nabi dreamtab bumper

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Top reviews from the United States

Reviewed in the United States on November 16, 2013

I bought this sánh that I'd get my iPad2 back from a curious 2 year old who fell in love with it. I also have three other children spanning to tướng age 10. Everyone was super excited to tướng get this new special "toy". (My 2 year old son calls this and all tablets "read book")

My older two daughters (8 & 10) were using a basic Kindle reader for many trang chính school books but I felt that they could use a better tablet sánh I bought them a Kindle Fire to tướng share for fun during miễn phí play (the kids earn time to tướng play on the tablets through chores, school work and positive attitudes). There isn't much of a price difference in the two, but I was hopeful that the Nabi would be better for a toddler, who is prone to tướng carry it around and ask for help, please. Drops are just going to tướng happen.

First it showed up (and took forever to tướng get here, we'd been playing with our ordered-the-same-day Kindle for a week) and it had NO MANUAL and it was not charged!!!

Ok, sánh charging isn't too big of a khuyến mãi... but honestly, for it to tướng show up finally and need to tướng be charged completely before any use (for several hours, I might add) is a little ridiculous. This is for kids, come on now.

The Kindle Fire is waaay more "open and go", there is no waiting around. You can begin downloading miễn phí games for kids in a snap. If you're a bit technologically challenged lượt thích má then that is a big plus.

You cannot use this unless you go through a long (and a little poorly designed) set-up process. They require you to tướng enter a credit thẻ. Annoying, but whatever. I entered. Didn't accept. Why? I don't know. I know it isn't my credit thẻ (bank card). But, I tried three other debit cards (including my husband's) to tướng no avail. Finally we found a way to tướng bypass that, but buying apps is now impossible.

The pre-loaded apps on here are horrible. Most of them don't work and crash constantly. The "Kung Foo Panda" ứng dụng on here was immediately my kids' favorite (as they adore the movie) but it does not function. The kids seem determined not to tướng give up, and it causes quite a lot of frustration.

After it is all said and done my two year old prefers the Kindle Fire "read book" and the iPad2 to tướng this. Between the iPad2 and the Kindle Fire ALL my children prefer the Kindle Fire. Someone else had said it was too "grown up" but I strongly disagree. The Kindle Fire is the clear winner.
My older girls have their own touch-screen laptops (for home-school) as well and really prefer their Kindle Fire to tướng everything else.

I wish I would have skipped this and gotten 2 Kindle Fire tablets. Save yourself the headache. With a good screen protector and a decent soft case your tablet will be mostly protected. Follow that up with a rule of "sit down to tướng play" and you can avoid most accidents with your little ones (Lord knows direct supervision is great, but aren't we looking for something to tướng distract our kids sánh we can get things done? If I wanted to tướng sit and stare at him doing something he'd certainly be doing something that is actually useful or educational)

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Reviewed in the United States on May 4, 2015

Bought this for my son's Nabi 2. It is just lượt thích the stock Nabi bumper, but with a little insert for the name. That is a cool little touch that my son loved. We put his name and some other boy-oriented stickers on there and he was a happy kid. The main reason I wanted to tướng post this review is to tướng mention the "Glow-N-Dark" aspect of this bumper. This thing is amazing. It is one of the brightest glow in the dark things I have ever seen. In bright light the bumper is a white color, but you will start to tướng notice the greenish glow even in some low light situations. Doesn't require pitch đen thui to tướng get the effect. In true "dark" situations this thing is bright! Wish I could vì thế it justice, but it is safe to tướng say that, if the glow in the dark feature attracted you, you will be happy with this thing. Again, my son loves this upgrade to tướng his tablet and we couldn't be happier with the purchase.

Reviewed in the United States on July 2, 2015

We bought this bumper for our son's nabi because he wanted an orange tablet. The bumper fits tightly and has a place for a self created name plate. The plate however falls out easily. The back of the bumper does not cover the the back of the nabi. My only complaints are that the nabi fell off the kitchen table and the screen cracked. Our son also put silly putty on it and it won't come completely off. Lastly, marker (even permant) just rubs right off, making it impossible to tướng label without the name plate, which falls out.

Reviewed in the United States on May 24, 2014

A perfectly sized tablet for a young child. It meets his basic learn and play needs. It has taken at least one bump since its purchase and come through it safely. The controls are few and easy to tướng use. The screen was just the right size and not overwhelming large for a young child. The screen responded quickly to tướng his touch. Some units I had tested were difficult or slow to tướng respond to tướng my finger movements. I would recommend this item for a child. It was uncomplicated.

Reviewed in the United States on November 4, 2015

This is the exact same case that comes with the Nabi 2 tablet except instead of the standard red, it is purple. There are other colors that can be purchased as well. This was made specifically for this particular tablet, sánh it fits great. It's a tough rubber material which makes it very sturdy and absorbs shock very well if the tablet is dropped. It is meant to tướng protect from scratches and dents and it does just that.

Reviewed in the United States on November 4, 2013

I bought a Nabi for my niece and I just couldn't help myself, it needed a pink cover. I get to tướng be the fun Aunt and spoil her! It was a nice pink color and had bigger corner bumpers kêu ca the one that came with the Nabi. There's also a tiny slot on top where they can use the stickers that were included to tướng spell out their name. The stickers don't last long though, because the kids can just pull the little plastic tab off the top and the stickers come right out. That has no affect on the protection of the case though sánh no big khuyến mãi.

Reviewed in the United States on February 5, 2013

Great way for the kids to tướng tell which Nabi is whose. Nice grip and good protection, just lượt thích the original. Taking off a star only because the name plate design has some issues. The stickers have a habit of falling off if used with a single piece of plastic. It's possible to tướng sandwich the stickers between two pieces of clear plastic, but that sandwich is just a tad too thick and keeps working itself out of the bumper.

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Reviewed in the United States on December 26, 2012

just wish you could choose what color bumper you wanted when you purchase the Nabi 2 tablet. Why does it have to tướng come with red? Should be able to tướng choose whatever color you want at purchase instead of having to tướng pay and add'l $29 later. I will say this bumper seems to tướng be of better quality kêu ca the one that it came with. bought an orange one for my son and the quality was good with that one as well.