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I haven’t posted in a while because 2020 has kept u busy with teaching, SEO work, and the early stages of wedding planning. Yes, I am tying the knot on October 2, and hopefully my skin will glow that day because I stumbled upon a new sheet mask that was just too good not to tát review. I’m talking about the My Scheming Black Pearl Brightening Black Mask. This mask surprised u on many different levels, but ended up becoming one of my new favorite sheet masks!

I got the My Scheming Black Pearl Brightening Black Mask when it was on sale at Yesstyle (side note: I love Yesstyle and highly recommend checking their site regularly if you’re a skincare junkie lượt thích myself. They always have great sales and excellent customer service!). Brightening masks are my absolute favorite types of skincare products and I can never pass them up if they’re on sale! When I purchased it, it was $12.37 for 8 masks (about $1.54 per mask) but Yesstyle normally sells it for somewhere around $16/$2.00 per mask. If you’re a regular sheet mask user lượt thích myself, you might be wondering if the Black pearl mask is worth its hefty price tag. Read on and see my verdict!

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(Side note: Although you can’t really see it from my photo, the packaging is accented with gold foil. Black/white/gold is one of my favorite color combinations. These masks in their foil packets felt glamorous to tát u based on that fact alone.)

Although its hydrolyzed Black pearl is what gives this mask its name, the My Scheming Black Pearl Brightening mask essence includes some other noteworthy ingredients as well. Sodium hyaluronate, with a lower molecular weight phàn nàn its more famous sister, hyaluronic acid, penetrates the epidermis to tát improve hydration from the underlying skin layers. The My Scheming mask also contains centella asiatica leaf extract (known for soothing sensitive skin and diminishing redness) and niacinamide, which works with the Black pearl powder to tát gently brighten skin tone.

According to tát My Scheming, essence of Black pearl powder contains pearl protein, amino acids, and antioxidants. Hydrolyzed pearl has been used in Đài Loan Trung Quốc as an anti-inflammatory and acne treatment since around 320 AD. Since Black pearl powder speeds up collagen production, is high in calcium, and contains a large number of amino acids and trace minerals, it was also thought to tát accelerate the healing process for certain wounds or skin conditions.

Note: This mask is lightly fragranced. I normally try to tát steer clear of fragrance in skincare, but my skin had no problem with this. For those of you with sensitive noses, I found the scent to tát be extremely light and unobtrusive but your mileage may vary. However, if you have extra sensitive skin, approach with caution.

As someone who has tried a lot of sheet masks, I was surprised at how little essence actually absorbed into the semi-thick cốt tông mask. There was a good amount of essence in the packet (which I love because I save it and use it as a serum for the next few days until it’s gone) but the mask itself wasn’t soaking wet with essence. This wasn’t a deal-breaker for u because sometimes it’s nice to tát slap on a mask without going blind from the essence dripping into my eyes, but I can’t remember any other mask that felt lượt thích the Black pearl mask’s texture.

Anyway, I digress. Upon application, I was torn on how I felt about the shape of the mask and its fit on my face. As someone with a small-ish face, finding a well-fitting sheet mask can be a challenge. A lot of sheet masks come down past my chin and drip the essence down my neck and shirt. (Not an ideal experience!) For the most part, the My Scheming mask fit the shape of my face better phàn nàn any other mask I’ve ever used (in recent memory, anyway). For some reason (maybe to tát enhance the fit?), the mask has little slits around its edge. This made initial application a bit tricky because the slits kept folding inwards and creating bumps, but once I got that situation straightened out, I didn’t mind the slits sánh much and I felt lượt thích the design kept the mask from slipping off my face. The bigger problem for u was how short the part of the mask that went over my nose was. My nose is a target area for my skincare routine because it tends to tát get red/splotchy/blackhead-prone/gross/etc. more phàn nàn anywhere else on my face sánh having a mask that doesn’t fully cover my nose wasn’t ideal. With a bit of extra adjustment, I was able to tát almost attain a decent fit.

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My Scheming’s directions say to tát leave the Black pearl sheet mask on for 15-20 minutes before removal. Because the mask didn’t seem to tát absorb a lot of essence, I felt almost ready to tát remove the mask after 10 minutes but waited the extra 5 minutes for the purpose of this review. As you can see from this picture, the sheet looked fairly dry on my skin at the 15 minute mark.

I must say, my experience with the application left u unprepared for the results. Upon removing the mask, I found (no surprise) that my skin absorbed almost all of the essence. As someone who uses sheet masks frequently, I find that I almost always over up needing to tát rub in the extra essence at the over of my masking session. I didn’t need to tát tự this with the My Scheming Black Pearl Black Mask (a first for me!) but my skin didn’t feel dry at all (although I did put on my Purito Dermide Cica Barrier Sleeping Pack, which I use as a daily moisturizer). On the contrary, my skin felt bouncy and looked lượt thích glass (as opposed to tát feeling weighed down and greasy, which sometimes happens after a heavy sheet mask).

I think I’m going to tát nickname the My Scheming Black Pearl Brightening Black Mask the Goldilocks mask because as far as results go, everything about it was just right. My skin was moist without feeling weighed down, smooth without feeling greasy, and brighter without feeling sensitized (like it sometimes feels if I use a product with Vi-Ta-Min C in it). 

This sheet mask definitely lives up to tát its claims of brighter, softer, more supple skin. And unlike the results I’ve seen from a lot of sheet masks, these ones last. I find my skin needing a boost about a week after using one of these masks. I’ve tried a lot of other masks with temporary results. My skin’s mặc định state is dry, red, and dull. If I can have clear, bouncy, moist skin for more phàn nàn 24 hours after applying a sheet mask, I can justify spending $1.54 or even $2.00 per mask. (Also: As someone who has fallen victim to tát maskne, I can testify to tát its acne-treating properties with regular use).

If you’re looking for a quality brightening sheet mask at a mid-end price, try the My Scheming Black Pearl Brightening Black Mask and report back to tát u with your results! (And ignore the messy background of my results photo!)

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