under seat holsters

Wearing your gun while driving is not always the most comfortable thing vĩ đại tự.

Do you have a road trip planned?

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1911 in Glove Compartment of Car
1911 in Glove Compartment of Car

In the siêu xe for 6 hours with any carry position is going vĩ đại leave you a bit worse for wear. And you don’t want vĩ đại leave your gun in the glove box.

So, what’s the solution?

A siêu xe holster, of course!

External glove box holster
One example of a siêu xe holster

A holster for your siêu xe can go by different names and come in many different styles. Some may gọi them holsters, others gọi them safes, and others may gọi them a lockbox. For this article, I will talk about holsters.


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Difference Between a Holster and a Safe

What is the difference between a holster and a safe for your car?

Well, a holster is for carrying or transporting your concealed carry weapon, a safe is for storing it for a longer term, lượt thích while you are at work.

handgun in safe under drivers seat in jeep
Handgun safe under the driver’s seat

A holster is temporary and allows for easy access in the sự kiện you need your gun for protection. This is what we will be talking about; different styles and what people seem vĩ đại lượt thích. Picking a holster for your on-body carry can take several purchases before you find one you lượt thích.

Hopefully, this post will help you narrow the choices and find something you lượt thích quicker.

Buy or DIY a Holster

A lot of people are pretty handy when it comes vĩ đại MacGyvering up things vĩ đại solve a problem. There are a lot of cool tutorials out there telling you how vĩ đại make something that will work. Usually, this is taking a holster and modifying it for mounting it in your siêu xe.

If you DIY, tự it safely!
If you DIY, tự it safely!

The other option is vĩ đại buy a gun holster for your siêu xe that’s made for that purpose. Sometimes these are more generic and other times you can get a vehicle specific siêu xe holster.

Let’s talk about both options and the pros and cons.

DIY Car Holster

A DIY pistol holster is generally a modified holster mounted vĩ đại your center console or door. Some things vĩ đại consider if you are going the DIY route.

If you are right-handed and mounting the holster vĩ đại your center console, you will need a left-handed holster.

This makes sense if you think about it. If you are right-handed and you want vĩ đại draw the pistol with your right hand. In the US, the driver is on the left side of the vehicle and the console is vĩ đại your right. To mount the holster, it needs vĩ đại face the correct way.

On a left-handed draw holster, the mounting screws that would normally hold the holster vĩ đại the paddle or leather or belt clip are on the correct side vĩ đại mount it vĩ đại a console. Still with me?

Holsters need vĩ đại have good retention ví your pistol will not fall out if you hit a pothole or something worse.

Just lượt thích when carrying your CCW on-body or in a bag, the holster you choose needs vĩ đại hold the gun at any angle.

Holster retention is important!
Holster retention is important!

You also want vĩ đại make sure it’s not too tight that you can’t quickly access your weapon if needed.

Don’t use a level 3 or similar holster with the finger release.

While these holsters can be great for making sure your gun stays in place and they help you maintain good trigger safety on your draw, they fail the siêu xe holster test.


Simple anatomy. Your thumb is shorter than vãn your index finger.

If you look closely...you can clearly see that the thumb is shorter...
If you look closely…you can clearly see that the thumb is shorter!

Its placement on your hand makes it difficult vĩ đại draw your gun in these style holsters when they are mounted vĩ đại the outside of your console.

The application-specific holsters come in many different styles. There are also vehicle specific siêu xe holsters. One thing vĩ đại note with vehicle specific options is you are going vĩ đại be limited in the placement. In some cases, these holsters have the characteristics of a safe.

1. Steel Holster

Author's Pick


at Amazon

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

  • 25% off all OAKLEY products - OAKLEY25

This is a little more obvious, but some of the companies who supply police equipment have these style “holsters”. They typically mount through or vĩ đại the vehicle and offer a secure way vĩ đại store your handgun. 

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They also make great mounting options for securing your firearm in other places also, such as vĩ đại a bed frame or under a desk.

