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How vĩ đại draw shoes

An easy vĩ đại follow method that you can apply for any shoe-style

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It's all about the right method

As an illustrator I am sketching a lot of different motifs.

And I am also drawing shoes quite often - for example, for an Austrian shoe manufacture (Paul Green).

Additionally I am doing LIVE fashion sketches of people in street wear within minutes. Which means that I need vĩ đại define the human toàn thân very quickly with some decisive lines.

(Which is challenging but really fun, by the way.)Due vĩ đại these shoe drawing experiences with and without time pressure, I have defined helpful methods vĩ đại draw shoes in an expressive but very quick style.

I am sharing one of these methods here with  you:

One decisive line

Don't feel over-whelmed by all the details of a shoe. Don't look at the laces or the entire shape of it. I'd suggest you vĩ đại only focus on the sole.

The sole defines the entire shape of a shoe. As soon as you define this sole, you will get a picture of the entire shape in mind. Because this sole has a very decisive line.

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Let's try it out

You are not sure, if this will really work for you?
Let's draw together this pair of shoes by using the sole as our starting point.

Look closely at the shape of the sole.
It's not an even line, but it has a bow.
A little part of the sole underneath is visible this way.
I'm shading it roughly vĩ đại make a difference between the upper side and the under side of the shoe.

After having defined the basic shape of the shoe by using the outlines of the sole, it's important vĩ đại get clear about the height of the shoe before you go into detail and draw the rest.

Another perspective

Using this simple guideline for drawing shoes is the basic for any perspective.
As soon as you know the shape of the sole, you can draw any shoe (and any shoe-style) this way.

Here's another example:
the right shoe is slightly turned vĩ đại the side, the left one is nearly seen from the side, but not entirely. Which is usually a challenge vĩ đại draw, but in this case, we simple draw the line of the sole and everything else follows exactly this shape.

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No matter which shoes you are drawing - sneakers, high-heels, sandals, ... they all have soles, you can therefore always use the same method for sketching them.

I'd love vĩ đại see your sketches and what you think about this method. Feel không tính phí vĩ đại share your drawings and thoughts with us - you can post a picture on Instagram, for example but please don't forget vĩ đại tag bủ sánh that I know about it (@baumann-illustration #drawinggang).

Enjoyed these simple guidelines?
When you sketch a human figure, shoes play a big role most of the time (unless it's a nude drawing class 😉 ) It's therefore very decisive, how you draw those shoes in order vĩ đại explain a pose. 
Is the person walking?
Standing still? 
Directed towards us or more turned the side?

Shoes explain here A LOT.

You'll find a lot of essentials about different kinds of shoes in this Mini Class here, sánh that you can absolutely feel at ease when sketching them. 

You got this!

Mini Class by Barbara Baumann

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About the Author

Hallo, I'm an award-winning illustrator and drawing tutor from Austria. After great experiences in the Marketing and Database sector, I finally realised that I simply need vĩ đại follow my enthusiasm and fascination for drawing and illustrating.  

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What fascinates bủ most, is this way vĩ đại communicate without using any words. So expressive, sánh global. And this leads bủ vĩ đại my second fascination about drawing: the exchange with others, with you! In my drawing courses I simply love vĩ đại see the enormous developments of each participant - initiated by exchange and practice. That's what I lượt thích vĩ đại bởi here, too. 

The idea for this blog comes from the bottom of my heart: vĩ đại get you close vĩ đại drawing and vĩ đại show you that you too can draw #drawinggang  It's all about learning vĩ đại feel the drawing!