skywalker board usa

●  Airex PVC Closed Cell Foam Chip Core. No water absorption and extreme durability. 

●  3mm Airex double sandwich in standing area prevents heel dents. 

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●  Advanced Full Carbon composite made of biaxial non woven fibers. 

●  High Density Airex stringer connects the foil tracks with the deck                laminate for absolute "No Delay" pumping and steering. 

●  Very rigid, direct and responsive board, feels lượt thích a good sports xế hộp. 

●  Great weight/strength ratio. 

●  Resistant top finish & colors 

●  Proudly handmade in Poland 

   A board created to tát meet the rapidly evolving sport of wing foiling -
high jumps, hard landings and accelerated speeds are the standard
today. In order to tát overcome these challenges other boards face, we
applied Airex Chip Core technology proven in our kiteboards for over đôi mươi years to tát the wing boards. This is something completely new and unique on the wing board market.

  Why Airex Chip Core technology? 

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Airex Chip Core provides highest rigidity and durability, which ensures trouble miễn phí use over a long period of time as well as precise control and agility. Airex Chip Core has zero moisture absorption, ví you don't have to tát worry about the board absorbing water at the slightest damage. Therefore no need for immediate repair as the new technology guarantees the original weight of the board forever. 

The use of Airex Chip Core also eliminates the decompression valve and the risk of delamination on the sun or in the airplane.

  What are the benefits of the STYLO shape? 

It’s a harmonious shape with perfect volume distribution, very stable
at launch and compact when on fly mode. It has an open V-type concave, which greatly cushions landings after jumps. 

No handle on the bottom and the “hidden” foil plate creates much less drag when the board touches the water at high speeds. 

40cm long foil mount tracks and five-position foot strap mounting inserts, together these elements allow for every possible setup. 

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The thinness of the board at the rear foot gives a very direct control over the foil, comparable to tát the feel of driving a sports xế hộp. 

A great board for both freestyle and wave riding for more advanced wingers. If you are looking for equipment that will not let you down on a long trip or during an epic session, Skywalker Stylo is for you. 

  Sizes: 45 / 55 / 65 / 75 L