Best Backpack Vacuums

Backpack vacuum cleaners have risen in popularity nowadays and are getting a vital part of houses and offices. These cleansing appliances hold homes and apartments glowing clean. High-fine backpack vacuums remove pet hair, dust, and other small particles from a whole lot of surfaces round your home.

Unlike conventional vacuums, backpack vacuum cleaners make cleaning clean and efficient. They also are lightweight, greater maneuverable and more portable than different cleaning devices. Most of them contain HEPA filters that cleanse the air to your home.

Choosing the quality range backpack at the market isn’t a cakewalk. The decision-making manner is complicated with the aid of falsified backpack vacuum reviews, limited knowledge, and the various products available on the market.

We put together a buyer’s guide featuring a few things you ought to know about backpack vacuum and reviewed 7 of the best backpack vacuum cleaners available today.

7 Best Backpack Vacuums

Backpack Vacuums

There’s really no better method to get down and soiled with the dust, dander and particles than to strap a vac in your again and aggressively pursue the microscopic invaders.

A backpack vacuum permits customers to effortlessly flit about the room without worrying about heavy upright handles and power heads, or awkward maneuverability.

Hitching up to the harness of a high quality backpack vacuum unlocks access to optimum mobility. It also gives you the liberty to sufficiently suck dust and particles from the deepest corners and crevices.

In What Kind Of Cleaning Applications Will You Be Utilizing The Backpack Vacuum?

Mid-size to big jobs call for a specialised cleaning tool designed to allow users to rapidly and efficiently transfer all through a room with optimum maneuvering capabilities.

A backpack vacuum allows operators to bob and weave via a room, or perhaps a entire house, with ease whereas sucking up mud and particles, and typically, cleansing the air, too.

With all of the attachments and instruments included with backpack vacuums, users can deal with nearly any job with their mobile shell of a vacuum. Ceiling fan blades and curtain rods could be easily reached with the extension wand and dusting attachment.

Returning stairs to their formerly dust free selves is attainable. You can do it without having to tug a suction gadget awkwardly along every literal step of the best way.

Backpack vacs might not be quite one of the best tool for small, fast pick ups in tight quarters. The time it takes to get harnessed up and able to suck might be not price it for a job that a small upright can handle.

How Much Weight Do You Want To Carry Around?

Vacuum customers with restricted mobility or lifting/weight restrictions usually find a backpack vacuum to be just what they should get back into the home cleansing saddle, as most vacs weigh less than 20 lbs., and as soon as of their correct place, provide customers the power to extract dirt, pet hair, and mud extra efficiently than they ever may with a standard upright vacuum.

A well-positioned backpack vacuum is one of the finest ergonomically pleasant options. A conventional upright vacuum can put main pressure on arms, shoulders and even lower backs.

However, a backpack vac provides a light-weight, center mass-supported suction expertise. It leaves most users comfy and fatigue free during and after a session of debris decimation.

It’s All About The Upgrades

There are variety of practical upgrades and added features available when ponying up to the serious suction gadget that could be a backpack vacuum. Of course, there are the crevice instruments and the extension wands, powered brushes and flooring tools.

Many vac producers are sweetening the deal, though. They are adding options like blower capabilities. In addition, they are adding multi-stage HEPA filtration systems.

Strap design and adjustability don’t necessarily look like variables that may fall underneath an “upgrade” class. However, within the backpack vac realm, they do.

There’s a variety of strap and harness kinds. Padding levels vary from thin to pillow-y thick.

Harness quality could make or break a consumer’s expertise with a backpack vac. Certain manufacturers have put a lot of efforts into guaranteeing their strapping methods will present a cushty and performance vacuuming expertise.

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How We Ranked the Best Backpack Vacuums

There are some key variables that come into play when zoning in on the best backpack vacuums. Harnessing qualities, suction capabilities, weight and bodily dimensions are all heavy contenders in the rating process.

Accessories can’t be ignored when weighing out the options, as generally, more instruments and attachments convey more versatility. While extreme performance is usually a detriment to a product’s core operate, it seems that within the backpack vac realm, most instruments and additional capabilities only enhance a user’s expertise.

