solar powered water fountain pump

Sunspray ® Solar Fountain Pumps Buy Direct and Save

Buy a Solar Fountain Pump, Mains Free Water Fountain Pumps Powered by Solar for Your Pond or Fountain Feature, Best Prices, Great Reviews, FREE UK Delivery

Need a Fountain Pump that Works Well in the UK?

Many people ask us is this really possible, the straight answer is Yes, its Important to tướng have a Sunny Location, and if you can achieve this then with our Quality Pond Pump Kits, you really can have an Enjoyable Fountain All summer long from Early Spring to tướng Autumn

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Create a Fountain Water Feature, Spray, Cascade or Jet, in Your Pond or Container, with a Solar Powered Pump, no need for Mains, Easily Installed, Great Results.

Run the Sunspray Pumps at Night with Battery Backup

Sunspray Fountains are Supplied with a Battery Backup as standard, they Continue to tướng Work well into the night with a Full Charge of Power from just One Day.

Adjust Your Water Flow with Sunspray ® Fountains

Powerbee Pumps Fit a variety of Pond sizes and Containers, Adjust Your Flow of Water with a Dial on the Pump, simply turn the dial to tướng the Flow of Water You need.

Existing Water Feature?

We have several handy guides available to tướng help you with general questions about our range please see : how does a solar water pump work

If you have an existing water feature, and you need to tướng replace the pump, then please đường dây nóng us on 0845 094 8821, we will advise the best one to tướng suit you. We have been selling solar powered pumps for 10 years so sánh are experts in this field.

Benefits of a Fountain

Practical benefits include, keeping your pond, wildlife, plants (fish, frogs, newts etc) healthy and happy, helping to tướng prevent ice forming in winter, to tướng keep water oxygenated.

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Additionally It has been shown in many research studies that 'blue space' and flowing water has a positive impact on wellbeing

Aesthetically, there's nothing lượt thích the sight of decorative jets of water to tướng add a little life to tướng your garden, and the sound of gently cascading water.

Convert Your Solar Bird Bath or old Water Feature

Our Solar Pumps can Convert a Bird Bath in to tướng a Solar Bird Bath in less than thở 10 minutes. The Birds Shower happily under the Fountain Spray, the bowl needs to tướng have a minimum depth of 2 inches. Whether its your Pond or a Water Feature we have a Range of Pumps to tướng suit Your Needs.

Powerbee have 10 Years Experience

One of the longest standing Solar Pump specialists, Powerbee have spent years (Nearly a decade) developing the Sunspray ® range specifically for the UK market, along the way we have improved the range significantly, to tướng meet the needs of our customers

We have increased the battery capacity and increased the solar panel size, to tướng ensure we get the BEST possible performance, from your fountain that we can possibly provide.

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There are no better pumps that exist, that have been tested for so sánh long, at these incredible prices!, we will always have the lowest prices because for the Sunspray Range, we design and manufacture them ourselves! Fountains come with a minimum 6 month warranty

Enjoy Your Garden

The Sunspray ® Solar Pump Range will transform your garden, and breathe life in to tướng your fish pond at the same time!