reusable floss

Reduce dentist visits with this simple device.

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 Save up đồ sộ 80% in dental supplies.
Toothpick, flosspick are very expensive and kết thúc up in the landfill.

  • Re-loadable, reusable floss holder.
  • It’s as easy đồ sộ use as a toothbrush.
  • It has a large handle for comfortable holding and reaches back teeth easily.
  • The Easiest & Most effective way đồ sộ floss your teeth(Sold in Single Unit).
  • keep the viruses and bacteria away from your mouth.
  • 5 times more effective than thở a water irrigator (waterpik) at a fraction of the cost.
  • Easier đồ sộ handle than thở any floss pick or any other floss holder.
  • Floss picks can not reach back teeth the way Easy Flosser does.
  • Use 80% less dental floss than thở any existing method.
  • The entire flosser is made of recyclable (BPA-free) material.
  • Protects the environment by putting less toxic material in đồ sộ the landfill.
  • FDA registered & ISO 13485 Certified.
  • Reduce Dentist visit.

Recommended for children (over 10) and Adults as Well.

Who does not hate flossing? it is difficult, annoying, awkward, requires dexterity, a bit messy and it could strangled your fingers!. The kết thúc of finger-Wrap flossing is here.

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“We’re excited đồ sộ finally be able đồ sộ present The Easy Flosser đồ sộ the world,” says Hernandez. “We’ve been through more prototypes than thở you can imagine. But now we’ve come up with a reusable floss holder that takes any brand of floss". We launched Easy Flosser on Kickstarter in November 2019 and it was fully funded in 3 days.

The Easy Flosser is unique in that it’s simple đồ sộ use, providing a highly effective method of flossing the teeth, and at the same time save you money and helping đồ sộ reduce plastic waste.

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The need đồ sộ floss in order đồ sộ maintain healthy teeth and gums is well documented. Scientific studies have shown time and again that regular flossing results in a lower risk of periodontitis, tooth loss, and also heart attacks and diabetes. But according đồ sộ Hernandez, although most people brush their teeth, they don’t floss.

“Flossing on a daily basis can literally extend your life and keep you healthy – that’s how important it is. But most people don’t vì thế it. Why? Because it’s messy, time-consuming, difficult đồ sộ vì thế and generally an unpleasant task that most of us would lượt thích đồ sộ avoid.”

When you order Easy Flosser, we Include 1 dental spool (45mts). Even though you can use any brand, we recommend our super strong dental floss, which was specially designed for Easy Flosser.


  • Waxed coated mint nylon spool (45mts).
  • Shred-proof & fits tight gaps.
  • Knitted tightly and coated with micro-crystalline wax.
  • Vegan, no animal testing, no Teflon