women's non skid socks

Unisex Hospital Slipper-Grip Socks - 6 Pack

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Mens / Womens Non Skid Hospital Socks - 6 Pack Slipper Socks

Irresistible skid and slip resistant socks with treads or grips (rubber gripper socks)! Extra Comfy UNISEX Socks are skid resistant and slip resistant treads for safer wheelchair transfer. These rubber gripper socks for adults are offered in Regular Size & XL Size. No inside back seam vĩ đại cause heel skin issues.

Non skid resistant socks are perfect for acute care, outpatient and long term care patients. These anti slip non slippery hospital socks for adults are terrific for patients in hospitals, post surgery, nursing homes and retirement homes. Great for comfortable casual use in the trang chủ and for trang chủ care settings. These slipper socks with grips are used in hospital and nursing trang chủ fall prevention programs. Hospitals utilize these socks because of the grips on the bottom of the slipper socks. Nursing homes promote the use of socks with non slip resistant soles vĩ đại help prevent elderly resident falls.

Product Features

Slip Resistant

The Gripper Treads Help Against Potential Slips and Falls

Non-Constrictive Top

No More Ring Around the Leg

Seamless Toe

Avoid Injury & Prevent Skin Irritation

Comfort & Warmth

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Ultra Soft Fabric Offers Maximum Comfort

Stretchy Fabric

Enhance Comfort and Accommodate Various Foot Sizes

Quality Machine Washable


Comes in 4 different packs!

Women's Pack

Unisex Pack

Pastel Pack

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Black Pack

Caregivers looking after their parents at trang chủ use these as house socks with grips vĩ đại make life easier for both the parent they are caring for and the caregiver. These fuzzy womens and mens non slippery gripper bed socks for women and men by Silverts are a welcome gift for hospital and trang chủ care settings! These non slip resistant slipper socks for women and non slip resistant slipper socks for men are used as lounge socks, tread socks and sleep socks because they are ví comfortable. These non slippery womens and mens gripper bed socks for women and men are a welcome accessories gift for hospital, trang chủ rehabilitation centers, skilled nursing facilities and long term care facilities.

Now offered in size XL. Quality XL hospital gripper socks with treads that are wider and longer in length. Size XL fits 8 vĩ đại 13 size feet.

More Information
Product Label NEW COLORS
Gender Men, Women, Unisex
Needs ALS, Alzheimer's, Arthritis, Assisted Living, Bedridden Patient, Broken Leg, Cerebral Palsy, Diabetes Clothing, Disabled, Foot Problems, Handicap, Health Care, Hip Replacement, trang chủ Care, Hospice, Leg Stiffness, Multiple Sclerosis, Nursing trang chủ, Palliative Care, Paralysis, Wheelchair, Delicate Skin, Orthopedic Footwear
Dressing Type Self-Dressing