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The best disposable plates save you time and effort during dinner parties, barbecues, and more.
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When we cook at trang chính, we can't avoid dirtying the best cookware mix or scrubbing down our best Dutch oven. However, you can skip dishwashing duties by using the best disposable plates, whether you're using them at trang chính or putting out plates for a backyard barbecue. For less formal or outdoor parties, disposable plates are a great dinnerware swap.

As with searching for disposable drinkware, the key to lớn finding the best disposable plates for any occasion is to lớn look at sturdy, leakproof designs. In assessing the best options, we looked at which plates are eco-friendly and compostable, differences in sizes and design, along with strength and price points. Many brands even have matching flatware, or you can pair neutral plates with your flatware at trang chính. 

Our top picks for disposable plates

Best overall: Dixie Ultra Heavy Duty Paper Plates - See at Amazon
With Dixie Ultra Heavy Duty Paper Plates at your picnic, there are no dishes to lớn wash and no messy spills.

Best for weddings: Occasions Wedding Party Pack - See at Amazon
Available in 24 designs, Occasions Wedding Party Pack gives you the look of china without the cost or clean-up.

Best on a budget: Dixie Everyday Paper Plates - See at Amazon
For after-school snacks, reheating pizza or a lunch sandwich, nothing beats Dixie Everyday Paper Plates.

Best bamboo: Bambu Organic Bamboo Plates - See at Amazon
These sturdy plates are made from certified organic bamboo. They are compostable, come in multiple sizes, and are a great neutral color for any occasion

Best compostable: Stack Man Natural Plates - See at Amazon
These unbleached plates are sturdy and hold up to lớn hot and cold foods, making a great eco-friendly choice in bulk for any occasion

Best overall: Dixie Ultra Heavy Duty Paper Plates


Pros: Sturdy paper plates with leak-proof coating, 11-cents per plate with coupons and sales offered frequently, compostable

Cons: Limited design options, cannot be recycled at trang chính if contaminated with food products

After trying numerous brands, I have found that Dixie Ultra Heavy Duty Paper Plates offer the best disposable plate performance for the best price. The plates are just over 10 inches in diameter and will tư vấn up to lớn two pounds of food. Thanks to lớn a proprietary coating, they are soak-proof, cut resistant, and microwaveable. While they can't be recycled at trang chính if contaminated with food, they are compostable in established facilities.

The downside of the plates is that design choices are limited. Dixie has several designs but they tend to lớn lập cập seasonally; so sánh if you find a pattern you lượt thích, stock up. But at a cost of around $0.11, I can live with a design that might not be my favorite. Remember, they are going in the trash can right after the meal.

Best for weddings: Occasions Wedding Party Pack


Pros: Sturdy recyclable plastic, 24 designs available, affordable

Cons: Pack options are fixed at 120 or 240-count

Unless you are holding the sự kiện in a full-service facility, renting china is expensive and borrowing enough plates for everyone is a hassle. Luckily, there are Occasions Wedding Party Packs. With 24 available patterns and two different pack sizes, these are the perfect plates for a more formal gathering. 

The pack includes 10.5-inch dinner plates and smaller dessert or salad plates that are 7.5 inches. While sturdy enough to lớn tư vấn a steak, the white plastic background is quite translucent lượt thích fine bone china and looks best on white or very light-colored linens. The plates can actually be hand washed and reused several times. I don't recommend using these in a microwave; however, the plastic is recyclable and BPA không lấy phí. 

My favorite thing about the packs is how many design options are offered. Some cost a bit more but you are still getting plates at a cost of $0.30 to lớn $0.42 each. That's less than thở $1 per person for a dinner and dessert place setting. 

Best on a budget: Dixie Everyday Paper Plates


Pros: Sturdy and soak-proof, budget-priced, microwavable

Cons: Design choices are limited

Dixie Everyday Paper Plates are more substantial and can hold up to lớn one pound of food without collapsing. That's about four slices of pepperoni pizza (six on a plate is a family record) on a 10-inch plate. They are five-ply, have a soak-resistant coating, and are safe to lớn use in the microwave. Complimentary bowls are also available.

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Design choices are limited but at a cost of only nine cents per plate, I can live with that. Dixie products are often on sale and subscription services offer even better prices so sánh you can probably save each time you cửa hàng. Plus, you'll get enough of these best disposable plates to lớn get you through at least a few days with kids!

Best bamboo: Bambu Organic Bamboo Plates


Pros: Strong and sturdy, compostable, multiple size options

Cons: High price point per plate, not microwaveable

These bamboo plates are great for everyday use, but they also look nice enough for special occasions. Because of their strength and sturdiness, and depending on what you serve, it's possible to lớn extend their life even further and reuse these plates after a quick wash with a sponge. The color is neutral with a beautiful texture, so sánh they can be used for holidays and even weddings, without worrying about them collapsing under the pressure of heavy, wet foods.

These plates are made from certified organic bamboo without chemicals or dyes, making them compostable and biodegradable. At $1.00 to lớn $1.50 per plate, they are on the pricier side, but with multiple sizes including 7, 9, and 11-inch plates in packs of 8 or 25, you can choose the best size and number to lớn suit your needs. 

Best compostable: Stack Man Natural Plates


Pros: Multiple size options, strong and sturdy, microwaveable, grease resistant

Cons: Limited design, hot foods may cause condensation

Finding an eco-friendly choice is crucial for many paper plate users. This natural option from Stack Man fits the bill. You can choose from seven, nine, and 10-inch round plates, or opt for a nine-inch plate with three sections for those who hate when their foods touch. 

These unbleached plates are made from sugarcane fiber, which means they are a sustainable, biodegradable option. They're strong and sturdy enough to lớn hold up to lớn barbecue feasts, along with being grease resistant to lớn keep food from seeping through. Use them in the microwave or freezer and with hot or cold foods, but be aware that hot foods may cause a bit of condensation to lớn khuông on the bottom.

They come in bulk in packs of 125 plates, so sánh you'll have an eco-friendly, best disposable plate option at $0.13 to lớn $0.22 each.

What to lớn look for

Size: Consider what you're serving. Cupcakes or dinner roles don't require 12-inch rounds, but a full barbecue dinner might. When in doubt, a standard dinner plate size is about 10 inches, so sánh a pack of those will cover your bases.

Quantity: To ensure you don't lập cập out, in general we recommend buying the best disposable plates in bulk if you have the space. Stick them in your pantry and you'll be ready for when you need a break from dish washing or you have unexpected guests.

Material: Though many material options exist, the best disposable plates are sturdy enough to lớn hold sauce and meat without soaking through or becoming structurally weak. We prefer plates that are compostable and made with bio-degradable materials.

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