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Poor customer serviceI was not happy with the Tongkat Ali product which I ordered 3 bottles of. It had no effect on bủ at all, it was their own brand product.I emailed to lớn start the return process of the two unopened bottles 6 days ago and have heard nothing back. I'm really disappointed with this customer service.Date of experience: October 22, 2023

Really helpful customer serviceReally helpful customer service team. I placed an order last week. After a couple of failed attempts at delivering it Royal Mail had lost the parcel. I reached out to lớn the customer service team and nothing was too much trouble!! As soon as they’d confirmed what happened to lớn the parcel with Royal Mail they got one sent straight back out to lớn bủ.Will definitely be using you guys for all my future orders. (A lot of suss companies in this space at the moment) thank you againDate of experience: August 16, 2023

I purchased two bottles of…I purchased two bottles of Turkesterone, they arrived with super fast delivery. I have been taking these with creatine at the recommended dose at 2 tabs a day for only three weeks sánh far. I am seeing strength gains along with muscle definition. I can not say it’s 100% because of the Turkesterone but it is definitely helping. Once these bottles are finished I will definitely be ordering more A*Date of experience: February 16, 2023

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Hi Richard, thanks for letting us know that your bottle has arrived with the seal broken, this is extremely rare and sometimes couriers can damage the packaging / bottles whilst in transit. I have immediately sent an tin nhắn into your inbox offering you a new bottle to lớn be sent out right away along with some additional compensation in the size of a discount code as I know this is your first order with us and I hope to lớn be able to lớn have this resolved to lớn your satisfaction promptly.

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TOP CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICEI've been using ProHormones for a couple of years now, buying various products.The service has always been great, very quick answering my questions and providing information.Delivery always on or before stated date.Price is fair and the products work.All good from bủ 👍Date of experience: April 27, 2023

Long term customer, great experienceDuring the past 5 years I have been a Pro Hormones customer. The team there has always been professional and easy to lớn khuyễn mãi giảm giá with. The products are great and arrive as described. I've had these products sent all over the world, from Panama, to lớn nước Australia and Thailand and several countries in Europe. Amazing trustworthy company.Date of experience: April 05, 2023

I have bought German Pharmacy Tudca…I have bought German Pharmacy Tudca from Pro Hormones before but since my last purchase they have changed. They are now coated with something disgusting and strongly chemical. It stinks. If you get it on your fingers it contaminates everything you touch. I’ve been carefully decanting the contents into fresh capsules but it’s a hassle. Huge disappointmentDate of experience: March 21, 2023

Reply from Pro Hormones

Hi Chris, I am sorry to lớn hear that you've had a bad experience this time round with our German Pharma Tudca, I'd be happy to lớn get this resolved as soon as possible. If you'd lượt thích to lớn discuss this further please liên hệ bủ on [email protected] and i will look to lớn provide an explanation and resolution to lớn the problem with our Tudca. Sorry to lớn have left you feeling disappointed, hopefully we can come to lớn a resolution on this matter.

They don’t seem to lớn post negative product reviewsInteresting that I submitted a low score product rating on two products but these are not showing against the products on the trang web whereas there are positive reviews that have been posted more recently kêu ca my reviews. I’m happy to lớn try new products from different companies but this would put bme off buying a different product from them if they are not posting negative product reviews.Date of experience: September 03, 2023

Reply from Pro Hormones

Hi Paul, apologies for that.. this is something I have never seen before.. we post reviews whenever they come through, I can only guess this may have been a system glitch of some sort. If you would lượt thích to lớn discuss this further please liên hệ our tư vấn team at [email protected], we'd be happy to lớn discuss this further.

a game changerdeliver was very fast, the product took a few days to lớn kick in, then oh boy did it, normal 2 hour workout just isn’t enough, gave bủ confidence to lớn lift more weight and longer sessions. tried a few different ones, i’ve already ordered my next shipmentDate of experience: November 11, 2022

Reply from Pro Hormones

Hi there, thanks for leaving your honest review and I would lượt thích to lớn apologise for the inconveniences caused with your most recent order with us. If you would lượt thích to lớn discuss this further please feel không tính tiền to lớn liên hệ bủ on [email protected], hopefully we can get you properly compensated and this negative experience resolved.

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Excellent product I bought this item 4…Excellent product I bought this item 4 weeks ago sánh gave it chance I’ve had trouble sleeping and it’s help also feeling better when u get your proper sleep better moods .Date of experience: March 13, 2023

Amazing staff/productsVery helpful staff, I tin nhắn and get a response very quickly plus they are very knowledgeable and helpful towards your needs and help you buy the correct supplements for your personal goals. For sure my go to lớn company, recently bought some turkesterone unfortunately I received the wrong product emailed them got a response within trăng tròn or sánh minutes, and they kindly sent bủ a new order that arrived the next day absolutely không tính tiền of charge keeping the previously delivered product. Stress không tính tiền amazing service Big thankyou to lớn Brendan for his on going tư vấn AdrianDate of experience: February 27, 2023