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The Pokémon thẻ binder has 4 pockets per page vĩ đại store cards on both sides and includes 50 high quality removable sleeves vĩ đại hold a total of 400 Pokémon cards. The side zip prevents the cards from slipping out of place and provides complete protection.The Pokémon thẻ binder is compatible with almost all standard size collectible cards such as Pokémon cards, Basketball cards, Baseball cards, Football cards, trò chơi of Thrones cards, Marvel cards, Sports cards, Unstable Unicorns trò chơi, Monopoly Deal Cards Phase 10 Cards, Dutch Blitz Cards trò chơi and any other standard size thẻ.

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⚡Fits 400 cards Pokémon thẻ binder offers plenty of space vĩ đại organize all your cards, keeping your entire collection in a thẻ holder. Pokémon thẻ binder is compatible with a wide range of standard sized gaming thẻ collections for Pokemon Sports Trading Cards, Fuji Mini Polaroids, Yu-Gi-Oh Solitaire, Skylanders, Soccer Cards, Baseball Cards, MTG Card Games, Dutch Blitz Card games, Cards Against Humanity, etc. Pokémon thẻ binder is the perfect gift for boys and girls aged 3-15 who are collecting game cards, the unique design and bright colors will attract the attention of young collectors. ⚡Ultimate protection Pokémon thẻ binder outer layer is waterproof shell made of high quality PU leather, water or raindrops will not penetrate, it can well protect your thẻ from fading and smudging. A high-quality zipper locks the thẻ holder, keeping your cards protected and undamaged at all times. Pokémon thẻ binder's sturdy D-shaped metal ring design prevents cards from curling when turning pages. ⚡High quality material The outer layer of Pokémon thẻ binder is made of PU material and designed with Pokémon theme, which is very suitable for collectors who love Pokémon. The inner transparent page is made of EVA and has good shock and moisture resistance, and provides a range of protection. Pokémon thẻ binder showcases every piece of art and detail without removing the thẻ from the clear pocket paper. A transparent protective layer keeps cards in good condition for gaming and trading. Pokémon thẻ binder inner and outer layers provide double protection against scratches, impacts, spills and dust. ⚡Integration and storage Young collectors no longer have vĩ đại worry about Pokémon cards scattered all over the place, or the sudden loss of cards they worked so sánh hard vĩ đại collect! Pokémon thẻ binder is a great way vĩ đại preserve your full phối of cards and prevent your precious cards from being lost. Pokémon thẻ binder can also cultivate children's habit of organizing and organizing.