Weight and Mobility

When it involves zoning in on the best backpack vacuums, light-weight and low-profile physique types are likely to, ironically, carry probably the most weight when rating. The main function of this harnessed canister of tremendous suction is to create a ultra-cell gadget that operators can strap on and get sucking with out having to consider furnishings and other obstacles.

There are two factors which might be equally important in the size/mobility class. Actual weight of the vacuum is important, and most backpack vacs weigh in between 10-18 lbs.

The bodily dimension of a vac can be an essential consideration, as some vacs make up for low-profile widths and depths by including some height to the canister. Vacuum canisters can vary from 20” high to a towering 31”, so smaller suction operators might feel a bit top heavy with vacs that attain in direction of the upper finish of that scale.

Range of Motion

With a reasonably lightweight vac strapped to the back, dirt-eliminating productivity can soar. Cleaning times could be cut by half in some circumstances, and vitality exertion continues to be at a minimal.

However, there’s nothing that may cut productivity brief like a power source. Backpack vacuums can come corded or battery powered, and like anything energy related, there’s a wide range of offerings and expectations to be had between them.

Most of the corded backpack vacuums include a brief, 24” or much less energy cord that’s designed to be plugged into an extension twine of the customers choice (this means it’s not included with the vac). A 50’ extension twine can easily be added to the mix to extend the ability source range so customers can get at it without worrying about getting minimize brief mid-suction.

There are additionally a variety of battery-powered backpack vacuums out there that enable operators to traipse throughout their dust-destroying domains, with no limitations to the length they will go to completely obliterate particles and dirt bunnies.

The catch with this blissful battery-powered binge is that the cost will eventually die and suction will stop. Most users report getting minutes from a fully charged battery, and plenty of have bought a second (not cheap) battery to maintain charged as a backup, just in case.

Noise Level

When strapping a suction device directly behind one’s ears, noise stage is definitely a concern. While it’s recommended to put on hearing safety when operating most residential and business upright vacuums or the backpack selection, noise ranges are still an necessary factor when evaluating backpack vacuums.

On a decibel scale, some vacs vary in the low 60’s, whereas others attain into the mid to high 70’s. This range can make a world of difference when it comes to common noise ranges and household upset when the backpack vac is fired up.

Price vs. Features

As all the time, value is an important issue when rating products. Warranties and upgrades additionally consider to the equation.

With HEPA filtration methods being an virtually normal feature among the many backpack vacuums on the market, zoning in on the details of each HEPA filtration system has come into play with the rankings.

With these multi-stage methods, the allergens need to cease resisting, because they’re coming with us. There’s no escape for these microscopic invaders and most backpack vac manufacturers think about their filtration techniques to be equally as important as their suction capabilities.

Attachments all the time increase a product’s general value and a few backpack vacuums really go excessive with the number of tools that accompany their vacs. And with all these attachments comes the necessity for, that’s right, software management.

Not only does a backpack vac transform its user right into a wand-wielding dust-nixing ninja, but some incorporate a tool holster right into the vac’s belt, so the right tool isn’t out of reach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Features Come With More Expensive Models?

The freedom of cordless vacuum operation is the principle characteristic that is launched with the next price tag. The worth bump to get to a battery-powered backpack vacuum is a lofty one, however it affords full vary of motion and the utmost in mobility.

Warranty lengths and terms tend to increase a bit, in some circumstances jumping from the common 1-yr warranty to a full protection three-12 months guarantee.

While it’s not assured inside a better price-level product, shoppers can expect to find slightly higher-quality supplies and attachments in a vacuum that reaches a bit larger on the price spectrum.

How Do I Store The Backpack Vacuum?

The backpack vacuum design makes it a bit tedious to store. Straps, tall and slim canisters, extension cords, and oodles of instruments mix to create a jumbled mess of an octopus-like, high-heavy suction system.

While some producers supply storage luggage as “add-on” purchases, others depart it to the consumer’s personal creativity.

Some users have devised twin-hanger storage setups to accommodate the vac and its instruments and cords. Other choices embrace totes, heavy-responsibility wall hooks, and simply the nook of a closet.

