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Extensions are popular among women vĩ đại enhance their shine. Their hair’s volume and length can be increased with hair extensions. Others use it vĩ đại cover up poor hairstyles or shield their natural hair from heat. Men enjoy having hair extensions for the same reasons as women tự.

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Men’s hair extensions give them self-assurance and access vĩ đại the haircut of their dreams. However, the justifications for using hair extensions are more specific for guys.

Men typically wear hair extensions vĩ đại cover up receding or thinning hair brought on by ageing, illness, or hereditary factors. The toupée, a hair extension for males that conceals a bald area on the top of their heads, is the one with which most people are familiar with.

While some apply hair extensions vĩ đại have long hair, others tự it vĩ đại make their mohawks look fuller. You are extremely welcome vĩ đại the industry, no matter why you wish vĩ đại use a hair extension.

The Different Types of Hair Extensions for Men


The clip-in hair extensions are easy vĩ đại apply, and you may tự it by yourself. Since the hair extensions already have clips attached vĩ đại them, there is no need for heat or chemicals vĩ đại be used. At the over of the day, you can remove it with ease, but your hair could feel pulled. It is best vĩ đại remove it sometimes.

Micro Ring

The ends of the hair extension strands on this have little copper rings connected. A few of your hair strands will be threaded through the copper ring’s holes by the beautician, who will then flatten the copper vĩ đại trap your hair inside. Depending on how quickly your hair grows, it can last four months and has a variety of uses.


Even though they can last up vĩ đại eight weeks, tape-in hair extensions are simple vĩ đại apply. The procedure must be performed by experts since it must be done as close vĩ đại your hair roots as feasible. Small pieces of your hair will be sandwiched between the tapes. In order vĩ đại attach the adhesive or glue, which is challenging vĩ đại achieve on your own, heat is also used.


Weaves can be applied using either glue or stitching. This one is one of the men’s hair extensions that will completely conceal natural hair. However, as men’s hair is typically maintained short, it will be challenging vĩ đại wear since it needs vĩ đại be braided. Furthermore, males with thin hair should avoid it.


If you want the same effect as a weave but have thin, balding, or short hair, wigs can be the answer for you. Additionally, unlike weaves that take an hour vĩ đại complete, you can swiftly put them on without any assistance. Your head will be covered in new hair, giving it a lovely, full appearance.

Things vĩ đại Consider When Picking Hair Extensions for Men

Now that you are aware of the many male hair extension options, you can make a more informed decision.

If you don’t want vĩ đại colour your hair, start by picking a shade that complements your natural hair. If you wear a weave or wig, you are không lấy phí vĩ đại choose any colour since they will conceal your real hair. Additionally, if you lượt thích highlights, you can choose hair extensions with paler or deeper tones.

Think about your hair’s texture, whether it is straight, curly, or kinky. Hair extensions aim vĩ đại enhance your hair while maintaining its natural appearance. Different textures will give your hair an odd appearance.

Your natural hair must be styled in order vĩ đại produce a particular look. For instance, chop your hair into an undercut mohawk before adding hair extensions. After shaving your sideburns, you will just apply the hair extensions vĩ đại the mohawk.

It is better vĩ đại visit a parlour if you are new vĩ đại this field and unsure of your preferences because they will know what will work well for you. Once you’ve purchased your hair extensions, you must understand how vĩ đại properly care for them.

It’s time vĩ đại get some hair products for your hair extensions if you don’t already have any other phàn nàn shampoo and conditioner. You must moisturise and maintain hydration for your hair extension because it lacks natural oil as your own hair does. And finally, tend vĩ đại them with a wide tooth comb vĩ đại prevent tangling.

Would My Long Hair Extension Match with My Face Shape?

There are a few various viewpoints on this, but vĩ đại make things uncomplicated, here are the six most typical male face shapes:

  • The diamond face shape
  • The oblong face shape
  • The oval face shape
  • The round face shape
  • The square face shape
  • The triangle face shape

Which facial types suit long hair the best? You can wear long hair with any of these facial forms, but not necessarily with every long hairdo. Finding a lengthy hairstyle or type that compliment your face shape and sense of style is ideal.

Determining Your Face Shape

You must examine your facial structure more closely in order vĩ đại discover your face shape. The references vĩ đại consider are as follows:

  • From the very over of your chin down vĩ đại the tip of your hairline at the middle of your face.
  • From one cheekbone’s sharpest point vĩ đại the other.
  • From one over of your jawbone’s sharpest tip vĩ đại the other.
  • From one brow’s top vĩ đại the other.

