Brazilian Walnut Flooring: Reviews, Pros vs. Cons & Best Brands

Brazilian walnut hardwood flooring is a dark hardwood often considered one of the most beautiful of all exotic hardwood flooring options. It is also incredibly durable, deep, rich colors and unique patterns are just some of the characteristics that make it a classic, timeless flooring answer.

Harder and much greater resilient than it’s American counterpart, Brazilian walnut has always been a totally famous flooring answer for higher-end homes.

However, the demand for this wonderful hardwood has been on the rise, which has significantly driven its charge down making it a piece more affordable.

It’s luxurious feel, sturdiness and durability are bound to attract anyone that’s looking for a hardwood solution but beware – Brazilian walnut does come with a price.

This article will provide a guide to Brazilian walnut flooring includes a general review of the wood including its pros, cons, and the average cost of Brazilian walnut flooring.

Brazilian Walnut Pros

1. Hard

Brazilian walnut has a rating of over 3500 on the Janka hardness test, making it one of the hardest woods on the planet.

Being so extraordinarily hard makes Brazilian walnut very sturdy, as well as more injury resistant than other types of hardwood.

Its hardness comes from its unimaginable density, which makes it less prone to dents and scratches. It additionally makes it suitable for top-visitors and even outside areas.

2. Fire Resistant

Yes, you’ve read it right – there is such a thing as a fire resistant wood.

The fibers on this hardwood are so densely packed that’s has the same fire score as concrete and metal. You’d want quite a bog flame and lots of time earlier than you noticed any burns on Brazilian walnut.

In reality, its fibers are so heavy and densely packed that it’s the one wooden that doesn’t float.

3. Bug Resistant

As many exotic hardwoods do, Brazilian walnut accommodates copious amounts of natural oil.

Having oily flooring might not sound like that good of an concept, however those oils truly make the wooden proof against all kinds of bugs that hardwoods are notoriously prone to.

Apart from being free from termites and different pests, this makes Brazilian walnut nice for folks affected by allergies – the oils instantly kill off mites and spores.

4. Moisture Resistant

There’s nothing better than properly-oiled hardwood to maintain the moisture away, and that’s the case with Brazilian walnut.

It has a smooth surface which might’t be penetrated by water, making it suitable for outdoor use.
Resistance to moisture also equals resistance to mold, which is another nice advantage of Brazilian walnut.

5. Can be Installed Over Radiant Heating

The stability and heat resistance of Brazilian walnut make it nice for installing over a radiant heating system.

Even though most hardwoods can be utilized with this type of heating system, they normally require some further prep work.

On the opposite hand, Brazilian walnut could be put in instantly onto the heating system without having any extra coatings.

6. Durable

Durability is likely one of the primary traits of Brazilian walnut, all due to its densely packed fibers rich with pure oils.

Even though it does require a bit extra maintenance, Brazilian walnut hardwood floors are your best choice if you’re on the lookout for durability.

These hardwood flooring have a lifespan of about 30 years, with some consultants claiming it can easily last double that much when you take good care of it.

7. Can be Refinished

What makes the Brazilian walnut final so long is its capability to be refinished.

Most hardwoods may also be repaired in the event that they fade out or get damaged, but not lots of them can be refinished dozens of times without losing their original appear and feel.

When you think about it, there’s very little chance your Brazilian walnut flooring won’t see its 50th birthday should you take excellent care of it and refurbish it regularly.

Brazilian Walnut Cons

1. Hard

The hardness of Brazilian walnut really is a double-edged sword. A characteristic that makes it so superior to other hardwoods is also it’s major drawback.

Brazilian walnut is so hard that flooring installers should drill holes in the boards earlier than they will nail them to the ground. This additionally makes it inconceivable to chop and trim the boards with out specialized, industrial-grade instruments.

If you’re seeking to install hardwood flooring your self, I recommend you skip on Brazilian walnut. Anyone besides essentially the most skilled flooring installers will find yourself with break up boards which might be unimaginable to restore.

2. Expensive

Even though the increase in the demand for Brazilian walnut has made it significantly cheaper than a couple of years back, it still is among the most expensive hardwoods you should buy.

People that are on a finances often go for engineered Brazilian walnut flooring, because it has the identical look and feel of strong planks without its hefty price tag.

But, even the cheaper engineered model of Brazilian walnut price much more than different strong hardwood flooring such as oak, pine or cherry.

3. Difficult to maintain

Brazilian walnut requires excessive maintenance, and it’s not as a result of it requires particular tools or products to scrub it.

Brazilian walnut comes in dark, chocolate hues, much darker than American oak does. The rich colors look luxurious, but they’re infamous for making even the tiniest specks of mud and dirt stand out.

Most folks don’t mind adhering to a weekly cleansing regimen, but Brazilian walnut requires every day care which could show to be a deal breaker to many.

4. Doesn’t Suit Every Space

The earthy, chocolate shades of Brazilian walnut can convey a cozy and luxurious feeling to a room, however they won’t be the only option on your house.

Its dark shade makes it extra suitable for large ethereal areas corresponding to dining and dwelling rooms. It gained’t work in smaller rooms which have awkward corners, pillars or lots of furniture.

The darkness of its colors can actually suffocate a small room, so it’s not the best option for your tiny home office or bed room.

5. Expensive to Install

Brazilian walnut is notoriously exhausting to work with, and it takes years of expertise to turn out to be good at putting in it.

An common floor installer will have lots of trouble tackling the installation course of, and more experienced contractors always work for a much a higher charge.

