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How long will the Xterra TR300 last?

The Xterra TR300 comes with a folding frame and lift assist. It weighs in at a solid 207 lbs. and it rated for a max user weight of 300 lbs. Xterra did not skimp on quality when building this machine. They backed up this offering with a lifetime frame and motor warranty, and 1 year on the deck, parts, and labor. While the latter is skimpy in terms of warranty, any time you find a lifetime offering you have hit the jackpot, especially if you can find the unit on sale. We believe this machine will last a moderate user a number of years with proper maintenance.

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Brief Overview

The Xterra TR300 Is a definite upgrade đồ sộ the TR200 offering 10 levels of automatic incline. The TR300 offers decent features for at this price level. We lượt thích the addition of the lifetime warranty on the motor and feel it adds đồ sộ the value of this treadmill. It also has a wider running space of 20” x 55” which increases the number of users who can use the treadmill. When you are wider or taller it almost pays đồ sộ invest in higher kết thúc machines as they offer the space needed for larger-bodied users.

Overall Quality

The TR300 treadmill is good for light đồ sộ moderate use. The belt size is decent with a size of 20" x 55". It has a tốc độ range of 0.5 đồ sộ 10 MPH, which will allow a smooth walk đồ sộ light jogging use by work out enthusiasts. The 2.25 motor is quiet, even when maxing top speeds. This treadmill features an XTRA Soft cushioning deck which absorbs the impact of your workout. The TR300 features a 5.5” Blue Backlit LCD display which allows you đồ sộ monitor basic functions along with 24 preset workouts. It also comes with an audio jack and built-in speakers but no Bluetooth không dây connectivity. Adjustable tốc độ and incline buttons are located on the handles of the TR300 along with heart rate monitors allowing easy access đồ sộ information and change. Other features include 24 built-in workout programs, a cooling người hâm mộ, accessory tray, and water bottle holder. Pretty standard offerings and nothing too much different from other competitive models.

Things we like

  • warranty/20”

  • 55” area

Things we dislike


Motor 2.25 HP
Speed Range 0.5 đồ sộ 10 mph
Incline 10 Levels of Electronic
Display 5.5" LCD Blue/Backlit
Display Size 4.7" x 2.3" (5.5" diag.)
Step-Up Height 5.8"
Belt 2 ply, 1.6 mm
Running Surface 20" x 55"
Running Deck Thickness 18 mm
Direct Speed Buttons 3, 6, 9 mph
Direct Incline Buttons 3, 6, 9 Incline
Set-Up Dimensions 72.2"L x 35"W x 54.1"H
Folded Dimensions 48.8"L x 35"W x 61.6"H
Weight 207.2 lb
Max User Weight Capacity 300 lb
Feedback Program, Time, Speed, Pace, Distance, Calories, Incline, and Pulse
Programs 24 preset, 1 Heart Rate Control, 1 Manual


Lifetime Frame Lifetime Motor 1 Year Deck 1 Year Parts 1 Year In-Home Labor


The Xterra TR300 has now joined the Treadmill Doctor Reviews. We invite you đồ sộ see our other treadmill reviews đồ sộ help you narrow your tìm kiếm for your next fitness machine.


The Xterra TR300 is definitely an upgrade from the TR200 treadmill, but does it stand up đồ sộ other models built by competing manufacturers? We see many of the same features and basically it all boils down đồ sộ the choice of the kết thúc user…what looks good đồ sộ you? Stubby arms or sleek curved arms, basic technology or high-end entertainment? Each fitness journey is different and with that in mind, we caution the purchaser đồ sộ cửa hàng around before committing themselves đồ sộ any particular treadmill.

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Customer Reviews

11.0 out of 5 stars

BowJ- broke after 1.5 yearsAug 12, 2019

Bought brand new. Stopped working after 1.5 years, showing error e104 (failed power search), looked under the machine = burnt connectors on the circuit board. Don't recommended, wasted money. Unhappy customer here. If I could give 0 star, I would.