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Faking a pregnancy is a fairly easy prank for most women. If you think your partner, friends, or family will get a laugh out of a pregnancy prank, the best way to tướng trick them is to tướng kém chất lượng a false pregnancy test. You have several options for getting a false positive on a pregnancy test, ranging from buying a kém chất lượng test to tướng altering a real test. Additionally, your prank will be more convincing if you also mimic the early signs of pregnancy. However, keep in mind that people who’ve experienced infertility, a stillbirth, or a miscarriage may find this prank offensive.

  1. Your prank will be more convincing if you tell the person you’ve missed your period. Begin mentioning your skipped period several days before you plan to tướng tell them you’re pregnant.[1]

    • Say something lượt thích, “Wow, my period was supposed to tướng come 2 days ago. I hope it comes soon ví I won’t be on it during Karen’s pool tiệc nhỏ.”
    • If the person you’re pranking doesn’t respond to tướng your casual comment, follow up with another comment. For instance, “I’m getting worried about my period not coming. Do you think something might be wrong?”
  2. Pretend to tướng have morning sickness by faking nausea and vomiting. Morning sickness is a common symptom of early pregnancy that most people will recognize. Excuse yourself and run rẩy to tướng the bathroom, then pour water into the toilet to tướng mimic the sound of vomiting. You could also pretend to tướng gag, since that sounds lượt thích you're vomiting. Additionally, “cope” with your kém chất lượng symptoms by snacking on crackers, drinking club soda, and and eating smaller meals.[2]

    • Dab some water on your forehead after you pretend to tướng vomit to tướng make it look lượt thích you’re sweating from the effort of vomiting.
    • Strong odor is a common cause of nausea in women who are really pregnant. Whenever you smell a strong odor, tell everyone you feel nauseous.


  3. When you get pregnant, your toàn thân produces more blood, which means your kidneys filter out more fluids. These fluids become urine, ví you have to tướng use the restroom more often. Excuse yourself at least once every hour to tướng use the restroom. Additionally, complain about having to tướng go ví often.[3]

    • Say, “I’m ví tired of going to tướng the bathroom. I feel lượt thích I live in there,” or “I feel lượt thích I need to tướng pee all of the time. I hope I’m not pregnant.”
    • You don't need to tướng actually go to tướng the bathroom if you don't need to; you can just leave the room and lie that you're going to tướng the bathroom. If you bởi this, however, only spend about three to tướng five minutes out of the room. Any longer and they might think you're doing a "number two", and any less and they might realise you're lying.
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Tip: You can also make yourself actually need to tướng use the restroom more often by eating a lot of fruit, such as watermelon, citrus, pineapple, cranberries, tomatoes, prunes, bananas, and apples. The high water nội dung will make you need to tướng urinate frequently. Other options include diuretics lượt thích caffeine and carbonated drinks, or simply drinking more water.

  1. Hormonal fluctuations in the early weeks of pregnancy can make your breasts feel painful even before you know you’re pregnant. Mention this discomfort to tướng the person you’re planning to tướng prank. You might even put a warm compress over your chest to tướng “relieve” the pain.[4]

    • If you live with the person, make a point of taking your bra off while you’re at trang chủ. Say, “My breasts are too uncomfortable for má to tướng wear this bra. I feel lượt thích they’re more swollen phàn nàn usual.”
  2. When you get pregnant, your toàn thân makes more progesterone, which makes you feel tired. That means you’ll start feeling fatigue even in the early days of a pregnancy. Pretend to tướng have fatigue by telling everyone you’re tired. Additionally, you might take naps or kém chất lượng falling asleep in the middle of the day.[5]

    • Don’t pretend to tướng sleep at work or school, as this can get you in trouble.
    • Say something lượt thích, “I shouldn’t feel this tired because I slept for 9 hours last night. I wonder what’s wrong.”
    • Other people may assume you're sick, since feeling tired can also be a sign of illness. If someone thinks you're sick, point out that you haven't got a fever.
  3. Because pregnancy causes ví many hormonal fluctuations, it often causes mood swings. You can kém chất lượng mood swings by pretending to tướng cry during commercials or after seeing a sad meme. Additionally, you might kém chất lượng anger over minor problems and then pretend to tướng cry.[6]

