ have a longer length of hair with their hairpiece.

Toupee before and after

When a customer gets a toupee installed, they not only have a full head of hair again, but in many cases, look younger and much more confident. You can see the results for yourself below:

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Toupee Before and After Hair System Before and After