projector for your phone

The Projector- Screencast to lớn TV is a mobile screen mirroring phầm mềm that lets you mirror your phone screen on your Smart TV in high-quality and easily share files directly.

Get real-time Điện thoại tư vấn information along while you cast your screen.

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With this phầm mềm, you can cast your music, local photos/videos and online videos on the smart TV. You can also watch your favorite TV shows, live streams and play games on the big screen, and screen mirror your mobile device to lớn your trang chủ TV and access the device notifications while using this phầm mềm.

This mobile screen mirroring application is perfect for

- Making an effective presentation in a business meeting or screen sharing session.

- Screen share health & fitness videos to lớn home page TV to lớn help you work out better.

- Mirror phone screen to lớn your home page TV, including games, live streams and other popular mobile apps.

- Cast online videos from mobile using Chromecast to lớn home page TV sánh you can watch trang web videos on cast to lớn TV phầm mềm.

- Watch your favorite shows, movies and live channels on a bigger TV screen.

- Cast your family photos and travel photos to lớn TV at a family buổi tiệc ngọt.

- Play music from your phone to lớn your home page TV.

- This screencast phầm mềm supports multiple languages.

- WA Status Saver: Using this mira cast phầm mềm, you can also save the WA status with one tap and share it directly from the screencast phầm mềm.

New Feature Alert

The Universal TV Remote Control transforms your điện thoại thông minh into a TV remote, allowing you to lớn command your TV with a simple tap. No more misplaced remotes! No more changing batteries! your điện thoại thông minh now doubles up as your TV remote, which is usually within arm's reach. Enjoy a familiar look and feel with the same buttons and interface, while also discovering new features. It doesn't matter what you're using as it works universally with all major Smart TV brands and Roku TV.

Note: Your phone and Smart TV must be on the WiFi Network for the remote control feature to lớn work.

How to lớn use Projector- Screencast to lớn TV?

1. Install the screen mirroring phầm mềm, Projector- Cast to lớn TV on your game android phone.

2. Make sure your phone and TV/ monitor are connected to lớn the same WiFi network.

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3. Hit ‘Start’ to lớn begin scanning in the cast phầm mềm for nearby TV/ monitors.

4. Select the device you would lượt thích to lớn screencast.

5. You can stop screen mirroring by pressing “Stop.”

Support & FAQs

How to lớn fix connection issues in the mira cast app?
If your sender device and your receiver device/TV bởi not connect at all, we recommend the following steps:

1. Enable airplane mode for at least 10 seconds and then disable it again. This will help you rediscover the devices on your WiFi network.

2. Restart all involved devices for mira cast, including your sender and receiver device/ home page TV and WiFi router. Devices powered by cables (e.g., TV) should be unplugged from power for at least 1 minute before reconnecting.

3. Ensure that both devices for screen mirroring are connected to lớn the same WiFi network.

4. If connection issues persist, please get in touch with our Chromecast phầm mềm tư vấn team. We will try to lớn look into it at the earliest.

What to lớn bởi when the Chromecast phầm mềm crashes?
If the Projector phầm mềm crashes, please clean the Chromecast app's data by going into settings. If it does not help, reinstall the screen mirroring phầm mềm and restart your phone.

If the issue persists despite this, please get in touch with screencast tư vấn.

Smart Tools

1) Duplicate photo Cleaner - Clean duplicates or replicas with ease.

2) Junk Cleaner - Clean junk effectively & efficiently.

3) WiFi Manager - Manage WiFi Networks, Internet tốc độ, WiFi Connection Metrics.

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4) App Usage - Observe the phầm mềm metrics, time usage, data usage, etc.

5) Batch Uninstaller - Uninstall apps in batches.

6) App Restore - Restore uninstalled apps hassle-free.