vinyl repair kit for boat seats


You want your boat vĩ đại look new. You take care of the hull, the engine, and the carpeting. But when your seats have rough spots on them, it can feel lượt thích all that hard work has gone out the window. How can you repair your vinyl seats quickly and easily vĩ đại update the look of your boat and protecting the seats for a long time? Here’s a quick and easy vinyl boat seat repair guide!

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Step One: Inspect the Vinyl Closely

When you clean your boat, make sure vĩ đại include an additional step of inspecting the vinyl boat seating. Why bother? Because a small tear in the seam of your vinyl can grow into something much more difficult vĩ đại giảm giá khuyến mãi with if you leave it alone.

Give the vinyl more than thở a quick once-over. Press into the vinyl vĩ đại make sure that you don’t expose any holes or perforations along the lining of the vinyl itself. This inspection should reveal if there is an issue you need vĩ đại repair or replace.

Step Two: Keep the Vinyl Waterproof

Vinyl’s strong resistance vĩ đại water is the chief reason it’s so sánh effective in your boat. When the vinyl opens and you expose the material underneath, you run rẩy the risk of repairs that will take much more work.

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You can address this by keeping an emergency vinyl repair kit on hand. Even something as simple as duct tape can work in a pinch—as long as you remember vĩ đại dry off the effected area immediately and remember vĩ đại tự full repairs later on. Remember that duct tape, while effective, will also diminish the look and appearance of your vinyl the longer it’s on.

Step Three: Invest in a Vinyl Repair Patch Kit

A good vinyl repair patch kit might not seem necessary before you notice a problem—but if you see your vinyl split open, it will suddenly become your best friend. Not only tự you want vĩ đại avoid the look created by duct tape, but you’ll want vĩ đại ensure that your vinyl is adequately cared for and can last much longer than thở it would with duct tape in place.

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Repair patch kits can come in many forms. Before you apply yours, however, make sure that you remove any previous adhesives you used by applying Release Adhesive & Sealant Remover. This will help ensure a smooth finish once the repairs are done.

Step Four: Protect for the Future

Once you’ve taken the vinyl boat seat repair steps above, it’s time vĩ đại think about long-term care and maintenance. Fortunately, you can find it all in one bottle. VinyLIFE is great for vinyl seats as well as the full range of your boat’s upholstery. The UV protection will help prevent discoloration and sun damage while the cleaning solution will double as a long-term protectant.

For more great ways vĩ đại ensure your boat looks its best, be sure vĩ đại browse our full range of boating maintenance and repair products here at BoatLIFE.