pvc id card printing

Plastic cards printed at Front Side Only | Perfect as ID-Card or Membership Card

  • Highest, technically available resolution of 600 dpi
  • Plastic cards printed in High quality on white plastic cards
  • The reverse side remains white without print
  • After printing, we will provide your thẻ with a special overlay that will protect the print.
  • resolution 600 dpi
  • Absolute over-the-edge thẻ printing
  • Photos, fonts, images or logos can be printed
  • Back side unprinted in white, on request with magnetic stripes or signature field
  • card size 85,6 x 54 x 0,76 mm
  • Rounded corners and clean edges
  • Quality and size lượt thích your credit card
  • Ideal as ID cards for students and sports clubs, employee ID cards and ID cards.

Info about the prices: The "Quantity scale of cards for volume discounts" only apply to tát completely identical cards. If each thẻ is different, e.g. a personal ID thẻ, 1 thẻ must be selected in the drop-down field "Quantity scale of cards for volume discount". You can then adjust the number of different cards in the green field below with the "-" and "+" accordingly and send us the templates by e-mail to tát [email protected].

Print data...

  • Please use the field on the right side for uploading or send us your tệp tin by e-mail to tát [email protected].
  • Possible files are PDF, jpg or png (no other files such as Word files possible)
  • The thẻ size is: 85,6 x 54 milimet, please create the artwork in 87,6 milimet x 56 milimet.
  • Colour mode RGB
  • Please tự not place texts or important information too close to tát the edges
  • Rounded thẻ corners, please take this into trương mục in the layout and tự not put information in the corners. (The template does not need to tát be rounded)
  • We expressly point out that you must be in possession of the rights to tát have the cards printed with the corresponding motifs. Official documents such as identity cards or driving licences are not printed by us and will be report to tát the police.

Delivery time...

Your cards will be created and made ready for dispatch within 48 hours after the successful transmission of the data to tát us. For orders over 500 cards the delivery time may be slightly longer. Please tương tác us in urgent cases before ordering. Express delivery is not possible, but you can use your own shipping company to tát pick up your order from us.

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Larger quantities...

For orders of 500 cards or more, we offer offset or screen printing. Here your cards are produced on complete sheets on a large scale. Special colours such as gold or silver can also be printed here for an extra charge. Your advantage, the prices are considerably lower, but the production time from the printing approval takes about 3 weeks. We would be pleased to tát make you a suitable offer and take care of the processing.

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Upload area...

Here you can upload the printed thẻ page. Or send us an e-mail with your template as PDF, jpg or PNG tệp tin to tát [email protected]

Print template dimensions: 87.6 milimet x 56 milimet (Incorrect dimensions will be distorted or only sections will be printed)
Resolution: at least 300 dpi, ideally 600 dpi
The upload is only possible for one single thẻ. If you have several layouts, you can send them to tát us by e-mail to tát [email protected].