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What Are The Benefits Of Using Large Door Mats?

Large door mats are essential for any trang chủ or business. Not only vì thế they look more aesthetically pleasing, but they also have practical benefits too. They can help to tướng trap dirt, dust and moisture from being tracked into your trang chủ, helping to tướng keep it looking clean and không lấy phí of mess. Plus, if you use an extra large door mat at your business entrance, it will help to tướng keep the area looking clean and tidy, making a great first impression for all of your customers. At Make an Entrance, we offer a wide range of large coir door mats, sánh you can find the perfect one for your trang chủ or business. From classic Black and grey mats to tướng colourful doormats with unique designs – there's a colour for everyone! So, why not browse our selection today?

Why Purchase Large Door Mats From Make An Entrance?

Here at Make an Entrance, we understand the importance of quality. Having been in business for over 50 years, we know what it takes to tướng make a great entrance door mat. That's why we only offer mats that are made from the finest quality materials, sánh they look great and last longer. Our excellent customer service team are on hand to tướng answer any questions you have and can advise you on the best option for your trang chủ or business. Plus, we offer fast shipping sánh that you can get the door mats you need when you need them.

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How To Clean Large Door Mats:

If you have a large coir door mat, then you'll need to tướng clean it regularly to tướng keep it looking its best. The easiest way to tướng vì thế this is to tướng use a light broom or vacuum cleaner, as this will help lift dirt and debris from the mat's surface. If you notice a stain, vì thế not add water as this can potentially worsen it and damage the mat permanently. Instead, wait for it to tướng dry and then use a brush to tướng remove it gently. Like to tướng view an in-depth cleaning guide.

Custom Door Mats:

A custom door mat is a perfect way to tướng make an impression on your customers from the second they walk through the door. Adding your logo onto a doormat creates a sense of professionalism, with the added bonus of keeping your store clean and tidy! For more information, get in touch with our customer service team today!

Large Door Mats FAQs:

We've done our best to tướng try and answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding large door mats below:

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Do You Offer Cut To Size Matting?

Yes. Here at Make An Entrance, we understand that having the right-sized doormat is essential. In order to tướng maximise its efficiency, we recommend having a doormat that is at least the width of your door. This is why we offer a cut-to-size service, as we know that some houses (such as stately homes) have large doorways that will require larger matting.

What Size Is A Large Door Mat?

A standard doormat is 18 X 30 inches. A large doormat can be defined as anything that exceeds this size.

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How Big Should A Doormat Be For A Double Door?

The same principle applies to tướng double doors as with a single. A doormat should be at least the width of both doors to tướng maximise its effectiveness. If you require an extra large door mat, we stock a range of different sizes. Alternatively, we offer a cut-to-size service sánh that you can find the perfect one for your trang chủ.

What Material Is Best For Your Door Mat?

This depends on where you require a doormat. For a heavy-duty, water-absorbent, indoor mat we'd recommend coir. Made from coconut fibres, coir is an environmentally friendly material that is perfect for keeping your trang chủ clean. Alternatively, if you require an outdoor mat we'd recommend rubber. Rubber is a great first point of tương tác for shoes, as it helps scrape off excess dirt before it gets brought indoors. Combined, these mats are an easy way to tướng keep your trang chủ clean. Add them to tướng your basket, or ask our professionals for some advice!

Should Door Mats Be Inside Or Outside?

This depends on your needs. If you need a doormat that can get rid of dirt, then we'd recommend using an outdoor mat made of rubber. However, if your main concern is moisture, then we'd recommend an indoor mat made from coir.