side mirrors for towing

When towing a caravan it is important that you can see what’s behind you.

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The law states you must be able to tát see along both its sides and four metres on either side at a distance of trăng tròn metres behind the driver. Also, mirrors should not project too far beyond the overall width of the caravan – 20cm or 25cm, depending on when there were designed.

Nearly all towcars, including big 4x4s, will legally require towing mirrors to tát meet these requirements when hooked-up to tát almost any conventional caravan. Sammy Faircloth looks at some of the options.

Types of towing mirrors

Wing mirror with a towing mirror attached

Clamp-style mirrors

These are the most popular choice as they offer exceptional stability and are simple to tát attach. The mirrors themselves come in different shapes, such as the teardrop or the larger Milenco Grand Aero.

Wing mirror with towing mirror attached view from behind the mirrors

Strap mirrors

Still a popular choice with many caravanners and are quick and easy to tát fit.

Towing mirror attached to tát a wing mirror

Suction mirrors

Designed to tát suction to tát the xế hộp mirrors and can be adjusted using the car’s own electric mirrors. They vì thế block out part of the vehicle’s mirrors, reducing overall visibility, and stability can be an issue.

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Electric towing mirrow attached to tát a wing mirror on display

Electric mirrors

Reich offers a clip-on mirror that can be adjusted from inside the vehicle using an infrared remote control. This is ideal for the solo traveller... the downside is that it’s quite costly at £200 for just one mirror.

Convex or flat?

Convex towing mirrorFlat towing mirror

Since all modern xế hộp mirrors are convex, it makes sense to tát use compatible convex towing mirrors (pictured left). The view offered by these mirrors is slightly distorted but you vì thế benefit from a wide-angle image. 

Flat mirrors (pictured right) offer a smaller field of view but without distortion. The decision between the two is a personal choice but the extra field of view offered by convex mirrors is useful and probably advisable.

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Legal requirements

Towing mirrors must show the ‘e-mark’ to tát prove that they have legal approval. This can be a lower case ‘e’ or an upper case ‘E’, depending on whether they’re approved to tát European or wider international requirements.

If you are buying new towing mirrors, you should look for those that are manufactured to tát the very latest standard – E04. This will be clearly marked, probably on the mirror cowling.

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