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Samsung J5200 Design Picture

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Curved No

The Samsung J5200 has a thicker design than thở its close sibling, the Samsung J5500. The stand is quite large for its size, too.

Samsung J5200 Stand Picture

Dimension of 40" TV stand: 29.5" x 12.5".

Samsung J5200 Borders Picture

Borders 0.94" (2.4 cm)

Samsung J5200 Thickness Picture

Max Thickness 2.24" (5.7 cm)

Picture Quality

Native Contrast 4,008 : 1

The blacks are dark, sánh the resulting contrast ratio is great.

Local Dimming No

Backlight Direct

SDR Peak 2% Window 216 cd/m²

SDR Peak 50% Window 216 cd/m²

Samsung J5200 50% Uniformity Picture

50% Std. Dev. 4.593%

50% DSE 0.2%

While it doesn't have worse dirty screen effect than thở average, the overall screen luminosity varies a lot on the screen. The edges are considerably darker.


màu sắc Shift 20°

Brightness 30°

Black Level 14°

As soon as you are off-axis, the picture becomes white and the blacks become poor.

Update 01/06/2017: We have changed the methodology of testing. Since this is an old TV which we don't have anymore, we extrapolated the results from năm nhâm thìn TVs.

Samsung J5200 Native Black Uniformity Picture

Native Std. Dev. 0.904%

The screen on dark scenes is very uniform, without any clouding or flashlighting.

Samsung J5200 Pre Calibration Picture

Samsung J5200 Pre Gamma Curve Picture

Samsung J5200 Pre màu sắc Picture

White Balance dE 2.51

màu sắc dE 2.3462

Gamma 2.29

Samsung J5200 Post Calibration Picture

Samsung J5200 Post Gamma Curve Picture

Samsung J5200 Post màu sắc Picture

White Balance dE 0.82

màu sắc dE 1.5535

Gamma 2.22

Samsung J5200 480p Picture

The upscaling of the lower-resolution nội dung lượt thích DVDs is good and won't look blurrier than thở they are.

Samsung J5200 720p Picture

Cable TV nội dung also looks good once upscaled.

Samsung J5200 1080p Picture

1080p nội dung lượt thích Blu-rays looks good and sharp. Note that the aspect ratio of the TV isn't exactly 16:9. All the pixels are present (1920x1080), but they are shorter than thở normal. This isn't really noticeable, but you can see that our pictures appear stretched in comparison with those of other TVs that we have reviewed.

Wide màu sắc Gamut No

Samsung J5200 màu sắc Gamut DCI-P3 Picture

DCI P3 xy 75.5%

DCI P3 uv 81.26%

Rec 2020 xy 54.79%

Rec 2020 uv 61.75%

Samsung J5200 Reflections Picture

Samsung J5200 Bright Room Picture

Reflection 1.8%

Screen Finish Semi-gloss

Its semi-gloss finish is good. There are no rainbows around direct reflections.
The maximum brightness of the screen is below average.

Samsung J5200 Pixels Picture

Type LED


Samsung J5200 Motion Blur Picture

Samsung J5200 Response Time Chart

Refresh Rate 60 Hz

Response Time 28.6 ms

Overshoot 0 ms

The down transitions are quite long, resulting in the orange color between the letters of our moving logo. Overall, the response time is worse than thở average. This TV uses PWM đồ sộ control the backlight luminosity.

Samsung J5200 Backlight Picture

PWM Dimming Frequency 120 Hz

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Judder-free 24p Yes

Judder-free 24p via 60p No

Judder-free 24p via 60i No

It is able đồ sộ playback a 24p source without any judder. It doesn't have the motion interpolation/soap opera effect feature.

Motion Interpolation (30 fps) No

Motion Interpolation (60 fps) No


1080p @ 60Hz 29.2 ms

1080p With Interpolation N/A

1080p @ 60Hz Outside trò chơi Mode 35.5 ms

4k @ 60Hz N/A

4k @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4 N/A

4k @ 60Hz + HDR N/A

4k @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4 + 8 bit HDR N/A

Turn on 'Game Mode' under 'System' - 'General' đồ sộ get input lag of 29.2ms on the Samsung J5200. The input lag isn't much higher outside of game mode too, sánh you can use another mode without significantly worse performance.

Resolution 1080p

1080p @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4 Yes

1080p @ 120Hz No

4k @ 30Hz @ 4:4:4 No

4k @ 60Hz No

4k @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4 No

You will need đồ sộ mix the type of the input đồ sộ 'PC' đồ sộ turn on chroma 4:4:4, as with all Samsung TVs.

Samsung J5200 Side Inputs Picture

Samsung J5200 Rear Inputs Picture



Digital Optical Audio Out 1

Analog Audio Out 3.5mm 1

Analog Audio Out RCA 0

Component In 1 (shared)

Composite In 1 (shared)

Tuner (Cable/Ant) 1

Ethernet 1

DisplayPort 0

IR In 0


HDR10 No

Dolby Vision No

5.1 Passthrough ARC Dolby Digital No

5.1 Passthrough ARC DTS No

5.1 Passthrough Optical Dolby Digital Yes

5.1 Passthrough Optical DTS No

HDMI 2.0 Full Bandwidth No


USB 3 No

HDCP 2.2 No


MHL Yes (HDMI 2)

Variable Analog Audio Out No

Sound Quality

Samsung J5200 Frequency Response Picture

Std. Dev. @ 70 4.26 dB SPL

Std. Dev. @ 80 3.99 dB SPL

Std. Dev. @ Max 6.29 dB SPL

Max 89.4 dB SPL

Low-end Cutoff 113 Hz

Decent frequency response at lower volumes, but the quality goes down as the volume goes up. Pumping may be present under heavy load. Relatively poor bass response for a TV.

Samsung J5200 Total Harmonic Distortion Picture

Distortion @ 70 0.012

Distortion @ 80 0.053

Distortion @ Max 0.132

Minimal distortion at 75 and 85 dB SPL, with a noticeable increase at Max dB SPL. The maximum loudness achieved was 89.4 dB SPL, which is poor.

Smart Features

Samsung J5200 Remote Picture

Remote Basic

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Power Consumption 41 W

Power Consumption (Max) 78 W

Firmware 1016