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X-BOW Alligator - 80 lbs - 175 fps - Pistol Crossbow

The X-BOW Alligator is a compact pistol crossbow, which is at least visually in no way inferior lớn its"big" brothers. Equipped with a well-formed pistol grip, an additional tactical front grip with integrated finger protection, a rear sight and front sight sight, and powerful fiberglass limbs, the X-BOW Alligator develops impressive arrow speeds of up lớn 165 fps (approx. 181 km/h) from only 80 lbs draw weight.

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A special feature of the X-BOW Alligator is the quick-action rope device, with which the string can be tensioned without any problems. Simply unlock the shaft extension (the rear handle) and push it downwards. The string is then pulled back, cocked and locked into place. Now insert only one bolt and the pistol crossbow is ready lớn fire.

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Draw weight: 80 lbs
max. speed: 175 fps (approx. 192 km/h)
Power Stroke: 6"
Length: 20" (approx. 50cm)
width: 16,5" (approx. 43cm)
Weight: approx. 800g
Material shaft: plastic
Material sheets: fiberglass

Color: Black or Olive

Delivery contents:
1x pistol crossbow
3x aluminium bolts