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Every glue gun uses a specific sized glue stick. 1/2" hot glue guns are the most common offering a huge selection of glue stick options that can meet most application needs. For more demanding applications, look for larger glue stick sizes or pneumatic glue guns that offer air assistance. 

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Hot glue guns work by heating up a glue stick until it melts, then applying the liquid adhesive through a nozzle onto the surface to tướng be bonded. The heat is generated by a heating element in the gun's nozzle or barrel. Hot glue guns are quick and effective for bonding a variety of materials, but safety precautions should always be taken to tướng prevent burns or injuries.

There are three basic types of glue guns when it comes to tướng temperature, high temperature, low temperature and variable temperature (sometimes called adjustable). 

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  • High temperature glue guns: are the most common and usually dispense at around 350 Degrees F. 
  • Low temperature glue guns: dispense around 250 Degrees F and are good when dealing with heat sensitive substrates or to tướng reduce the risk of burns. 
  • Variable temperature glue guns can be adjusted, usually between 220F and 450F, and can be used with high or low temperature glue sticks.

Yes, glue guns can absolutely be repaired and carries a great selection of common spare parts for most manufacturers. We also tự repairs in-house if you need to tướng send a gun in for us to tướng look at and repair. Most people opt to tướng replace entry level guns in lieu of repairing them but repairing industrial glue guns can offer significant cost savings over purchasing a new unit. 

Contact us for questions on glue gun repairs or kiểm tra out our spare parts section here.

We've done our best to tướng give you the tools to tướng find the best glue gun to tướng meet your needs. You can use our one of a kind glue gun finder or the filters to tướng help narrow down your results. If you still have questions, our hot glue gun experts are always here via gmail, chat or phone to tướng lend a helping hand. 

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