Why Do I Want To Wear A Dirt Sucking Device On My Back?

Crossing over to the backpack vacuum realm unlocks ergonomic, light-weight vacuuming prefer it’s never been skilled before. Most users are hooked after the first use and can’t bear to return to the drudgery of the push-pull relationship with a conventional upright vacuum.

Really, the user turns into the vacuum, carrying the naked essentials required to power a suction system. Once this transformation has occurred, there’s no restrict to the degrees you can reach with a feather-light wand or a dusting brush. You are able to diminish cobwebs quickly as a dust bunny scurrying across a hardwood floor.

Most vacs utilize disposable luggage, which are simply replaced with out encountering particles beforehand occupying space in the surrounding living area. HEPA filtration systems keep allergens beneath wraps and clear the air while eliminating filth and particles.

What Type of Maintenance/Usage Requirements Can I Expect?

The traditional vacuum upkeep and usage requirements could be anticipated with backpack vacuums. Filters must be eliminated and changed or rinsed often, and assortment baggage need to be emptied or changed.

Because of the multi-stage filtration methods, customers should count on multiple filters to cope with at occasions. While the maintenance required isn’t extreme, it could’t be ignored. These high-high quality filtration techniques are solely as good as their filters, so proper upkeep is vital.

Brushes and different attachments may have to be cleaned and cleared of hair and particles that may accumulate over time.

Rankings & Reviews

We put together a buyer’s guide featuring a few things you ought to know about backpack vacuum and reviewed 7 of the best backpack vacuum cleaners available today.

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1. ProTeam Super CoachVac Commercial Backpack Vacuum




  • Comes with 50’ extension cord
  • Lots of attachments
  • Canister capacity holds up to 3 times more than a traditional upright vac
  • 3 Year Warranty, with Lifetime Warranty on molded parts


  • Price is a bit high for the residential market (though a fraction of the cost of many commercial vacs)
  • Telescoping wand doesn’t always stay attached to accessories
  • Can be a bit awkward to move in tight spaces

The ProTeam Super CoachVac Commercial Backpack Vacuum is a serious, heavy-duty vac designed to handle a broad spectrum of tasks.

Quiet operation is good for family and workplace applications, and earplugs are elective typically with this vac. It charges on the decrease end of the vacuum noise ranges, coming in at round 66 dBa.

A heavy-duty flex hose connects to the canister and wands and you can attach instruments as needed. The ergonomic wand supplies the best angle for flooring vacuuming effectivity, allowing a slight air hole to help maximize circulate on the floor surface.

Attachments include the ProTeam Super CoachVac Commercial Backpack Vacuum and embody a crevice tool, telescoping wand, upholstery device, multi-surface floor software, and a delicate dusting brush.

A device belt and cord hook provide easy accessibility to instruments and assist manage the power wire, so the cleansing fun doesn’t have to cease.

What Reviewers Say

As famous previously, the noise levels of the ProTeam Super CoachVac are noticeably low. Users report with the ability to keep it up meaningful conversations while eliminating filth and debris from their dwelling areas.

Multiple users report the vac to be extraordinarily time saving, cutting cleansing occasions by 30% or more. In the process, folks report that physical fatigue is minimal if any, and spaces are cleaner than ever.

Some owners report having good experiences with warranty points, noting responsive customer support and well timed repairs. They referred some customers to native restore outlets to resolve product malfunctions.

While this seems to be a consumer-friendly method to repair points, some customers aren’t lucky sufficient to reside near servicing dealers and have had to drive fairly far to get their backpack vacuuming buddy again up and working.

Features & Considerations

The 4-stage HEPA filtration system is thorough at cleaning air and capturing allergens and microscopic bronchial asthma-inducing mud particles.

The cylindrical, low-profile canister design supplies a contoured, streamlined body fashion that seems to help with its light-weight, easy-to-maneuver abilities.

Because the ProTeam Super CoachVac is technically designed for business applications, its forte isn’t excessive-pile carpeting. While it could possibly make a dent in debris removal on these surfaces, they are primarily designed to deal with exhausting surfaces.

