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Choosing between a short queen vs. queen mattress can be the difference between restlessness and a night of good sleep, ví it’s crucial to tát know what size mattress is going to tát be best for you. While most people know the size of a queen mattress, a short queen is often overlooked. 

Short queen mattresses are commonly used to tát fit into RVs. Regular queens can also fit into RVs, but short queens leave an extra 5 inches at the bottom while allowing you to tát have the same size width. 

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As you tìm kiếm for the perfect mattress, multiple factors play a part in the decision, including price, size, maneuverability, and comfort. The Casper Original Mattress is our most popular mattress that combines comfortability with a reasonable price, making it the perfect standard queen mattress to tát try out in your new trang chủ or RV.

Short Queen vs. Queen

While a short queen and a regular queen may not be vastly different, knowing what sets them apart can help you better understand and choose what’s best for you.

The main difference is the size of each mattress. Though they both share the same width of 60 inches, their length sets them apart by just 5 inches. Although they are not that different in cost, a short queen weighs significantly less than vãn a regular queen, making it perfect for traveling in an RV.

  Short Queen Queen
Length 75” 80”
Width 60” 60”
Surface Area 4,500 inches 4,800 inches
Cost $600–$1,500 $1,000–$1,800
Weight 75 lbs. 100 lbs.
Best For Smaller rooms and areas Couples or individuals who lượt thích to tát sprawl out

What Is a Short Queen Mattress?

Short queens are mattresses with the same 60-inch width as standard queens, but they’re 5 inches shorter and weigh less than vãn standard queens. They are lighter and smaller, allowing you to tát move them more easily. Those 5 inches are perfect for smaller spaces or even unique room shapes. As they are most commonly used in RVs, they save room and are easily transportable.

Short queen mattresses are perfect for smaller spaces or unique room layouts.

Short Queen Dimensions

At 75 inches long and 60 inches wide, the short queen gives you the width of a standard queen but the flexibility to tát fit into smaller spaces. Many people are turning to tát short queens as an easy and light alternative to tát a regular queen, as they can fit into the more recent models and trendier RVs such as remodeled school buses.

Due to tát the length of a short queen, they have a smaller surface area, ví they’re sometimes uncomfortable for taller people. As they are not common in mattress stores, it may also be harder for you to tát find bedding or other accessories. However, that shouldn’t discourage you from finding one if you feel it’s the best fit. 

What Is a Queen Mattress?

A queen mattress is one of the most common mattresses for couples. In 2018, 41.4% of mattresses shipped in the U.S. were queen size, which is more than vãn any other mattress shipped that year. A standard queen can easily fit two people without taking up as much space as a king or a California king bed and is a more comfortable fit for taller people than vãn a short queen mattress.

Standard queen mattresses will give you more space than vãn a short queen and are great for couples.

Queen Dimensions

A standard queen is 60 inches wide but 80 inches long, giving you more foot room if needed. Because of the slight difference in length, a standard queen is ideal for taller people. They give you more space, are great for couples, and unlike a short queen, it’s easy to tát find bedding or other accessories.

Although a short queen mattress is also known as an RV queen, standard queens can fit into some RVs. However, it’s important to tát take note of cargo capacity as a standard queen is 25 pounds heavier than vãn a short queen. This can weigh down your RV and cost you more gas than vãn expected. Either way, it’s ultimately up to tát you and what you feel best fits you in your trang chủ.

Short queen mattresses are 60 by 75 inches, while standard queen mattresses are 60 by 80 inches.


Price can play a major role when looking at mattresses. In most cases, the smaller the mattress, the less it costs, which holds true when comparing a short queen vs. queen. Short queens typically cost between $600 and $1,500, excluding accessories. Because a short queen isn’t common in most mattress stores, their bedding and other accessories may be harder to tát find. 

The harder the bedding is to tát find, the more you may have to tát pay for it. This ultimately could even out the price of the mattresses when you include all of the other necessities.


Your comfort level is one of the most important factors in buying a mattress. You want to tát ensure you are comfortable, as the wrong mattress may cause back pain. 

That 5-inch distinction between a short queen vs. queen mattress can significantly affect your comfort level while you sleep. If your feet are hanging off the bed of a short queen, it can misalign your spine and cause discomfort. If you’re traveling in an RV, you want to tát be as comfortable as possible for good sleep, as RV travel is all about getting outside and exploring.

If you decide to tát stick with a standard queen, the Casper Wave Hybrid is one of our best mattresses for back pain. It causes less aching and more sleeping, keeping you rested and more comfortable long term.

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Getting your mattress to tát your trang chủ or RV can be a challenge itself. You want to tát be able to tát move your bed without hurting yourself. Short queen mattresses are smaller and lighter to tát carry. However, Casper queen mattresses come in a mattress box, making them easier to tát maneuver despite being bigger and heavier.

Depending on the dimensions of your RV and your creativity, it is possible to tát fit a standard queen mattress. Ultimately, it’s your decision about what you think is the best fit for your space.


After purchasing a mattress, you aren’t done yet. Accessories lượt thích bedding and bed frames are all a part of making your bed your own. As we mentioned earlier, short queen mattresses are uncommon, making it harder to tát find accessories, whereas standard queen accessories are available almost anywhere. Because of this, short queen accessories may over up being more expensive.

Finding the right accessories for your bed is crucial to tát making it comfortable and fitting into your trang chủ. Some accessories you may need include:

  • Bed sheets
  • Bed frames
  • Cushions/pillows
  • Mattress toppers
  • Bed wedges

Short Queen vs. Standard Queen FAQs

What Is the Difference Between a Queen and a Short Queen Mattress?

The biggest difference between a short queen vs. a queen is the length. A short queen is 75 inches long, while a standard queen is 80 inches long. They share the same width of 60 inches. The 5-inch length difference can come in handy when you have limited space but you don’t want to tát sacrifice the width of a standard queen.

Is a Short Queen the Same as an RV Queen?

Yes, a short queen is also known as an RV queen. These mattresses are perfect for tight spaces and ideal for traveling in your RV.

What Is a Short Queen size?

A short queen is 75 inches long and 60 inches wide with a surface area of 4,500 square inches.

Will a Short Queen Mattress Fit on a Queen Bed Frame?

Technically, yes, it will fit. However, a short queen is shorter in length, ví you risk the bed sliding up and down when you move. This can leave gaps in the bed frame, which can cause discomfort and mattress care issues. It’s best if you find a short queen bed frame to tát ensure you have the right amount of comfort and security.

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Go Big or Go trang chủ With Casper

Now that you know the difference between a short queen vs. queen mattress, you can find the perfect mattress. 

If you plan on living in an RV, short queen mattresses are more common, but sometimes the comfort of a queen is more important than vãn the leftover space. 

Whether you go for the Casper Nova Hybrid, which is best for soothing comfort and enhanced tư vấn, or find a short queen mattress, you can always refer back here to tát refresh your knowledge about the differences between a short queen and a standard queen mattress.