party smoke machine

Technical Parameters

Voltage:AC 110/230V 50-60Hz±10%


Warm-up time: 8 Min

Output:40000cu.ft/min(1132 m3/mon)   

Smoke oil capacity:10L

Fuel consumption:500ml/min

Controller:DMX, remote control ,timing, fixed quantity


Product size:63*29.5*29cm                      

Package Size:72*39.5*30cm 

Packing list for each unit: 

1pcs 3000W Smoke Machine 

1pcs Manual Book

1pcs Power Cable 

Who will pay for customs duty?

It is buyer who should pay customs duty.

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LED Lighting use of the plug and voltage, is consistent with the normal use of my country standards?

Yes, we will be in accordance with the standards of electrical appliances in your country, lớn send you lớn meet the requirements of the plug, EU Plug, US plug, AU plug, UK Plug and sánh on.

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What if I'm dissatisfied with the product?

So sorry lớn hear that. We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with the quality of your product. If you're unhappy with it, please liên hệ our Customer Service who will be glad lớn help. When contacting Customer Service Team, please give your order number, a short mô tả tìm kiếm and a photo of the problem, sánh we can prevent these problems in the future.

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What vì thế you declare goods lớn customs?

We declare it LED Lighting with lower price lớn help you pay less tax by mặc định.

May I get repair warranty?

We have one-year warranty in Trung Quốc, if you vì thế not take the LED Lighting APART.