touch screen radio for car

Is the smarter, safer and more fun way to lớn use your iPhone® in the xế hộp. Apple CarPlay gives iPhone users an incredibly intuitive way to lớn make calls, use Maps, listen to lớn music, and access messages with just a word or a touch. Apple CarPlay requires iPhone 5 or newer with the latest version of iOS.

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Extends the Android platform into the xế hộp in a way that’s purpose-built for driving and automatically brings you useful information and organises it into simple cards that appear just when they’re needed. It’s designed to lớn minimise distraction sánh you can stay focused on the road ahead. Android Auto is compatible with Android phones running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later. Android Auto may not be available on all devices and is not available in all countries or regions.

control your contacts, calendar, maps and more directly on your dash via an intuitive and safe interface

Obey local driving laws with built-in Công nghệ Bluetooth (HFP). Wide Band Speech hands-free calling, wireless audio streaming (A2DP) with artist, album, and tuy nhiên tìm kiếm, simple pairing, and control audio (AVRCP), Bluetooth® wireless technology has made life in the vehicle safer and more convenient.

With iPod and iPhone Direct Control, you can manage your i-device directly from your xế hộp dashboard and enjoy superior sound.

expand your device's functionality with your Android smartphone

Enjoy the convenience of listening to lớn your favourite radio stations in crystal clear digital quality thanks to lớn a built-in Digital Radio tuner.

Connect any device with an USB interface cable to lớn charge your device or listen to lớn clean, clear sound.

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plug your portable music player directly into your device for an easy and convenient musical experience

Connect any HDMI equipment to lớn the Pioneer device for optimal đoạn phim and audio connectivity.

MIXTRAX keeps the các buổi party going with a non-stop mix of your music library complete with a range of DJ-inspired effects and club-style illumination.

enjoy stunningly accurate audio disc sound reproduction and exceptional picture quality

Match the display and key illumination to lớn your vehicle's interior lighting with a range of endless colour combinations.

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fit your xế hộp audio equipment in a 2” x 8” space (180 x 50 mm)

Protect yourself against theft