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2. Atrix VACBP1 HEPA Backpack Vacuum



  • Blower adapter converts vac to blower function
  • Tons of attachments included
  • Low-profile design
  • Versatile


  • Cord is short, requires 3-prong extension cord (not included)
  • Loud, should wear earplugs during operation
  • Durability issues (hoses, attachments, motors failing)

The Atrix VACBP1 HEPA Backpack Vacuum is a lightweight, low-profile, affordable suction device that comes with a variety of tools and attachments.

The VACBP1 comes with an extension wand that adjusts from 22”-37”, permitting customers to customize their reach. Tools include a furnishings nozzle, a crevice device, spherical brush, and a powerful air-pushed turbo brush.

The vac’s exhaust comes out from the back of the vac, so it doesn’t push particles away from the trail of the vacuum hose. This means no extra scrambling for the particles sent further into the abyss by a rogue exhaust puff. E

ven during a rigorous cleaning periods, the Atrix VACBP1 remains cool to the contact, so operators can stay cool and cozy for the duration of the job.

The low-profile, light-weight design permits for easy range of motion, and users don’t have to fret (as much) about backing into tight corners or cabinets housing valuable china.

What Reviewers Say

Atrix VACBP1 HEPA Backpack Vac homeowners report strong suction capabilities, so sturdy to the point that some users have needed to really put some muscle into breaking the suction at occasions.

Dirty, dusty debris-stricken onerous floor flooring aren’t any match for the VACBP1, according to lots of house owners. The vac’s powerful suction grabs filth from quite a distance and sends it through the HEPA filtration system.

Some reviewers report a welcome lack of the oh-so-familiar freshly vacuumed canine hair smell. The air returned to the room is fresh, clean, and free of the doggy dander aroma to which so many pet homeowners have become so accustomed.

Features & Considerations

This ultra-cell vac can conquer most household suctioning assignments and likewise offers a convenient device holster built right into the belt strap of the harness, so the proper device for the job is all the time within attain.

HEPA substitute filters are available by way of online retailers and are available in inexpensive packs to keep the vac operating at its optimum air filtration capacity.

The wire size is extraordinarily short. The Atrix VACBP1 HEPA Backpack Vacuum is designed to be used with an extension wire of the consumer’s selecting…the perk is that generally cords can add quite a little bit of weight to a system like this, so if a lengthy cord isn’t needed in certain functions, users can adapt and make the most of cords that best fit the job.

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3. GV 10 Quart Commercial Backpack Vacuum



  • Lightweight aluminum canister
  • Washable cloth collection bag
  • Lots of attachments
  • Price


  • Attachments don’t lock in place
  • Short power cord, needs additional extension cord
  • Back support could use more adjustability

The GV 10 Quart Commercial Backpack Vacuum packs a lot of canister capacity into a relatively small footprint.

The vac’s low-profile, light-weight aluminum canister is likely one of the largest in its class, capable of holding 30-50% more filth than other vacs.

Attachments are plentiful and supply particular capabilities to further the cleansing skills of the GV 10 Quart Backpack Vacuum. Tools embrace a crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery software, deluxe ground software, and energy mini-head.

The power mini-head attachment is ideal for pet-related applications and extract cussed pet hair embedded in floors and fabric.

A suction relief valve helps control suction forces when cleansing light-weight gadgets like curtains and area rugs.

What Reviewers Say

Owners love the tremendous suction power and the large capacity of the GV 10 Quart Commercial Backpack Vacuum. Many report that the added canister measurement makes a huge difference when conquering bigger initiatives.

Some heavier-responsibility commercial jobs can take a toll on the attachments and hoses. While the vac itself appears to carry up nicely underneath…strain, the accessories don’t all the time fare as nicely, per the reports of a pair owners.

The GV 10 Quart Commercial vacuum is reported to do exceedingly well with energy dusting jobs. The dusting tool goes to work and helps to seize dust and particles that’s accrued on ceiling followers, curtains, and hard-to-reach door and window trim surfaces.

Features & Considerations

The GV 10 Quart Commercial Backpack Vacuum has the bases covered in terms of filtration and dust assortment. Six HEPA filtration bags come with the vac, along with a washable cloth bag for functions the place HEPA filters aren’t needed.

