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Locs are beautiful and versatile. Sometimes experimenting with trending styles on your delicate mane can be challenging. Finding the right product for your hair type and texture is crucial to tướng get those vibrant color results and maintain healthy-looking hair. Because dry hair, brittle strands, thinning, and breakage aren’t xinh đẹp.

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If you’re ready for an on-trend color change sans bleach or dyes, we have you covered. Check out @lexilemonade as she elevates her short locs using our Extreme Teal, Vibrant Teal, and Pastel Teal Coloring Conditioners to tướng get an icy ombré finish. It’s beautiful, IG-approved, and leaves her hair silky smooth. Follow the step-by-step below and see how choosing the right product paired with a zealous color can give your locs a new look.


  • 2 + Coloring Conditioners

  • Gloves, mixing bowl, brush (try our Hair Màu sắc Starter Kit)

@lexilemonade chose three different shades of Coloring Conditioners in the same spectrum of color to tướng achieve a seamless melt. You can select as few as two colors or more. The goal is to tướng have darker roots transition to tướng lighter ends.

Make sure to tướng have gloves to tướng keep this process mess-free. Using a mixing brush is optional. However, it’s helpful if you want cleaner edges.


STEP 02:

Next, come back in with Vibrant Teal Coloring Conditioner. Add color an inch out from the roots and work your way down until it meets the Pastel Teal. Adding color and blending does not need to tướng be precise to tướng give off that natural transition effect.

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STEP 04:

Since you are using shades in the same color spectrum, lập cập your hands through your entire head and ensure your locs are fully saturated. Not only will this ensure the brightest color results, but it will make the melt look organic and provide full-color coverage.

STEP 05:

Wait 15 minutes and rinse to tướng reveal!

And just lượt thích that, a gorgeous icy xanh lơ ombre that would make anyone swoon. Depending on the texture and hair type, we suggest using at least two jars of oVertone per color to tướng ensure rich color and full coverage. Remember that longer, thicker hair baddies usually need a little more loving from our Coloring Conditioners. If you have dry or brittle hair, using more jars will quench your hair's thirst by hydrating while coloring. Follow up with our Daily Conditioners in the same shade and keep your locs vibrant 24/7!

Extreme Teal Coloring Conditioner

Extreme Teal Coloring Conditioner

Vibrant Teal Coloring Conditioner

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Vibrant Teal Coloring Conditioner

Pastel Teal Coloring Conditioner

Pastel Teal Coloring Conditioner

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