    • For example, show the person a gif of a xinh tươi dog. Then, pretend to tướng cry uncontrollably, saying, “He’s just ví xinh tươi.”
  4. While cravings don’t usually start in the first few weeks of pregnancy, they’re an easily recognizable symptom of pregnancy. If you pretend to tướng want weird foods, the person you’re pranking will likely wonder if you may be pregnant. Ask for treats lượt thích pickles and ice cream or request peanut butter as a topping for your corn dog. If you don’t have a strong stomach, prepare your own smoothie and then tell the person it has a lot of weird ingredients.[7]

    • You might say, “Mmm...this smoothie is ví good. I put pickles and anchovies in it because I’ve been craving them ví much.”
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  1. Joke pregnancy tests are the best option because they give you a false positive every time. To use the test, bring it into the bathroom and urinate on it lượt thích a real test. Wait for the result, then show it to tướng the person you’re pranking.

    • You can find kém chất lượng pregnancy tests online or at a local joke cửa hàng.
    • Make sure you read and follow the directions for the test you buy ví that it works correctly.
    • If you kết thúc up needing to tướng actually urinate on the joke test, make sure it doesn't contaminate anything, and wash your hands after throwing it away.

Tip: A downside of purchasing a kém chất lượng test is that you may be asked to tướng retake the test to tướng be sure. You might want to tướng purchase a few kém chất lượng tests ví you can pretend to tướng take it twice.

  1. Some ingredients used to tướng make sodas mimic pregnancy hormones, ví they can give a false positive on a pregnancy test. Bring a soda with you into the bathroom when you go to tướng take the test. Then, dip the test into the soda instead of urinating on it. Hide the soda before opening the bathroom door.

    • Since you may be asked to tướng take a second test to tướng confirm your pregnancy, hide an extra soda in the bathroom in case you need it. Put it somewhere others are unlikely to tướng look, lượt thích inside your makeup kit or a box of tampons.
  2. Most pregnancy tests have a separate piece of plastic for the front and back side. Use a thin piece of metal, lượt thích a pair of tweezers or a metal nail tệp tin, to tướng pry the front off of the pregnancy test. Then, use a marker that’s close to tướng the same color as the test results to tướng draw in a line to tướng create a positive result. Next, dab some water onto the test to tướng make it look lượt thích you peed on it and put the test back together.

    • A light pink marker will be your best option.
    • The results may look better if you draw on all of the lines. This also eliminates the need for you to tướng actually pee on the test.
    • In addition to tướng making the test look used, wetting it also helps fade the marker ví it looks more real.
  3. Most pregnancy tests only produce accurate results for a few minutes. After that point, the urine starts to tướng evaporate from the pad, making the lines look darker. This often creates a false positive. Use this to tướng your advantage by taking your test at least an hour in advance. Once the result looks lượt thích a positive, bring it into the bathroom and pretend to tướng take it.[8]

    • This may not always work, but it’s a common cause of false positives on pregnancy tests.
  4. An expired pregnancy test can also give a false positive, but finding one might be tricky. Ask your friends if they have an old pregnancy test that they could give you, or kiểm tra a site lượt thích eBay to tướng see if someone is selling an old test. You might also find one at a discount dollar or thrift store.[9]

    • The expiration date is printed on the pregnancy test box.
    • This may not work every time, but it’s common for expired tests to tướng give a false positive.
  5. Although this is a little icky, it will guarantee that you get a positive test result. Ask your pregnant friend to tướng pee into an airtight container, lượt thích a jar. Then, bring the sample into your bathroom when you take the test ví you can dip the test into the collected urine.

    • Be careful that you don’t get urine on yourself.
    • You may be able to tướng use the same sample to tướng kém chất lượng multiple tests.
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    What happens when anyone gets caught will vary. A young, mentally unstable girl of 14 will be treated differently phàn nàn a 35-year-old woman who knew exactly what she she was doing. If you kém chất lượng a pregnancy as a sườn of fraud, you may be prosecuted. If your life is such that faking pregnancy seems lượt thích a good idea, you most definitely shouldn't adopt a child.

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  • Don’t let this prank go on for too long. Tell people the truth right after you get a reaction from them.

  • Although women typically don’t show until months into your pregnancy, you might arch your back a little to tướng make your stomach look a little more rounded.

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  • Faking a pregnancy can cause people to tướng lose trust in you. Additionally, it may lead to tướng negative consequences when people find out it’s a joke.

  • Don’t kém chất lượng medical documents because this may be considered forgery, depending on how far your prank goes. It’s best to tướng play it safe and avoid possible legal repercussions.[10]



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