washing machine anti vibration mat

  • Temperature resistant and elastic
  • Resistant vĩ đại liquid, oil, dirt, high impact loads
  • Suitable for damp locations
  • Tear-resistant, insulating, slip-resistant, cushioning
  • Many sizes made vĩ đại measure

Product details

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Anti-vibration Mat - Soundproofing Multipurpose Made vĩ đại Measure Matting 4 mm

The anti-vibration mat in four thicknesses is characterised by high load-bearing capacity, best damping properties and excellent robustness. The rubber mats efficiently absorb vibrations and movements, have an anti-slip effect and are insensitive vĩ đại oil and dirt. Furthermore, the anti-vibration mat is weather-resistant and has an anti-mould additive, which allows it vĩ đại be used in damp rooms. All these properties open up a wide range of applications for the rubber mat. Machines can be decoupled from the floor with the help of the abrasion-resistant anti-vibration mat and secured against slipping at the same time. The rubber mat can also be used in companies as an ergonomic workplace mat or anti-slip mat.

The anti-vibration mat is available in four thicknesses (5 milimet, 8 milimet, 10 milimet, 19.7 mm), in five sizes (60x60 centimet, 60x100 centimet, 60x200 centimet, 125x100 centimet and 125x200 cm) as well as cut vĩ đại size.

Anti-vibration mat - product features:

  • Material: 100% recycled rubber granulate
  • Material structure: open-pored for more flexibility and better moisture transport
  • Colour: Predominantly thâm granulate with various colour pigments
  • Colour: predominantly thâm granulate with various colour pigments
  • Temperature resistance: -30° C and 100° C
  • Tensile strength: 0.60 N/mm² according vĩ đại DIN EN ISO 1798
  • Tensile elongation at tear: 45% according vĩ đại DIN EN ISO 1798
  • Compressive stress at 25% deformation: 0.7 N/mm² DIN EN ISO 3386
  • Fire behaviour: Class B2 DIN 4102
  • Available thicknesses: 5 milimet, 8 milimet, 10 milimet, 19.7 mm
  • Available sizes: Made vĩ đại measure, 60x60 cm
  • Available widths: 62.5 centimet, 125 cm
  • Oil and liquid resistant
  • Anti-mould additive
  • Good cleaning properties