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Vacuum container

ZWILLING vacuum containers offer you a wealth of possibilities. Ranging from storing fresh food to lớn packing leftovers for the next day or preparing your meals to lớn take them with you, the vacuum containers provide proper long-term storage for all kinds of ingredients. Just one container offers a wide range of practical uses! Our vacuum containers are made from plastic or borosilicate glass and make anything possible. Here’s some information on what you can tự with your containers and how you, and your food, can benefits from these vacuum containers.

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Our vacuum containers at a glance

Our range of vacuum containers are just as wide as the ingredients in your kitchen. We have an array of different sizes, shapes, and volumes for storing your ingredients and meals, all while keeping them fresh. Thanks to lớn the high-quality components which làm đẹp our storage containers and generate the vacuum seal, freshness is guaranteed. A tried-and-tested recipe for success!

Vacuum containers - perfect for meal prep

A vacuum container allows you to lớn enjoy your food to lớn the full extent by keeping your ingredients, groceries, and meals fresh and properly stored. Attention meal preppers! Your food will taste as if it was just made, even if you eat it tomorrow, all thanks to lớn our airtight vacuum containers. Cook today, enjoy tomorrow - meal prep is made easy with our FRESH & SAVE vacuum containers. Our storage containers are great for fish and meat - raw or cooked - as well as for rice and pasta and even cheese.

Vacuum containers in all shapes and sizes

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In short: whatever you have in your meal plan will probably fit in one of our vacuum containers. All you need is the right size container, and we have a vast selection to lớn choose from. Not only tự we have huge containers with up to lớn 2850ml capacity, but we also have small-scale ones for snacks and other tidbits. All our vacuum containers are available in different sizes and with a capacity that’s right for you.

Portable vacuum sealer + vacuum container = the freshness dream team

Here at ZWILLING, we are offer a popular portable food vacuum sealer, exclusively available in the FRESH & SAVE collection. This item serves as your connection to lớn all our FRESH & SAVE products and guarantees that your food is kept fresh in our vacuum containers. Simplay attach the sealer to lớn the docking point found each container to lớn create a vacuum within the storage container. At the push of a button, the vacuum sealer can remove the air out of the container in seconds, generating a vacuum seal and creating the perfect environment for keeping the contents fresh.

Your vacuum container, available in plastic or borosilicate

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So far, we’ve discussed how the vacuum container works. Now let’s discuss what they are made of. Luckily, you’ve got the choice between two high-quality materials for the outer shell of your vacuum container: plastic and borosilicate glass. Our plastic containers are break-proof and light, which means that they’re also great for when you’re out and about. Borosilicate glass containers are made of a very robust material and can be put in the oven, freezer, and dishwasher.

Vacuum containers with a QR code - for keeping track of your food online

Among the many beloved properties our vacuum containers can guarantee that food is kept fresh with a smart feature. Users can connect to lớn the ZWILLING Culinary World App via a QR code, which appears on top of all our vacuum containers. This means that you can use your điện thoại thông minh to lớn see what food you have stored at any time, as well as its shelf life.