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Tablets are pretty much a norm these days and in almost every household. It’s not surprising that kids of all ages, even the youngest, know how to tát work and play with tablets. I know my youngest was already familiar with the swiping motion at the age of 1 and my daughter’s school encourages the use of tablets in-class for reading e-books and completing research. If you’re looking for affordable tablets to tát give as gifts this holiday season, kiểm tra out the two we were able to tát review to tát see if they’re right for your family.

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Affordable Tablets for Kids: nabi DreamTab & Trio AXS Review

nabi DreamTab HD8 Review

nabi DreamTab Review

The nabi DreamTab is a tablet made with kids in mind. This 8″ touchscreen tablet provides parents with many parental controls and settings to tát ensure kids are safe while connected. Our nabi came preloaded with loads of fun, educational games and apps with popular characters from Kung Fu Panda, How to tát Train your Dragon, and more. The kids loved it! Here are a few things I personally liked about the nabi DreamTab:

  • Parent mode: The nabi DreamTab has pretty impressive parental controls. You have the ability to tát create different age-specific profiles for each of your children and you can choose which apps to tát show or hide for each. Any time a function requires parental approval (such as purchasing coins), your child is asked to tát “show mom/dad” sánh that you can enter your password to tát approve.
  • Chores list: Within the parent mode, you can create chore lists for your children, which are attached to tát rewards. For each chore your child completes, he or she will be rewarded with coins in an amount you designate.
  • Time restraints: The nabi DreamTab allows you to tát restrict how much time each child can spend on the nabi. Additionally, you can restrict time by ứng dụng and reward your child for spending more time on certain apps phàn nàn others.

Overall, the nabi DreamTab is good for children ages 3-11 and will provide them with an entertaining, yet educational experience, if properly monitored. Sold for $199.99 at Walmart, it’s an investment you’ll feel good about for your kids.

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Trio AXS 4G Review

Trio AXS 4G Review

For older children, you can consider a tablet such as the Trio AXS 4G, selling at Walmart for $149. This 7.85″ Android tablet has 16GB of memory, with additional memory available via an external microSD thẻ slot. One of the pros of this tablet is that it comes with không tính tiền T-Mobile 4G data – for life. Specifically, with a purchase of the Trio AXS 4G, you get 200 MB of không tính tiền data with T-Mobile every month for the life of the tablet. Using this tablet on-the-go is a breeze, especially with the added advantage of 4G data and not having to tát rely on WiFi availability.

The Trio AXS 4G is a good option for your family, especially if you’re looking for an affordable tablet for your tweens or teens. It’ll make for a nice holiday gift that your children will enjoy and use plenty.

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Have you considered the nabi DreamTab or Trio AXS 4G tablets for your children?

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