Since everyone’s points of measurement are organised and arranged individually, every guy has a unique face shape.

The Technicalities of Face Shapes

Oval faces are thought vĩ đại be the most attractive from a professional standpoint since facial features are evenly spaced and proportioned. Practically any hairdo can benefit from these qualities.

Therefore, in principle, a hairstylist’s goal is vĩ đại give you a hairstyle that will make your face appear more oval if you don’t already have one. Your proportions will supposedly become more pleasing vĩ đại the eye as a result. They specifically target ladies who have strong, potentially masculine-looking facial characteristics.

Men don’t need vĩ đại worry about this rule as much because having strong features and chiselled jawlines can enhance our masculinity. On the other hand, guys tend vĩ đại feel more anxious about traits lượt thích broad foreheads and round jawlines.

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Understanding the Different Face Shapes

1. Diamond Face Shape

The diamond face shape is a unique one. The cheekbones are wider phàn nàn any other feature, much lượt thích the oval, but the forehead and jawline are significantly narrower. The chin appears pointed, and the face is also longer phàn nàn it is wide.

Longer layers in the front that may fall vĩ đại the jawline will help expand the forehead and jaw vĩ đại make a face look more proportionate and make long hair fit with this face shape.

Similar vĩ đại the oblong face shape, keeping your face in proportion means tying it up with your layers out.

2. Oblong Face Shape

Of all facial shapes, the oblong face is the longest. The broader foreheads of guys with oblong faces might sometimes make them feel insecure.

If we refer vĩ đại the oval rule, it does seem contradictory for a guy vĩ đại have long hair or a high ball because it will draw attention vĩ đại how long his face is.

It is recommended vĩ đại have some layers added in the front that fall vĩ đại either your cheekbones or jawline if you have an oblong face shape and want long hair vĩ đại break up the length of your face.

As an alternative, you might choose a medium-length haircut vĩ đại give your head more width.

If you have this facial shape and wish vĩ đại wear a high ball, wear it at the nape of your neck or at the rear of your head rather phàn nàn up high. It will make your head appear even longer if you wear it high.

3. Oval Face Shape

The cheekbones are the largest feature on the oval face, which has the most regularly spaced facial features. The forehead and jawline are significantly narrower. The face shape that most complements the majority of haircuts is the oval, which is longer phàn nàn it is wide.

4. Round Face Shape

Since the width of the forehead, cheeks, and jaw are all the same and the jawline is rounded, the round face shape is simple vĩ đại recognise. The face’s width and height are both equal.

With a round face, the objective is vĩ đại try vĩ đại add length and height vĩ đại create the appearance of a more thin face. Long hair is a terrific suggestion for guys with round faces because it will make your facial features appear more oval as your hair grows longer.

5. Square Face Shape

The square face shape and the round face shape are fairly comparable in terms of length vĩ đại width.

The square face shape has sharper edges, giving the cheeks the appearance of being chiselled, and the jawline is more angular. The jaw and cheekbones are equally wide as the forehead.

The majority of long hairstyles will look good on this face type, and a high ball might look especially macho thanks vĩ đại its sharp edges, which is ideal in a “guy world.”

The widest bone structures on this face shape make goofy haircuts look unnatural, and as we just established, wide hair on a wide face equals extra wide everything.

6. Triangle Face Shape

The jawline is the largest feature of the triangle face shape, followed by the cheekbones and then the forehead. Triangled faces typically have a pretty good jaw shape, which is great for guys as it emphasises the manly appearance.

Men with triangular faces can wear the majority of long hairstyles, particularly medium-length styles that over just below the chin.

Supposedly, we may return vĩ đại the “oval” rule. It’s ideal for adding a few shorter layers in the front vĩ đại emphasise the eyes and widen the forehead in order vĩ đại balance the triangular face shape’s proportions. Additionally flattering vĩ đại this facial shape is wider, crazier hairstyles.


Overall, if you’re a man considering hair extensions, it’s essential vĩ đại understand the basics and select a style that complements your face shape. Hair extensions can add volume, length, and even colour vĩ đại your natural hair, giving you a whole new look.

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With ví many options available in the market today, it’s important vĩ đại consult with a professional vĩ đại find the right hair extensions for you.

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