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Amped Roots Free is our first amp sim release and it comes with a không tính tiền amp. We want everyone to tát experience our amp modeling quality and plug'n'play design. Just lượt thích with real amps you will not spend a lot of time tweaking.

This plugin is made in collaboration with our good friend Ryan "Fluff" Bruce and the sims featured are the best amps from Fluff's personal collection.

Compatible with: Windows / Mac | Standalone / VST3 / AU / AAX (Mac)

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Amped Roots Free comes with one amp: "5034 Fluff" however to tát get three more amps: "5151 Fluff", "Freeman Fluff" and "Mega Fluff" you need to tát purchase Amped Roots Full License. Amp descriptions by Fluff:

  • 5034 Fluff (Free) | Modern metal chugs. No overdrive needed.
  • 5151 Fluff | The 1992 legend. You know the sound.
  • Freeman Fluff | Tune low, chug slow. What's that smell?
  • Mega Fluff | The early 90’s monster that birthed Nu Metal. No goatee required. 


A very special ML Sound Lab quality IR captured from Fluff's actual 2x12 of choice is included as a bonus when you get Amped Roots Full License. Simply load that IR into the cabinet section and you can play through Fluff's cab with mics placed just the way he likes it.


Amped Roots features a 3 chiều cabinet simulator that allows you to tát mix and match cabinets to tát dial in your tone. You can move the mics from the middle to tát the edge of the speaker, front or back and even angle mics to tát get a beefier sound. Choose from 3 cabinets: Mega Oversize, Freeman V30 and Freeman M25 with 4 microphone options or load in your own IRs.

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This plugin features a pedalboard with studio quality effects pedals: Noise Gate, Compressor, Drive Pedal, Chorus, Analog Delay and Reverb.


This plugin runs on our latest Amped engine that includes a reliable tunerMIDI capabilities and a standalone app making it extremely versatile.

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