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4. Hoover Commercial Lightweight Backpack Vacuum



  • Long 50’ power cord included
  • Clear lid on top of canister to monitor bag level
  • HEPA filtration
  • Price
  • Super lightweight


  • Tall canister, may be a bit bulky
  • Cloth bag can be messy to empty
  • Tool attachments can be difficult to work with

Cord is king with the Hoover Commercial Lightweight Backpack Vac. With an included 50’ power cord, users can reach far and wide to achieve optimum cleaning mobility.

The Hoover Commercial Lightweight Backpack Vac features a chiropractor-designed harness system to offer ergonomic weight displacement and presents varied adjustment options to customise the match.

The vac’s weight is likely one of the lightest available on the market, and the value is cheap for the all the features and flexibility that the vac provides.

Attachments with the vac embody a 38” steel wand, a dusting brush, an upholstery tool, a 6” crevice tool and a wide eleven” turbo floor software. While not probably the most in depth unfold, they designed these instruments to overcome the majority of suction tasks that cross the trail.

The manufacturer added a clear canister lid to allow users to sneak a peek at the status of the dust and dirt levels within the vac.

What Reviewers Say

The wire length is a hit among Hoover Commercial Lightweight vac house owners. While the twine is long, users report it is manageable. However, it does seem to add a little bit of weight when you don’t fully prolong it.

Users love the ground attachment and claim it to be superior to most different methods when used on exhausting flooring surfaces. The vac doesn’t do the best with high-pile carpet situations, though, and a few customers don’t recommend the vac for this application.

The material shake-out bag can be extraordinarily messy when you are emptying it, and some homeowners have devised a strategic technique for utilizing it. It includes being outdoor, a big trash bag, and lot of shaking.

From what the evaluations report, if that is carried out another way, you’ll probably not just like the results (and it may require a second suction job).

Features & Considerations

Disposable baggage can be found for dirty jobs, or when wrangling the cloth liner is less than desirable. There have been a couple reports of the disposable baggage ripping previous to being full, so which will add to substitute bag costs over time.

While the Hoover Commercial Lightweight Backpack Vac is super light-weight, it also has a smaller dirt containment capability. It’s undoubtedly an excellent possibility for small to midsize household areas, however may start to get a bit inconvenient in bigger applications.

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5. GV 8 Quart Cordless Backpack Vacuum



  • Cordless operation
  • Blower/inflator port with accessories
  • Air driven power nozzle can be used on higher pile carpets
  • 4-Stage HEPA filtration system


  • Battery usage time
  • Price is high
  • Bulky (battery adds weight and bulk)

The GV 8 Quart Cordless Backpack Vacuum frees users from the cord and provides the ultimate in range of motion. Charge up the battery, strap on the pack, and you’re ready for a free-moving, super sucking situation.

The adjustable steel wand assists in reaching flooring, partitions and ceiling followers, and an air driven power nozzle zones in on plush carpets to extract hidden particles and particles. The flooring attachment permits operators to adjust suction settings when transitioning from vacuuming carpet to onerous surfaces.

The top quality Lithium Ion battery takes about two hours to charge and allots about minutes value of utilization. Most jobs can be handled in this span, however additional batteries are available for buy if customers want a back up.

Attachments are easy to lock into position and so they tend to remain put once in place. Tools embody a dusting brush, a crevice software, upholstery device, and a turbo ground attachment with brushroll.

The GV 8 Quart Cordless Backpack Vacuum is quiet. You can often use it while not having listening to protection.

What Reviewers Say

Multiple reviewers noted the low noise levels of the GV eight Quart Cordless Backpack Vacuum. They reported working the vacs during TV time, homework periods, and in the presence of pets.

The vacuum appears to hold up nicely in commercial purposes and most reviewers report passable durability with both the vacuum and its attachments.

Bags appear to last quite some time, normally carrying owners by way of residential vacuum periods earlier than needing to switch it.

The powered brush will get some rave reviews, although some users observe that it tends to clog quickly, particularly with pet and lengthy strands of human hair.

