sky viper video streaming drone

  • Good fun, Inexpensive, Good value.

    Well, I just bought vĩ đại see how good a drone that cost 30 dollars could bee. My expectations were very low. But I was very surprised at just how good it is. Don't see how it can sell for so sánh little. So far I am satisfied with over al quality and performance. Actually Very satisfied is more lượt thích it. Two minor quibbles, One the ad is sort of misleading in that the display is not included, This is not a problem for Me as I will use an SD thẻ vĩ đại record any đoạn phim I might use it for and after one use it stopped working. But after charging battery again it worked flawlessly. So it might have been operator error. But so sánh far so sánh good. As a toy this can't be beat. I am having fun with it. I would say vĩ đại any toàn thân looking for an entry in vĩ đại droning/ R.C. stuff, You can't beat it.

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  • Great piece .

    It has a smooth take off and landing and also has tốc độ. I would have been really great if it had a return button.

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  • Good beginner drone

    For $28 this is a good beginner drone! You will get close vĩ đại 10 minutes of flying with đoạn phim recording. Videos are good quality. I would recommend learning vĩ đại fly this before spending the big bucks on a drone. See unboxing photo

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  • 4 von 5 Sternen

    von marwa56020. Aug. 2019

    Decent product at a good price

    Fairly easy vĩ đại use and the only negative is the rechargeable battery life...maybe 10 minutes but in fairness I'm sure it's the same with all RCs.

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  • Sky viper scout

    Very nice drone easy vĩ đại fly adorable Love it.. agreed drone for people starting out very fun and I believe it's a great khuyến mãi for the price

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