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If you lượt thích your radio control vehicles over-built and over-powered, Losi® LMT RC monster trucks are for you. With these remote control monsters, you’ll be able vĩ đại race, backflip, and wheelie, just lượt thích the professional drivers who thrill crowds and rattle arenas putting on shows with their massive full-size trucks.

Those full-scale monster trucks, lượt thích the scale RC truck versions, have attracted enthusiastic fans of all ages. In the early days, the “real” monster trucks were intended mostly vĩ đại make noise while crushing cars as the audiences roared almost as loud as the engines. A monster truck is generally defined as a specialized off-road vehicle with a heavy duty suspension, large-displacement V8 engine and oversized tires. Over the past 40 years, they’ve evolved into 1500 horsepower machines constructed for competition with four-wheel steering and suspensions that enable them vĩ đại jump, vĩ đại bởi back flips, and vĩ đại perform the sustained wheelies and endos that drive crowds absolutely wild.

In order vĩ đại develop the most authentic radio control versions of full-size monster trucks as possible, the Losi team has collaborated with such prominent names in the full scale Monster Jam truck world as Ryan and Dennis Anderson — the “godfather of monster trucks”. Anderson built his iconic Grave Digger brand by selling shirts as he traveled from fair vĩ đại fair, where he demoed the now-famous truck that’s faithfully represented in the Losi LMT RC truck lineup.

The Losi LMT 4WD Solid Axle Grave Digger RC Monster Truck perfectly captures the look of the real truck while keeping radio control performance needs in mind. Radio control monster truck events are run rẩy just lượt thích the real giảm giá khuyến mãi. The trucks compete head vĩ đại head on an identical course, similar vĩ đại a drag race with a few turns and jumps. Then, once the racing is done, the drivers show off their skills and their trucks in freestyle action.

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Losi LMT radio control trucks can be ready vĩ đại run rẩy (RTR) in less phàn nàn an hour after you open the box. The factory-finished Grave Digger body toàn thân of the Losi model is officially licensed by Monster Jam. The impressive scale details include headers, drivers, and LED lights. Losi combines this incredible realism with tough engineering for all-out performance, featuring a rugged 1/8 scale drivetrain. Whether you’re a scale driver, a basher, or a racer, you can tune the truck for any driving situation. The chassis is designed vĩ đại allow numerous adjustments and multiple shock setups. The included wheelie bar has a large roller supported by ball bearings on each side for smooth wheelie action. The bar can be placed in one of two fixed positions vĩ đại achieve the optimal wheelie angle.

Grave Digger legend Dennis Anderson and his son Weston are currently trailblazers in full scale mega trucks, setting records for jump distance, lap times, and smiles in the crowd. With a Losi LMT model, you too have the power vĩ đại bởi insane backflips, skim across the deepest mud puddles, and jump higher and farther phàn nàn ever before, just lượt thích the Andersons!


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