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Samsung JU6400 Design Picture

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Curved No

The Samsung JU6400 is thin, and the overall look of the TV is good. The slim borders and the stand are made of plastic with a brushed steel appearance. The fixed stand is sturdy, and has a small footprint, but is prone đồ sộ collecting dust.

Samsung JU6400 Stand Picture

Dimensions of 55" TV stand: 22" x 9".

Samsung JU6400 Borders Picture

Borders 0.63" (1.6 cm)

Samsung JU6400 Thickness Picture

Max Thickness 1.85" (4.7 cm)

Picture Quality

Native Contrast 706 : 1

Contrast is really poor on the 55" UN55JU6400, and blacks will often appear gray. Those flaws won't be too apparent in a well-lit room. Other sizes of the JU6400 doesn't have this problem.

Local Dimming No

Backlight Direct

SDR Peak 2% Window 271 cd/m²

SDR Peak 50% Window 271 cd/m²

Samsung JU6400 50% Uniformity Picture

50% Std. Dev. 4.062%

50% DSE 0.184%

Uniformity isn't great, with horizontal and vertical banding that can be seen. The corners are also a lot darker. Those problems could be apparent on playing fields of uniform color.

LCD Type IPS (only 55")

màu sắc Shift 29°

Brightness 44°

Black Level 75°

Like other IPS TVs, the 55" one has a wide viewing angle. Colors remain saturated at an angle, though the picture darkens a bit. Other sizes of the series have worse viewing angle.

Update 01/06/2017: We have changed the methodology of testing. Since this is an old TV which we don't have anymore, we extrapolated the results from năm nhâm thìn TVs.

Samsung JU6400 Native Black Uniformity Picture

Native Std. Dev. 2.572%

There is a lot of cloudiness on Black screens, and bright flashlighting is present on the right side.

Samsung JU6400 Pre Calibration Picture

Samsung JU6400 Pre Gamma Curve Picture

Samsung JU6400 Pre màu sắc Picture

White Balance dE 5.21

màu sắc dE 3.2422

Gamma 2.25

Samsung JU6400 Post Calibration Picture

Samsung JU6400 Post Gamma Curve Picture

Samsung JU6400 Post màu sắc Picture

White Balance dE 0.62

màu sắc dE 0.2986

Gamma 2.2

Samsung JU6400 480p Picture

Lower resolutions nội dung lượt thích DVDs or SD channels will look better with 'Digital Clean View' mix đồ sộ 'high.'

Samsung JU6400 720p Picture

Cable TV or other 720p nội dung looks good.

Samsung JU6400 1080p Picture

As with most of Samsung's UHD TVs, 1080p looks great.

Samsung JU6400 4k Picture

4k nội dung look sharp and is displayed without any issues.

Wide màu sắc Gamut No

Samsung JU6400 màu sắc Gamut DCI-P3 Picture

DCI P3 xy 79.01%

DCI P3 uv 84.82%

Rec 2020 xy 56.47%

Rec 2020 uv 64.79%

Samsung JU6400 Reflections Picture

Samsung JU6400 Bright Room Picture

Reflection 1.8%

Screen Finish Semi-gloss

The semi-gloss finish doesn't reflect a lot of light, and there is no rainbow around bright objects.
The TV can get bright enough for most environments.

Samsung JU6400 Pixels Picture

Type LED


Samsung JU6400 Motion Blur Picture

Samsung JU6400 Response Time Chart

Refresh Rate 60 Hz

Response Time 6.8 ms

Overshoot 1.7 ms

This is the Samsung TV with the least amount of blur we've seen this year. There is a little bit of overshoot (see the trail đồ sộ the left of our moving logo), but movement is pretty clear overall.

Samsung JU6400 Backlight Picture

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PWM Dimming Frequency 120 Hz


BFI Frequency 60 Hz

BFI In trò chơi Mode No

Judder-free 24p No

Judder-free 24p via 60p No

Judder-free 24p via 60i No

Judder in movies isn't too noticeable, but this TV cannot eliminate it without the use of the soap opera effect ('Auto Motion Plus').

Motion Interpolation (30 fps) Yes

Samsung JU6400 Motion Interpolation (30 fps) Picture

Motion Interpolation (60 fps) No


1080p @ 60Hz 26.4 ms

1080p With Interpolation 110.7 ms

1080p @ 60Hz Outside trò chơi Mode 119 ms

1080p @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4 34.9 ms

The very low input lag is among the best you can find when you mix the TV đồ sộ game mode. In PC mode, the input lag is still good, at 34.9 ms.

Resolution 4k

1080p @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4 Yes

1080p @ 120Hz No

4k @ 30Hz @ 4:4:4 Yes

4k @ 60Hz Yes

4k @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4 No

Unlike other 4k Samsung TVs, the JU6400 doesn't bởi 4k @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4 (there is no 'UHD Color' option). To get Chroma 4:4:4 in the other modes, label the input as 'PC'.

Samsung JU6400 Side Inputs Picture

Samsung JU6400 Rear Inputs Picture



Digital Optical Audio Out 1

Analog Audio Out 3.5mm 1

Analog Audio Out RCA 0

Component In 1 (shared)

Composite In 1 (shared)

Tuner (Cable/Ant) 1

Ethernet 1

DisplayPort 0

IR In 0


HDR10 No

Dolby Vision No

5.1 Passthrough ARC Dolby Digital Yes

5.1 Passthrough ARC DTS Yes

5.1 Passthrough Optical Dolby Digital Yes

5.1 Passthrough Optical DTS Yes

HDMI 2.0 Full Bandwidth No

ARC Yes (HDMI 3)

USB 3 Yes (1)

HDCP 2.2 Yes


MHL Yes (HDMI 2)

Variable Analog Audio Out No

Sound Quality

Samsung JU6400 Frequency Response Picture

Std. Dev. @ 70 5.47 dB SPL

Std. Dev. @ 80 5.29 dB SPL

Std. Dev. @ Max 7.1 dB SPL

Max 91.2 dB SPL

Low-end Cutoff 134 Hz

Poor frequency response especially at higher volumes where pumping and compression may be present. The TV does get relatively loud, but the extension is poor.

Samsung JU6400 Total Harmonic Distortion Picture

Distortion @ 70 0.009

Distortion @ 80 0.01

Distortion @ Max 0.053

Very good distortion results. There is a noticeable increase under maximum load, but remains with-in the limits.

Smart Features

Samsung JU6400 Remote Picture

Remote Basic

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Power Consumption 75 W

Power Consumption (Max) 165 W

Firmware 1422