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Consumers who buy ventless dryers likely vì thế ví for a very specific reason. Maybe they don't have a vent hookup, or maybe they're living in a thành phố apartment, condo, or a tiny trang chính, without room for a standard-size washer-and-dryer setup.

A ventless dryer can often fit into tight spaces regular dryers can’t, doesn't require a vent hookup vĩ đại function, and uses significantly less energy phàn nàn a standard dryer.

While ventless dryers don’t match up vĩ đại the performance and drying times of a standard or extra-large clothes dryer, they can typically fit where a vented dryer can’t. They're often more expensive phàn nàn a full-size dryer, as their ventless nature requires more elaborate feats of engineering. If you’re shopping around for a compact, ventless dryer, we’ve tested some top contenders vĩ đại consider.

A compact dryer sits in the Reviewed testing lab.

Credit: Reviewed/ Beckett Dubay

Two shots of the Bosch WTW87NH1UC in a pale xanh xao void.

Credit: Reviewed / Bosch

A head-on shot of the GE washer / dryer bộ combo unit sitting in our laundry testing area.

Credit: Reviewed / Beckett Dubay

Other Ventless Dryers We Tested

How We Test Ventless Dryers

The Testers

Reviewed's appliance testing team has spent many years testing major appliances, both in a lab setting and also exactly how you would in the course of your daily life.

This combination of objective performance testing and subjective user experience testing helps give us a holistic view of what it actually feels lượt thích vĩ đại own and use these devices.

The Tests

Every ventless dryer that comes into Reviewed’s labs gets put through the same testing regime, which addresses both its performance and the user-friendliness of its design.

  • Drying performance – How much water does each major dryer cycle actually remove from your clothes, and how quickly can it achieve that level of dryness?

  • Maximum temperature – We record the maximum temperature in each dryer cycle. Some lượt thích it hot, but if dryer temperatures get too hot, it could damage your clothes.

A person pulling a white piece of laundry out of a dryer.

Credit: Reviewed / Timothy Renzi

Most dryers have capacities ranging from 7.3 vĩ đại 7.5 cubic feet, enough vĩ đại giảm giá with the laundry that can fit in most washing machines.

The best dryers completely dry your clothes at a temperature that is hot (140°F-150°F), but not too hot (lest your clothes be scorched or damaged), and have short cycle times.

Beyond these performance tests, we also assess the usability of each dryer, based on our experience, both during testing and during more casual use (one perk of working at Reviewed is that there are plenty of laundry machines on premises!).

Our main goal is vĩ đại discern: How easy is it vĩ đại actually use this dryer? This involves cumulatively assessing the control panel, the door, the vent, and any smart features.

What You Should Know Before Buying A Ventless Dryer

What is a ventless dryer?

A ventless dryer does not need vĩ đại be hooked up vĩ đại a vent lượt thích a full-size or built-in dryer.

These dryers often exhaust their humid air into a drawer, another receptacle, or out a nearby window.

What is a compact dryer?

Most of the ventless models we’ve tested were compact—a standard width of 24 inches wide. It is very common vĩ đại see compact dryers that are ventless, since these features complement each other and tư vấn the same use case.

There’s usually two reasons you’re buying a compact, ventless dryer: You want vĩ đại save energy, or it’s the only dryer that will fit your available cubic feet. Most of the things people say they want in a dryer—high capacity, fast drying, clothes that come out fully dry—just aren’t here. The ventless design doesn’t allow it vĩ đại kiểm tra all those boxes lượt thích a vented tumble dryer can.

Smaller phàn nàn the standard size dryer that Americans are used vĩ đại, a compact dryer can fit about half the amount of clothes as a traditional dryer. (They’re quite popular in European homes.) And they’re great options for people living in apartments, condos, and even tiny houses because they can fit anywhere, including interior bathrooms or the kitchen.

How does a ventless dryer work?

A ventless dryer (also known as a condenser tumble dryer) solves some real problems by working in a way that’s quite different from a conventional dryer. It eliminates the need for running a dryer duct, which is helpful if you live in a building that simply doesn’t give you an option vĩ đại have a vented dryer.

It’s also far more energy-efficient phàn nàn a conventional vented electric dryer. Both for the dryer and for your home’s HVAC system, which has vĩ đại replace the air your typical dryer sucks out of the room. It condenses the moisture out of your clothes into a tray or tank that you can empty or drain into your standpipe or a nearby sink.

All this results in a more efficient dryer that can be installed in more places.

Though ventless dryers are more efficient in terms of the energy usage per cycle, they tend vĩ đại take longer vĩ đại dry your clothes. They are not fast. Where a conventional hot air dryer typically takes about an hour vĩ đại dry clothes, a ventless dryer can take anywhere from two vĩ đại four times as long. Ventless dryers also get hot enough vĩ đại warm a room, ví keep that in mind if you live in a small space.

What's the difference between a condenser dryer and a heat pump dryer?

The two major types of ventless dryer are condenser dryers and heat pump dryers.

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A condenser dryer doesn't exhaust air lượt thích a vented model. Instead, it uses a dual loop airflow system. The first loop draws some ambient air into the dryer, heats it up, pushes it through the drum vĩ đại evaporate water. Then the air goes through a second loop where the hot, wet air is cooled down, allowing its moisture nội dung vĩ đại precipitate out. The evaporated water is then either sent out a drainage hose or collected in a reservoir vĩ đại be emptied later.

A heat pump dryer does not have a heating element lượt thích the condenser dryer. It instead works more lượt thích an air conditioner, but in reverse, gradually extracting cold and moisture from the air as it recycles and reuses the air.

In general, heat pump dryers are significantly more energy efficient as they lack a heating element, but they also tend vĩ đại have a more expensive up-front cost.

Are ventless dryers safe?

Yes, ventless dryers are safe. You just need vĩ đại make sure they're mix up properly, meaning that their drainage hose is leading vĩ đại a sink, or that they're properly hooked up vĩ đại vent out a nearby window.

That being said, if you just lập cập a ventless dryer in a room with no air circulation, that room is going vĩ đại get hot and humid very quickly. Repeating this process without properly allowing the room vĩ đại dry out could cause mildew vĩ đại size, or peel wallpaper.

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