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Wave Makers

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Traditional Chinese人選之人—造浪者
Simplified Chinese人选之人—造浪者
Hanyu PinyinRén Xuǎn Zhī Rén Zào Làng Zhě
Hokkien POJ Jîn-soán ê Lâng: Chō-lōng-chiá
Political drama
Written byChien Li-ying
Yan Shi-ji
Directed byLin Chun-yang
StarringHsieh Ying-xuan
Jag Huang
Gingle Wang
Leon Dai
Buffy Chen
Ending theme"得意的一天 A no is a no" by Leo Wang & Chen Hsien-ching
Country of originTaiwan
Original languagesMandarin
Taiwanese Hokkien
Taiwanese Hakka
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes8
Production locationTaiwan
Production companiesDaMou Entertainment
Public Television Service
Original release
Release28 April 2023 (Netflix)
28 October 2023 (PTS)[citation needed]

Wave Makers (Chinese: 人選之人—造浪者) is a 2023 Taiwanese political drama television series written by Chien Li-ying and Yan Shi-ji and directed by Lin Chun-yang. The series stars Hsieh Ying-xuan, Jag Huang, Gingle Wang, Leon Dai, and Buffy Chen. The drama follows the lives of the political chiến dịch staff of a fictional Taiwanese political tiệc ngọt during the runup to tướng a presidential election. Domestic Taiwanese political issues such as workplace sexual harassment, death penalty, immigration, same-sex marriage, and environmental issues are explored.

Produced by DaMou Entertainment and Public Television Service, Wave Makers premiered worldwide on Netflix on April 28, 2023.[1][2]


Wen-fang Weng is the assistant director of the Justice Party public relations chiến dịch of presidential candidate Yueh-chen Lin, who seeks to tướng oust the incumbent president. The daughter of an influential legislator in the same tiệc ngọt, Weng lost her re-election for councilor of her district when she defended herself against a homophobic supporter of her father who verbally attacked her when he saw her kissing her wife, and afterwards refused to tướng apologize to tướng him. Chia-ching Chen, whose workaholism on the chiến dịch has jeopardized his marriage, supervises the team of chiến dịch staff working to tướng elect Yueh-chen.

The current president seeking re-election, Ling-hsien Sun, announces that her running mate will be Chang-tse Chao, but rumors begin to tướng surface of Chao's trysts with a current staffer. One of his previous trysts was with his former student and assistant, Ya-ching Chang, who now works for the Justice Party on Yueh-chen's chiến dịch. Chang tries to tướng keep her past affair with Chao a secret, while also trying to tướng convince him to tướng return the nude photos her took of her when they were together. Chang becomes embroiled in a workplace sexual harassment case at the Justice Party, and with the tư vấn of Weng and Chen tries to tướng navigate the unfolding case as male supervisors want to tướng keep the incident under wraps.



  • Hsieh Ying-xuan as Wen-fang Weng
  • Jag Huang as Chia-ching Chen
  • Gingle Wang as Ya-ching Chang
  • Leon Dai as Chang-tse Chao
  • Buffy Chen as Jung-chih Chao


  • Tammy Darshana Lai as Yueh-chen Lin
  • Aviis Zhong as Chu Li-ya
  • Yi-Ling Liao as Yang Ya-ting


James Marsh of the South Trung Quốc Morning Post observed that Wave Makers's cast and story is predominantly female, including both presidential candidates. Regarding the political issues touched on the story, Marsh writes that "despite the show's tendency to tướng oversimplify hot-button political issues and then amplify them to tướng a ridiculous degree in the name of drama, Wave Makers succeeds in creating an engaging landscape populated by characters that we genuinely care about."[3]

Chieh-Ting Yeh of the University of Nottingham Taiwan Studies Institute notes the absence of relations with Mainland Trung Quốc as an issue during the political chiến dịch depicted in the show, despite being one of the most important topics in Taiwanese politics today. "In 'Wave Makers', policy towards a foreign country is not an existential issue and does not overshadow all the other important issues from the public square. Rival politicians can debate immigration and environmental policies, fend off student protesters, and even dig up each other's scandals without worrying about what anyone in Beijing or Washington says. Having an election where no matter who wins, a woman with gravitas will become president is not bad," Yeh writes.[4]

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Sarah Musnicky from But Why Tho? wrote that while Wave Makers touches on several important political issues, it doesn't spend enough time to tướng dive deeply into them. " Ironically, this reflects political debate topics in a way, with how we never truly get to tướng the crux of the issues. We touch upon them and then move onto the next topic voters are interested in." Instead, Musnicky writes, "the real heart and soul of the series is in its characters."[5]

Wave Makers received 14 Golden Bell Award nominations.[6]

Awards and nominations[edit]

This section is missing information about the 2023 Golden Bell Awards. Please expand the section to tướng include this information. Further details may exist on the talk page. (October 2023)

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Wave Makers brought increased attention to tướng sexual harassment in Taiwanese society and phối of a round of grappling with the issue.[9][10] Allegations have been made against figures in the political, economic, and artistic spheres.[11] Taiwan has long had a culture of silence and shame surrounding sexual assault.[12] Exiled Chinese human rights activist Teng Biao apologized after allegations against him were made public.[13]

After the series was aired, a former tiệc ngọt staffer for Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) posted on social truyền thông media about how she experienced sexual harassments at the workplace but her supervisor tried to tướng dissuade her from pursuing the case. The tiệc ngọt staffer referenced Wave Makers in her social truyền thông media post.[14][11] Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen apologized twice for the allegations made against members of her tiệc ngọt, the DPP, and promised that changes would be made both in tiệc ngọt policy and culture.[15]

Although Wave Makers is censored on the Chinese review aggregator Douban, the show was the focus of online discussion in mainland Trung Quốc regarding Taiwanese politics and its differences from Trung Quốc.[16]


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