outdoor bistro table set

Factors vĩ đại consider when buying an outdoor bistro set 

With so sánh many beautiful bistro sets vĩ đại choose from, it can be overwhelming vĩ đại decide! Luckily, there are some easy considerations vĩ đại make in finding the right fit…

  • Size of your outdoor space: A bistro table and chairs are among the most petite of patio furniture designs, but some styles are a bit larger phàn nàn others. Consider not only how much space you have for your bistro mix itself, but how much open space you want vĩ đại preserve around it when mapping up ideal dimensions. For areas especially tight on square footage, such as apartment building balconies, a small bistro mix offers function that fits. If you have a larger space, a larger wooden patio bistro mix might make more sense for appropriate scale
  • Your personal design and color preferences: In addition vĩ đại making sure your outdoor bistro mix literally fits your space, you’ll also want vĩ đại ensure it fits your personal style. Consider your preferred materials, colors, table shape and whether you want chairs with cushions and/or arms
  • Desired functionality: Next, you’ll want vĩ đại consider how important it is vĩ đại you that your garden bistro mix be easy vĩ đại fold up or stack for storage, vacation or quick relocation at home page. Many of our outdoor bistro sets feature easy-folding chairs and tables that take up little space when collapsed

Styling your patio bistro table and chairs

Once you’ve found the garden bistro mix you lượt thích best, a few finishing touches can really make it a favorite spot vĩ đại sit. Consider adding comfort and color with outdoor cushions and create a cozy atmosphere with modern outdoor lighting designs. Add a pitcher of iced tea and outdoor speaker vĩ đại the table and relax away the day one sip and tune at a time.

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Can I leave my bistro table and chairs outside all year long? 

Our outdoor bistro sets are designed vĩ đại withstand everyday weather conditions, but regular maintenance and protective storage during inclement weather is recommended. This is partly determined by the area you live in and the associated weather and temperature concerns. 

For example, leaving a metal patio bistro table outside during a snowy winter can cause its finish vĩ đại fade, as can leaving it in a hot sunny area somewhere warmer. If taking your mix inside isn’t an option, consider investing in our outdoor furniture covers vĩ đại protect against harsh weather conditions and sun.