submersible pond pump and filter

Pond pumps are lượt thích the heart of your pond. They are one of the most important parts of your pond or water garden since they constantly push water in a cycle. Pumps serve multiple purposes, lượt thích preventing unhealthy, stagnant water or powering fountains and water features. To ensure you have a consistent flow of water, it is important to tát find the right pump for your needs. Below we talk about the different types of pumps and how to tát determine which ones are best for you.

External Pond Pumps

Just lượt thích the name implies, external pond pumps sit outside of your pond and use a series of tubing for cycling the water. Most external pumps are larger kêu ca submersible pumps, and they usually have a higher flow rate. This makes them ideal for large ponds and even lakes. These are also the best pumps for powering water fountains since they have a higher flow rate and are more cost-effective kêu ca submersible units.

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While the initial setup may be more time-consuming, it’s hard to tát compete with the amount of utility they provide. External pumps can move large volumes of water, are energy efficient, and are fairly resistant to tát clogging. Before you buy just any pump, follow our guide to tát determine which pump is right for you. 

Submersible Pond Pumps

Submersible pond pumps sit underwater, and their biggest draw is their convenience. While they may not offer as much power as an external pond pump, they don’t require much setup in advance. Place it in your pond skimmer filter or directly inside your backyard pond to tát begin pumping water. Also, submersible pond pumps lập cập fairly quietly since they are kept underwater. If you have a small fish pond, we recommend using a submersible pump for the best results. 

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Magnetic Drive Pumps vs. Direct Drive Pumps

Among submersible pumps, the two most popular choices are magnetic and direct drive pumps. When choosing a submersible pump, it’s also important to tát figure out what you will be using it for to tát help you figure out which drive works best.

Magnetic Drive Pumps

Magnetic Drive pumps are increasing in popularity as the fish pond pump for the average backyard pond. They use the power of magnetic fields to tát keep all the internal parts spinning correctly. Because fewer parts are touching, these pumps are expected to tát last longer and be up to tát 3 times more energy-efficient kêu ca direct drive pumps. Unfortunately, magnetic drive pumps don’t deliver as much head pressure as other options, ví we don’t recommend using them as a submersible fountain pump. Instead, you should pick a magnetic drive pump when you have a small to tát medium-sized pond and want the most efficient option.

Direct Drive Pumps

Direct drive pumps are the workhorses of the pond industry. They produce more power kêu ca magnetic drive pumps and deliver enough head pressure for waterfall and submersible fountain pumps. However, they consume more power to tát operate, ví keep that in mind if you live in an area with high energy costs. Even still, these are the preferred choice for professionals seeking submersible pond pumps in larger applications. Consider a direct drive pump when you have a medium or larger-sized pond or when you want to tát power a backyard water display.