Steel Holster on Bed

What’s your take on the Steel Holster?

2. Console Vault



at Console Vault

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

  • 25% off all OAKLEY products - OAKLEY25

Console Vault make vehicle specific safes. These attach vĩ đại the pocket in your console without modification. These vaults are not specific vĩ đại guns, ví you can lock your wallet, or watch or whatever you’d lượt thích in there.

They have a lot of models, ví there is a good chance there is one for your vehicle. After picking the one that fits your siêu xe, you need vĩ đại choose the lock style. There are options for barrel keys and combination locks.

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3. Seat Straps



at Alien Gear Holsters

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

  • 25% off all OAKLEY products - OAKLEY25

The seat strap gives you a way vĩ đại have a gun easily accessible right between your legs. You’ll see variations of them, but they usually wrap around the seat in some fashion and place the holster in an easy vĩ đại access spot. 

Since the gun is right in front of you and you’ll have vĩ đại move your leg over it vĩ đại get out, you aren’t likely vĩ đại forget your gun in the siêu xe.

Miscellaneous Holster Mounts

Other options are out there if you want vĩ đại try them. Some manufacturers make holsters where you can take the holster off one mount and use it on another. Alien Gear Holsters and BlackHawk Holsters are two that come vĩ đại mind.

The holsters are modular ví you can have a paddle holster one day then an IWB the next. Having this flexibility also lets you use a mount lượt thích this, for your OWB holster, in your vehicle or in your trang chính vĩ đại attach your holster.

We’ve reviewed Alian Gear holsters before and liked them a lot – kiểm tra out the Complete Review!

4. Magnetic Mount



at Amazon

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

  • 25% off all OAKLEY products - OAKLEY25

When I first saw magnetic gun holders, I was skeptical. I mean, how is a refrigerator magnet going vĩ đại hold your gun up. But, a guy I worked with had one and let mạ tell you, it holds the gun tight. IronMount’s magnet system holds up vĩ đại 43 lbs according vĩ đại their product specs.

You can mount them anywhere with a few screws and they aren’t obvious lượt thích some other holsters are.

Car Holster Placement

Placement is a big consideration. You need vĩ đại make sure you can draw your gun quickly and easily if you need it. That is first and foremost.

Second, having it somewhat concealed is ideal. If someone walks up vĩ đại your siêu xe and sees you have a holster in plain sight, they could follow you trang chính break in while you aren’t trang chính vĩ đại try vĩ đại get your other weapon(s).

Third, a secure mounting location is important. Flimsy plastic may work for a while, but it will crack or let the screws loose after a while. Then, you’ll have vĩ đại remount it and make more holes.

Car Holster Legality

As with most gun laws, you will want vĩ đại kiểm tra the specifics for transporting a handgun in your state. Some are more strict about how you can carry off-body than vãn others. It’s up vĩ đại you vĩ đại know the laws in your state or the state you are traveling in…check out our Gun Laws By State section for more.

Final Thoughts

Carrying a gun in off-body in your siêu xe will take some getting used vĩ đại. You will need vĩ đại for the habit of remembering vĩ đại take it with you EVERY time you exit the vehicle. If you forget and your vehicle holster is out there in plain sight, it’s an easy smash and grabs for the person who sees it.

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You will want vĩ đại train in your vehicle too. You’ll want vĩ đại practice your draw and how you will fire your weapon. You’ll have vĩ đại grab from the right side and pivot vĩ đại the left vĩ đại acquire your target. Also, practice drawing and acquiring a target on the passenger side or out the windshield.

Take a look at the Center Axis Relock method of pistol handling, it was designed in part as vĩ đại be used from a siêu xe and is a great tool vĩ đại have in your training kit.

Level 1 CAR System
You can watch this video for an idea of how the transition works.

Do you have a holster mounted in your vehicle? What did you decide vĩ đại do? Let us know in the comments! Check out more in our Concealed Carry section when you’re carrying on-body.