Features & Considerations

The battery-powered freedom of the GV 8 Quart Cordless Backpack Vacuum come at a price, both within the product’s price ticket and within the vac’s weight. The battery provides a little bit of bulk to the general profile and handling of the vac, however its wire-free advantages would possibly justify this heavy shell.

The vac furthers its versatility permitting users to it set up for proper-hand or left-hand use. There can also be a blower/inflator port that converts this tremendous sucker into a powerful inflation and blower device.

Blast cobwebs from porches, stubborn seeds from sidewalk crevices, or shortly inflate a kiddie pool or seashore ball with this multi-purpose device of a vac.

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6. Powr-Flite BP6S Comfort Pro Backpack Vacuum



  • Easy to adjust harness and straps
  • Tools are easy to attach and remove
  • Long power cord
  • HEPA filtration


  • Can be difficult to switch from left to right handed operation
  • Durability issues with motors failing, attachments breaking

The Powr-Flite BP6S Comfort Pro Backpack Vacuum is lightweight, with a multi-point adjustable harness designed to provide a custom, comfortable fit.

It includes a prolonged 50’ power cord. That permits users to stretch the suction classes for as long as attainable. While the cord is conveniently lengthy, when not prolonged to its furthest potential, it could weigh the vac and the user down a bit.

On-belt device storage makes accessing the right tool at the proper time a cinch. Plenty of accessories come with the vac, together with a 17” crevice device, a 5” upholstery device, three” dusting software, 14” power glide carpet tool, and a four’ hose with bendable wand.

The four-stage HEPA filtration process involves a pre filter, a post filter and an exhaust filter. There’s practically no method microscopic allergens will make it back out into the room from which you simply eliminated them. The air will be a bit cleaner, whereas diminishing mud and debris.

The harness design permits for customers to regulate at seven totally different points. It is made of a fabric that reduces perspiration and retains operators cool.

What Reviewers Say

The Powr-Flite BP6S backpack vacuum appears to carry up to frequent use. Reviewers report that it’s sturdy and can take a number of wall bumps (ah, the life of a backpack vac).

Various reviewers famous the facility behind the suction of the Powr-Flite. Sometimes, the suction can get a little too intense, particularly within the cases involving space rugs. The vac appears to do finest on onerous flooring and you should not use it as a major vac for carpet.

The Powr-Flite BP6S is extremely quiet, according the multiple customers. The vac could be actively sucking while you have cellphone conversations and watch TV.

Features & Considerations

You can purchase disposable luggage through on-line retailers at affordable charges. You can purchase them in bulk or just a few at a time.

Multiple variations of the Powr-Flite BP6S can be found. Some characteristic attachments geared toward industrial jobs and different choices including residential-pleasant tools.

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7. ProTeam ProVac FS6 Commercial Backpack Vacuum


Quick Features:

  • 6-quart (1.5-gallon) capacity
  • 50-foot power cord
  • Personalized harness
  • Lightweight design
  • Includes multiple accessories
  • Four-stage filtration process
  • Quiet operation


  • An extended cord of 50 feet for ease of maneuverability
  • Plenty of accessories for cleaning multiple surfaces
  • Lightweight and efficient
  • The quietest unit in its category


  • It is pricey
  • The bin is smaller than our top pick

The ProTeam ProVac FS6 Commercial Backpack Vacuum is an industrial backpack unit this is loaded with lots of add-ons for tackling tough messes. It is beneficial in cleansing tough floors, chairs and round tables. It has an adjustable FlexFit harness that gives additional padding for the utmost consolation in extended cleansing time.

The extra-long 50-ft strength cord offers productive cleansing of huge spaces while not having to unplug time and again. You can without difficulty maneuver around the dining room and kitchen with this protracted cord. It also consists of the open weave material for maintaining your body cooler in the course of operation.

This backpack vacuum ensures progressed air best way to the 4-degree filtration device paired with ingenious HEPA filtration. It can capture as much as 99.97% of particles, inclusive of 0.three microns as well as large particles like allergens and food. It is good for use in the foodservice industry, together with nightclubs, restaurants, school cafeterias, hotels, and kitchens.

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