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Welcome to lớn the Tim Holtz® hub, trang chủ to lớn everything you need to lớn explore from the amazing die cutting and embossing collaboration between Sizzix and Tim Holtz. From the latest craft die and papercraft embossing releases, to lớn endless creative inspiration from the Sizzix designers and Tim Holtz makers, you can find everything you need to lớn start crafting here.

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Sizzix® Big Shot™ Switch Plus

Inspired by Tim Holtz you can get the sleek and stylish đen kịt Sizzix Switch Machine to lớn compliment your other Tim Holtz tools & accessories.

Big Shot® Foldaway

Our Foldaway machine is perfect for crafters on the go, making crafting easier than thở ever. Now available in the classic Tim Holtz đen kịt style.

Colorize® Hub

Visit our dedicated hub to lớn learn more about the Colorize technology.

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Village Collection Hub

Discover the Tim Holtz Village Collection Hub to lớn find out more and cửa hàng now.

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Tim Holtz Blog

Get even more ideas from Tim Holtz and his makers on his blog.

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In the late 90’s while working for a local craft store I took a class on rubber stamping, an experience that changed the course of my life. The creative curiosity from that class sparked my imagination and began my journey in paper crafting and mixed truyền thông media. In 2004 I started designing products for the paper crafting industry with the debut of Distress Ink.

Colorize® is an innovative approach to lớn exploring the colorful possibilities of die cutting. Inspired by vintage animation technology, Colorize® breaks down each layer of a design by printing the color on each die. This provides a unique experience and allows the maker to lớn bring a design to lớn life through various shades of colors. The result is a more detailed, dimensional and colorful die cut design than thở ever before.

My love of all things vintage has a distinct influence on my style. From product design to lớn making art, there is that touch of distress and time worn imperfection in everything I vì thế.

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Since I was a child, I have always been inspired by Walt Disney. Walt represents imagination and believing in the power of a dream. His determination to lớn “do the impossible” regardless of what others thought, has motivated u to lớn trust my ideas when creating product collections.3

Without a doubt…inking! Whether I’m creating backgrounds, altering surfaces, or stamping; inks are the way to lớn transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Christmas Collection 2023

The new Tim Holtz Halloween collection is here! Explore the festive inspiration from his talented makers....

Halloween Collection 2023

Frightful fun from the new Tim Holtz Halloween collection! Check out the fantastic inspiration from his makers....

Everyday Collection 2023

With the brand-new release from Tim Holtz, the possibilities are endless. Explore the fantastic inspiration from his makers...

Chapter 1 2022 Makers Inspiration

Take a look at the incredible projects created by the Tim Holtz Makers to lớn tư vấn the Chapter 1 release.

Chapter 2 2022 Makers Inspiration

The inspiration keeps on coming with these beautiful Chapter 2 projects from the Tim Holtz Makers!

Chapter 3 2022 Makers Inspiration

The ultimate inspiration for Tim Holtz Chapter 3 collection from his makers!

Halloween 2022 Makers Inspiration

Get ready for Fall and Halloween with these incredible makes from the Tim Holtz makers!

Christmas 2022 Makers Inspiration

Christmas crafts never looked sánh good, kiểm tra out this inspiration from the Tim Holtz makers.!

Sizzix and Tim Holtz

Tim Holtz has been a licenced designer for the Sizzix brand since 2010, renowned for his creative vision and inspiration ideas, his product range with Sizzix spans across die cutting machines, craft tools, craft dies and embossing folders to lớn created detailed textured designs.

The recognisable Tim Holtz branding can be identified across key Sizzix die cutting machines inspired by Tim Holtz; the latest Sizzix Switch Plus Machine, the Sizzix Big Shot Foldaway Machine and the Sizzix Sidekick Starter Kit. Also inspired by Tim Holtz is a range of craft tools, craft storage and accessories to lớn enhance your crafting experience.

Experimenting with mixed truyền thông media and creating junk journals are popular crafting activities. As an enthused designer with a team of creative makers, Tim Holtz’s designs offer the opportunity to lớn become part of an exciting creative community, to lớn learn from other crafters and explore new crafting techniques that you can try on your handmade cards, gifts, scrapbook pages and journal layouts.

Tim Holtz on Facebook

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Tim Holtz on Instagram

Discover all of the latest makes and collections on the Tim Holtz official page.

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Tim Holtz on YouTube

Find đoạn Clip inspiration and education on the Tim Holtz YouTube channel.

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