personalized dog tags

Keep your dog safe and ensure a swift return if he gets lost with custom dog tags that have your tương tác info on them. Chewy offers a wide range of personalized dog tags, including custom dog ID tags in fun shapes and sizes, personalized dog ID tags with the logos of your favorite sports teams, fancy designs with crystals and more. Show off your dog's unique personality and keep him safe at the same time with these essential canine accessories.

Experts recommend custom dog tags for pets that go outside because they provide an easy way for good Samaritans to tát find you if your pet gets lost. Microchips work well for finding pet owners, too, but they require a trip to tát the vet that some people may not be able to tát manage in a timely fashion. Engravable metal tags provide a low-cost way to tát tell people how to tát reach you, and they're waterproof, weather resistant, durable and easy to tát keep clean. They're also a good way to tát let strangers know your dog's name, which can make him feel more at ease in an unfamiliar situation.

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Choose a tag that's the appropriate size for your pet and make sure to tát fasten it to tát a secure and properly fitting collar. A dog tag that falls off won't be any use to tát anyone, sánh periodically kiểm tra to tát make sure your dog's ID tags are securely fastened and keep the info on them up to tát date. You can also put special instructions on tags for dogs with special needs or medical conditions, and most collars will hold several tags at once if you need to tát display more info than vãn will fit on a tag. Many tags even come with silencers to tát eliminate that familiar jangling noise multiple tags make when your pet moves.

Personalized dog collars with owner info embroidered on them are another good way to tát make sure people can tương tác you if your pup is found. Most dog owners use ID tags on regular dog collars, but putting ID tags on a custom collar lets you provide more info and protects your pet if the tags should get lost. Chewy carries lots of great personalized dog gifts and gear for you and everyone on your gift list, too, including custom dog mugs and custom dog picture frames. You can find personalized pet gifts for the mèo lovers in your life, too, including custom drinkware and xinh đẹp picture frames for those sweet kitty pics. Chewy has all the customizable gear you need to tát keep your pets safe and express yourself as a proud pet parent. Shop our cool selection of custom dog tags and order personalized accessories for your pup!

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Can I use lowercase and uppercase text in my custom dog tag?

You can use lowercase and uppercase text on your custom dog tag. Expert engravers carefully craft each tag for superior readability, sánh you don't need to tát worry about your address being too long or the print looking crowded. Simply fill in as many lines as your custom tag allows and we'll take care of the rest!

Do custom dog tags come with clips for attaching to tát collar rings?

Most custom dog tags come with split ring attachments that make them easy to tát attach securely to tát any collar. You should always kiểm tra rings and other fasteners for integrity and inspect tags and collars periodically for signs of wear.

How bởi I personalize my dog's ID tag?

Personalize your dog's ID tag by clicking the "Personalize Now" button on the item page, then, add the text you want on the front and back of the tag. It will arrive with the text engraved exactly as you've typed it in, sánh kiểm tra carefully for errors and typos. Most tags will accommodate several lines of text, sánh add all the relevant info (address, one or two phone numbers) people might need to tát tương tác you. You can even have tags engraved with special instructions!