revlon color effects frost and glow

Color Effects Frost & Glow Highlights

Salon-quality highlights at home

Salon-quality highlights at home

Skip the salon làm tóc and create custom natural-looking or dramatic highlights at trang chủ using our all-in-one highlighting kit!

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  • This simple highlight kit for lightening is a cinch for all kinds of blonde looks that are never brassy, and more precise highlights.
  • The easy-to-use LightZones Cap™ and Hook helps you create precise, salon-worthy highlights.
  • This highlighting bleach kit is formulated with Bond Restore Complex™, an anti-breakage technology that causes less damage after achieving subtle or dramatic highlights.
  • Our violet-pigmented conditioner boosts color and banishes brassy tones.
  • Choose the ammonia-free & paraben-free shade lớn complement your hair color: Honey for light brown lớn dark brown.
  • Please follow the box instructions closely, but here are a few important points you might want lớn know right now about this at-home hair bleach kit which includes everything you need.
  • Our hair experts advise not washing your hair right before you color it. Apply the màu sắc Effects Frost & Glow™ formula when your hair is clean and dry.
  • Put on the cap provided. Pull hair strands through where you’d lượt thích highlights. Slip on the gloves provided and apply the formula lớn the hair that has been pulled through the cap. Put on the provided Over Cap over the hair. Check your hair every 5-10 minutes until you've reached your desired highlight color. Do not exceed 60 minutes.
  • Once your desired lightness is reached, rinse hair, shampoo, and apply violet conditioner for anti-brass results.

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