So beware – even it you’ve purchased the flooring at a bargain, there’s all the time hidden costs waiting around the nook, this time in the form of expensive set up.

How to Find a High-Quality Brazilian Walnut Floor

There are some things you should search for when buying Brazilian walnut flooring, the first one being, of course, its worth. Exotic hardwoods are fairly expensive, so beware of extraordinarily low prices as they’re always an indicator of unhealthy quality.

Another factor to look for is the guarantee – many manufacturers give too-good-to-be-true lifetime warranties that don’t cover any sort of surface harm to the flooring, so ensure you rigorously review what’s coated in your coverage.

When it involves the wood itself, you need to anticipate some color variations. Good quality Brazilian walnut flooring is created from the whole tree, with its center being slightly lighter than the floor layers.

Always select the thickest planks you’ll be able to afford, each with strong and engineered wood. Thicker boards are more durable and in addition higher at insulating heat and sound.

Engineered planks are made by pressing several layers of hardwood together. Look for planks that have each of the layers going through the other way, because it makes the flooring more steady.


Nothing compares to Brazilian walnut in relation to sturdiness and resilience.

This hardwood is appropriate for both indoor and outside uses, because of its resistance to UV inflicted harm. Its color won’t fade and there received’t be any discoloration marks or spots irrespective of how exposed to daylight it will get.

The density and hardness of Brazilian walnut makes it nice alternative for high-traffic areas of your home such as hallways and entryways, and it’s even used in extra industrial areas like eating places and places of work.

Brazilian walnut is so durable that an enormous part of the Coney Island boardwalk was produced from it. The decking managed to last greater than 25 before it needed to be replaced, so there’s a powerful possibility that your Brazilian walnut flooring will outlive you.


It’s at all times extraordinarily troublesome and complicated to determine a last price when it comes to any flooring, and the same applies to Brazilian walnut.

If you determine on putting in this exotic hardwood, you can count on its price to succeed in up to $9 for solid wooden, and about $5-$6 for engineered planks.

As we’ve acknowledged before, Brazilian walnut is ill-famed for being difficult to work with, so ensure you add about $3 for set up charges to the general price per sq. foot.

Another thing that determines the worth is whether or not or not the boards are pre-finished. Pre-completed boards are a bit more expensive, however they come coated with a manufacturing facility top layer and are prepared to put in.

Unfinished boards are a lot cheaper, and they let you customize their color by choosing a unique staining course of. However, unfinished boards require sanding and different finishing touches, which can add up to $three to their preliminary value.

Brazilian walnut flooring is available in most home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowe, and you can use their website to get an estimated price. When it comes to purchasing, we recommend you skip the middle man and go straight to the producer to be sure to’re getting one of the best worth for your cash.

Brazilian Walnut Flooring Reviews

Brazilian Direct

Founded in 2002, Brazilian Direct was the first firm to offer a web-based-exclusive exotic hardwood flooring.

Since then, it turned the go-to stop for anyone on the lookout for exotic hardwoods at affordable prices and has greater than 5000 satisfied clients that vouch for its quality.

The firm takes great pride within the sustainability of their sources, are one of few companies that have a completely customer-centric approach to business.

Apart from promoting finished Brazilian walnut flooring, in addition they provide uncooked Brazilian walnut timber. This is a great choice if you wish to create assertion furnishings items to match your hardwood flooring.

However, to maintain their prices aggressive, the company doesn’t have a store or a showroom. Even though they dispatched free samples of their hardwoods, it might be a deal breaker for people who wish to get a better feel of the material earlier than shopping for it.

The Plank Company

With greater than twenty years of expertise under its belt, Pank has turn out to be the leading manufacturer of quality hardwood flooring.

The firm specializes in manufacturing hardwood flooring that may be installed over radiant heating methods. All of their merchandise go through strict security and quality checks and are awarded PEFC and FSC certificates earlier than they’re eligible on the market.

They even have the biggest inventory of hardwood timber within the US, and sometimes supply smaller producers. However, their choice of Brazilian walnut flooring is limited to only one shade and two lengths.

Plank’s products are of supreme high quality, however possibly not the best choice for a choosy buyer.

Nature Flooring

Nature Flooring is a respected and reliable hardwood flooring producer and a go-to choice for center-class buyers on the lookout for an unique flooring solution.

Their two major collections – the Americana and World of Woods – feature classic hardwood floors such as oak, hickory, mahogany and birch in varied colors and finishes. They’ve lately launched their new World of Exotics assortment, an impressive array of exotic engineered hardwoods.

Their Brazilian walnut flooring comes in a few different finishes however only one shade, however even a picky buyer will overlook the lack of range due to its bargain price.

Pennington Hardwoods

Don’t let their retro web site idiot you – this company is on top of the sport in relation to exotic hardwood manufacturing.

They have a wide selection of exotic hardwoods to select from – each completed and unfinished.

Pennington is likely one of the few firms that always manages to have all of their hardwoods in inventory and have an incredibly brief shipping and delivery time.

A family-owned business is certain to provide you with great perception and customer service, but it also means their costs tend be higher than these from large producers and retailers.

County Floors

Another family owned enterprise, County Floors has been providing high-quality hardwood flooring for almost three a long time.

They’re one of the first companies to import Brazilian walnut, and they provide several completely different widths, lengths, and shades to select from.

As members of the NWFA, they make sure all of their merchandise meet the best trade standards. They additionally provide discounts for large orders and have most of their merchandise in stock.

However, they operate solely in Upstate Newyork and a few surrounding states, so transport and delivery is usually a problem if you live exterior these areas.