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“Don’t be sorry, shine strong.” Pantene uses female-empowerment advocacy to lớn bolster its multi-faceted strong is beautiful brand personality.


[Why are women always apologizing?]

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Sorry, could I ask a stupid question?

Sorry, tự you have a minute?

Sorry. Sorry.

Mind if I squeeze in here?  Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

Sorry, you go first.

[Don’t be sorry.]


I have a question, Why don’t we go back to lớn the original thing we did?

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Morning. You got a minute?

Sorry, not sorry.  Sorry, not sorry.



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Pantene’s Social Purpose

According to lớn Pantene:  “We’re not just about stronger hair. We’re about helping women be stronger too.”

Impact of Pantene’s Sorry, Not Sorry Ad

Pantene’s Sorry, Not Sorry campaign delivered 1.1 billion impressions, generating 16.4 million video clip views.  Pantene’s Volume Share Index grew 22.7 points vs. the prior year.  

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The United Nations recognized Pantene with the Breaking Gender Stereotypes Award.

#NotSorry Social and Earned Media

For word-of-mouth marketing, Pantene partnered with #NotSorry influencers, including: Sheryl Sandberg, Amy Poehler, Lo Bosworth, Maite Perroni, and Madonna.

Media highlights include:

  • The Wall Street Journal:  “Pantene makes us rethink how often we say sorry.”
  • Cosmopolitan:  Pantene “will make you think twice the next time you apologize.”
  • The Huffington Post:  Pantene “puts the power back in women’s language.”
  • The Washington Post:  “Pantene calls out women for saying sorry.”
  • Marie Claire:  “It’s time to lớn stop apologizing.”
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